Curtains in a wooden house: design features, types, 80 photos

The cottage is characterized by a warm and family atmosphere, which, including supporting the curtains in a wooden house. With the help of textiles, you can easily change the interior. Curtains in a country house save from heat and contribute to the creation of comfort.

Special approach to the design of the window curtains

A wooden house in the country is a pleasant place for a city dweller, where you want to go back and spend the whole weekend. Wooden walls and natural curtains convey a sense of nature and freshness of the forest. The design of the house sets for relaxation, the window opening decor plays a significant role. The color of the curtains will be organically combined with textiles or furniture upholstery. For decoration, you can take the fringe, brushes and bows, holders.

Rules for window decoration with curtains in a wooden house:

  1. Rolled curtains are used independently in a laconic interior, and they can also be supplemented with curtains to create an interior in any style.
  2. Short curtains look original and give the interior a special look.
  3. Translucent tulle can be folded in half, this design will be functional.
  4. Portieres look good with garters, with the most suitable type of fastening braid or rings.
  5. When decorating a window with a lambrequin, you need to consider the color of the walls and not make it too lush.
  6. For the decoration of the kitchen window in a wooden house fit curtains cafe, tulle and blinds.

It is important to choose natural materials for curtains, to observe a sense of proportion when choosing a decor, to correctly combine light options with a thick curtain, to select curtains lighter or darker than walls.

Style decision of the wooden house

Given the style of interior design, you can choose the appropriate curtains, which favorably emphasize the general appearance of the room.

  • Provence style is distinguished by a special brightness of colors. The spacious window can be decorated with light curtains with a floral print and fasten them to the wooden bottom with the help of loops or lace-bows.

  • You can also make a classic in a wooden house, if you pick up light heavy curtains of velvet. But it is worth remembering that such material requires frequent maintenance, especially in the conditions of a country house.

In the photo is an example of a classic interior in a country house where it is clear that the classics harmoniously blend with the curtains.

  • The chalet style is suitable for a spacious two-story wooden house with a second light window that will be decorated with light curtain curtains with a drawstring or ankle fastening.

  • Country style is easy to recreate in a wooden country house due to natural materials of decor, log walls, beamed ceilings, natural textiles and simple curtains.

  • The modern style of wooden interior emphasizes the curtains of organza and other modern materials, which are combined with the color of the decorative elements of the interior.

  • Eco style can be emphasized curtains natural shades of green, brown or beige.

Types of curtains for a country house

Curtains create the mood of the room, and therefore it is important to choose not only the material, but also the appropriate type of curtains for a country house that will meet the requirements of the room.

  • Roman curtains are suitable for decoration of any room in a wooden house, as well as a veranda. They look simple, but at the same time stylish. The design allows you to adjust the degree of illumination of the room.

  • Rolled curtains, like Roman, can be combined with classic curtains, decorated with ribbons. Suitable for creating eco, Scandinavian and modern style in a wooden house.

  • Straight long curtains are suitable for bedrooms and living room. Suitable for windows of any shape and look good with any kind of attachment.

  • Short curtains in a wooden house look harmoniously in the nursery, in the kitchen, in the attic. Can be supplemented with garters or roman blinds.

  • French curtains with festoons made of translucent chiffon are suitable for creating a classic style in the living room of a wooden house. They can be combined with long drapes as tulle.

  • Curtains with lambrequins are suitable for both ordinary and triangular wooden windows. Lambrequin can soften corners, become an accent or decorate a wall above a window opening. Also lambrequin can be hung in the kitchen on their own or in addition to the blinds.

  • Curtains cafes with ties, bows or loops are suitable for the decoration of a small window in the kitchen in a wooden house of country style or Provence.

  • Blinds are suitable for concise decoration of the bedroom window of a wooden house, country office or attic. It is easy to care for them, and also they can be combined with fabric curtains.

The photo shows an example of a wooden blinds recreation area. Such an idea will be embodied in a house with a bay window.

Types of curtain rods and methods of fastening curtains

The best for a wooden house are best string, tubular and baguette cornices made of wood, as well as metal with imitation of steel, copper, bronze and forged tips. Aluminum or plastic cornice is suitable for a bay window. According to the mounting option, both ceiling eaves and wall ones will be suitable.

The curtains themselves can be attached to eyelets, rings, ties, hinges and braid.

  • Eyelet curtains are large or small rings sewn into the upper part that are strung on the cornice. Uniform arrangement of the rings create a dramatic folds on the curtain.

The photo shows a variant with eyelets that easily move along the eaves in a wooden house. They are harmoniously combined Roman blinds.

  • Curtains with rings are attached with a seam inside with the help of plastic loops on the rings that hang on the cornice. Create waves on the fabric and are easily removed from the eaves.

The photo shows an example of the most common attachment of straight curtains to the eaves - on the rings.

  • Tied curtains are attached to the cornice with ribbons tied to a bow or knot. The thicker the curtain, the thicker the tape should be.

  • Curtains with loops fasten on tubular eaves by means of the sewed fabric loops. Suitable for classic and modern interior in a wooden house.

  • The curtain drawstring is distinguished by the noiselessness of the opening because of the pocket, through which the fabric is hung on the eaves. This mount is suitable for curtains, cafes, niche curtains and attic wooden windows.

The photo shows an example of a trapezoid window design with a drawstring where the eaves repeat the shape of the opening.

  • Curtains with tape look dynamic due to frequent folds due to sewn laces, which are tightened. This option looks good with perekida and lambrequin.

Selection of curtains by type of windows

The country house differs not only internal and external furnish, but also a kind of forms of wooden windows. Non-standard window opening can be stylishly decorated with properly chosen curtains.

  • Trapezoidal window can be draped in whole or in part, to combine tulle with blinds or roller blinds.

  • A triangular window in a wooden house can be decorated by masking its shape, or vice versa, highlighting. The eaves can be installed above the window, or along the sides of the triangle. Curtains can be made of fabric of different density, depending on the style and purpose of the room.

  • For windows in the house with a second light fit Roman curtains and straight drapes made of natural fabric. A wooden window should not be overloaded with decor, it can spoil the natural beauty of the window. Light bullets fit with perekidy along the edge of the frame of a more dense fabric. To make the window even higher, the eaves need to be fixed under the ceiling, and if you need to visually separate the zones of the floors, then it is better to fix the curtains above the lower window.

The photo shows an example of a window in a house with a second light, where the task of dividing the first and second floor zones with the height of the eaves is successfully completed.

  • Curtains for a wooden bay window combine all the windows into one composition. You can make a common curtain and drapes on the sides.

  • For the attic in a wooden house will fit simple curtains with fixing the free edge with the help of grabs. Also fit Roman and grommets with an additional cornice under the window.

The choice of material and color of curtains

The color of the window depends on the size of the room and the window, as well as the amount of natural light. A spacious and bright room can be made even more with the help of airy white curtains, and in a small bedroom dark brown drapes will be out of place. Curtains of green, white, cream, beige, brown, striped or striped, but without complicated patterns and ornaments, are suitable for a wooden house. From natural fabrics it would be best to look cotton and linen.

  • Cotton curtains are durable and easy to clean.

  • Linen curtains will make a bright focus on the natural orientation of the interior. It is best to use unpainted fabric.

  • Tulle well passes light and air, suitable for decorating the windows in the bedroom and in the hall. You can use the classic white or painted tulle in the color that will be combined with the curtains. Also, tulle can be fastened in different ways and not combined with classic curtains.

  • Portyerny fabrics will be suitable for creation of an interior semi-antique. Portieres for gardening can be made of linen or velvet, which will find a response in the design of the sofa, pillows or napkins.

The photo shows a modern design of a wooden house with thick curtains. Such a solution will always be in vogue and will emphasize style in simplicity.

Curtains in the interior of a country house

  • For the living room fit long classic curtains with tulle, Roman curtains that will harmoniously look with wood trim. It is appropriate pelmet or design perekida.

  • Blinds, curtains-cafes that will let the sun's rays through even a small window will be suitable for the kitchen.

The photo shows Roman curtains in the interior of a wooden kitchen, where practical material and ease of maintenance are important.

  • The dining room will make a pleasant place to meet guests translucent curtains and curtains straight.

  • In the bedroom and the nursery, you should give preference to curtains made of thick material that protect from the sun, as well as transparent tulle in combination with roller blinds.

The photo shows a bedroom with classic curtains, where the curtains are combined with the color of the walls, and tulle - with accent pillows.

The photo is an example of a nursery in a wooden house, where two windows are draped with different types of curtains, this design divides the space into two zones.

So, when choosing curtains for a wooden house, it is important to consider the style, the power of natural lighting and the fabric texture. Walls of timber or logs themselves look beautiful, because the simpler the curtains, the better the interior will look like.

Photo gallery

Below are photo examples of the use of curtains in a wooden house in rooms of various functional purposes.

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