How to make a pillow donut out of felt?

A beautiful, bright, comfortable and tasty-looking pillow-donut can be made independently, or together with children - the process is similar to an exciting game, and the result will please both children and adults.


  1. Fleece fabric or felt - 1 meter beige, 0.5 meter pink color (lilac, blue, yellow - at your choice)
  2. Small pieces of fabric of the same variety of bright colors: orange, red, brown, white.
  3. Sewing a donut out of felt requires a sewing machine, as well as threads of the same color as the main material.
  4. You will need pins for spalling parts, scissors, a pencil.
  5. To cut the fabric, you need a template with which we will cut the circles. You can take a bucket, bowl, pot, bowl.
  6. As a filler for the donut pillow, it is better to take synthetic materials specifically designed for this purpose.

Stages of work

Take 1 meter of felt, fold it face down, and with a pencil, mark two circles - a large one and a small one inside a large one. On the outside of the large circle and on the inside of the small one, add half a centimeter (seam allowance), and then cut out the details.

The felt donut will be “glazed”, so also cut out a circle from the pink cut - the same diameter as the beige one. Then mark the uneven line of the “glaze”, slightly receding from the outer edge of the large circle, and cut it along this line.

Multi-colored “sprinkling” is made from small colored pieces of fabric. Cut out small stripes, or squares, or circles, and attach them to the “glaze” layer with the help of pins. You can also mark the "topping". Attach a layer of “glaze” with pins or a basting from the “face” of one of the beige felt circles.

Now we are collecting the pillow-donut: on the machine we attach all the details to each other - powder on “icing”, then “icing” - on one side of the future pillow (on the front side!).

We take out the basting threads, remove the pins, and fold the two beige circles face up. Carefully stitch the zigzag stitch on the machine (or manually overlay the seam). We leave 10 cm of the seam not stitched.

Through this non-stitched seam section, we fill a felt-donut pillow with filler, and then sew up the seam to the end. Our pillow is ready!

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