Combining wallpaper: 70 modern options and photo examples of wall design

In creating an original and stylish interior will help the combination of wallpaper. Using a different technique of application, the design of the apartment will be unique, and little tricks will not only decorate the interior, but also correct the disadvantages of the room.

Rules and Recommendations

Having decided to make repairs in the room using a combination of wallpaper, you should consider the area, location, purpose and proportions of the room.

  • Choosing the basic tone it is necessary to make a start from the area. In a small room, it is inappropriate to use a dark color palette, the light pastel range looks more harmonious, which visually increases the area of ​​the room.
  • In a spacious room, a combination of dark colors and volume patterns is permissible.
  • An important role is played by the location. In the room, whose windows are directed to the north side, it is better to use a warm palette, this compensates for the lack of sunlight.
  • On the south side, cold shades look more harmonious, they will give a breath of fresh air.
  • In an apartment with high ceilings, it is not necessary to combine wallpaper with vertical patterns.
  • You can adjust the height of the ceilings with the help of horizontal stripes and three-dimensional images. The same rule works in the opposite direction, for small rooms, bright monochromatic wallpaper and a small, inconspicuous pattern are suitable.

Combination Methods

Combination with vertical stripes

With the help of striped wallpaper you can visually increase the height of the ceilings. The frequency and width of the bands depends on personal preference. When buying a material, you should stop your choice on rolls of the same size and, if possible, in one collection. In this case, in the finished version, the finish will look like a solid composition. The color palette may consist of two close to each other, and contrasting colors.

In the photo one of the walls of the kitchen is decorated with striped wallpaper.

Horizontal Combination

Horizontal patterns and stripes are able to "push apart" the walls and make the room wider. A similar finish option is suitable for rooms with high ceilings, in a compact room, a feeling of a low ceiling may appear.

Another way to combine is to divide the wall into two parts horizontally, the upper half, as a rule, in a lighter color than the lower. Often the lower part is made of wall panels.

Accent wall

Most often, the accent wall becomes the one on which the eye falls upon entering the room. A bright shade or three-dimensional image will “push up” the wall; this way you can bring a long narrow room a little closer to the shape of a square. Depending on the stylistic direction, the main color can be close in tone to the accent wall or radically different.

In the photo, the accent wall in the bedroom is decorated with pink photo wallpapers with flowers.

Monophonic and monophonic

Different shades of the same color will help to zone the space and create a game of shadows. For example, part of the bedroom is trimmed with a light gray tint, and the sleeping area has a deep rich color.

Pattern or ornament and monophonic

One of the most common ways to finish the method of combining. Floral patterns or ornament may overlap with the style of the interior. The pattern is applied with a stencil, sticker or canvas wallpaper. Today it is often possible to meet in the stores of the collection, in which monophonic variants are presented and with a pattern applied on the same basis.

Pattern and pattern

Completely different patterns can harmoniously exist in one room, but they should be united by a common note. This may be common motifs, elements or color.

Combining photo wallpapers with wallpaper

Wall mural can significantly increase the area of ​​the room. Promising wallpapers, such as a road or a high waterfall, will stretch a room and make it wider.

On the photo are promising wallpapers (retiring pier) that help to visually increase the height of a small bedroom.

Given that the wallpaper in itself have a three-dimensional and colorful image, it is worthwhile to combine them with a calmer tone, so as not to overload the room.

Focus point

In order to highlight any area, such as a fireplace or TV, use background wallpapers. Part of the wall may have a monochromatic color that is different from the main shade or be with an unusual pattern.

Decorative ornaments

An unusual picture is formed by elements framed in frames and moldings. Against the background of a soothing tint of wallpaper, there can be inserts with ornate patterns. This combination is suitable for the interior in a classic style.

In the photo in the living room in the style of a classic wallpaper decorated with moldings.

Patchwork technology

Patchwork technique is suitable for finishing the nursery or bedroom. The point is to combine the overall picture of the patches of different wallpapers. When sticking it is necessary to observe an even seam.

Niche allocation

An interesting solution would be to highlight niches in the wall in a different color. Deepening can be made a couple of tones darker. When finishing a niche with textured wallpaper or panels, the lighting looks good, the relief will cast interior shadows.

Combining wallpaper with different textures

Combining different textures looks harmoniously in almost any room of the apartment. In small rooms, wallpaper with a shiny surface due to the reflective properties will increase the space. In addition, they look interesting in contrast with a matte canvas.

Room zoning

Divide the room into zones in several ways, one of them is the division of color and texture. The kitchen, combined with the living room, will share the wallpaper of the same texture, but different shades of the same spectrum. A good option would be a structural wallpaper for painting.

In the photo there are two types of wallpaper with a floral and checkered print.

Combining with brick wallpaper

Masonry is most often associated with the loft style. In the conditions of a small apartment, it is possible to replace natural material with wallpaper with imitation. Wallpapers under red brick successfully combined with matte material of gray or white. White brick looks harmoniously with light walls.

How to combine wallpaper by color?

Monochromatic combination

Calm color combination, despite the saturation, can be called monochromatic. These are shades of the same color, differing in saturation. In the interior, you can designate the desired zones with a more vivid shade or visually divide the space.

In the photo monochromatic combination of colors on the combined wallpaper.

Complementary combination

This is a combination of contrasting, opposite colors. For example, red and green, purple and yellow, orange and blue. The combination of this kind will fit any room decoration. The combination of soothing shades can be used in the living room and bedroom, and the bright ones are suitable for a nursery.


At first glance, similar colors are completely different, but using them in the interior looks harmonious, each shade smoothly flows from one to another. As a rule, it is a combination of two or three adjacent shades from the color wheel.

The combination of individual colors (table)

BeigeChocolate, white, red, blue, emerald, black.
WhiteUniversal color. It is combined with any shades. The most successful combination with black, blue and red.
The blackAs well as white, universal color, it is successfully combined with many shades. Successful options: white, red, lilac, pink, orange.
BrownIvory, beige, green, pink.
GrayThe whole palette of pink, from pastel to fuchsia. Red, blue, plum.
Black and whiteThe combination of black and white is already considered complete. Both shades are universal, the combination will complement almost any color.
GreenYellow, golden, orange, chocolate, black, gray.
PinkGray, chocolate, turquoise, the color of young green, olive, soft blue.
BlueGray, orange, green, red, white, blue.
BlueWhite, pink, gray, yellow, brown, red.
PurpleWhite, green, pink, chocolate, gray, black.
RedWhite, blue, green, black, yellow.
YellowBrown, gray, black, blue, turquoise.
VioletWhite, yellow, orange, lilac, black.

In the photo, the combination of three types of wallpaper in the interior of the nursery.

Photo in the interior of the rooms in the apartment

Living room

For the living room there are plenty of ideas for the design of the walls. Material and pattern is selected depending on the style. In a spacious hall with a corner sofa the reception of an accent wall harmoniously looks. Beautiful pattern and rich colors will mark the place of rest.


In the bedroom, as a rule, preference is given to soothing shades. A combination of the calm tone of the main wallpaper and a vegetable print on the headboard will look harmoniously.


In the kitchen, it is more practical to combine wallpaper over the dining area and tile in the cooking zone. Colors may overlap.

In the photo, a horizontal combination of two types of wallpaper - plain and with a floral print, the joint is decorated with the help of white molding.


With a children's room, you can safely combine bright and juicy shades. For kids, you can use patchwork technique with colors and patterns that match the floor. It will also successfully look one of the walls decorated with wallpaper or wallpaper with pictures.

Hallway and corridor

In a spacious or open hallway, you can combine simple, even and textured wallpaper with imitation of different material.

The photo is a practical combination of decorative panels with wallpaper.

Combination with other finishing materials

Wallpaper and painting

The combination of painting and wallpaper looks good in the bedroom. An even painted surface will be supplemented with canvases with an ornament, a cage or an ornate pattern.

Combination with decorative stone

Combining wallpaper with stone looks harmoniously in the living room or hallway. Stone trim the corners and part of the wall. The material can be both natural and artificial.

Brick combination

Combining wallpaper and brickwork you can get a brutal loft style and gentle Provence. Depending on the color and decorative filling, you get an absolutely opposite design of the apartment.

In the photo, a combination of wallpaper with a brick wall in the interior of the bedroom.

Wallpaper and panels

Combining wallpaper and panels will be a good option for finishing the hallway, living room or nursery. As a rule, panels trim the bottom of the wall using a horizontal combination method. The variety of choices allows you to make repairs in a classic style and in modern.


Combining for any part of the house. Plaster sets the basic tone in the room, wallpaper is an accenting element. Combination can be with plain wallpaper, wallpaper with a discreet pattern and photo wallpaper.


Combination for kitchen and bathroom. The working area and the area of ​​contact with water is finished with tiles, the rest is provided for wallpaper. The combination may have a contrasting combination or have a common color and elements.

In the photo, a combination of wallpaper with mosaic tiles.

How to make a transition when combining

No transition

The easiest and most common method is the absence of a transition. Cloths wallpaper glue butt. It must be remembered that for a better result you need to prepare and level the surface. A similar way is well suited for the accent wall.


Beautiful and elegant way to design. Visually looks like a picture or panel. The basic tone is chosen in a calm tone, the second part can have both a simple geometric and an unusual shape and is trimmed around the edge with moldings.

Wallpaper border

Border feature on the upper edge or in the central part. He will add zest to the interior. Looks harmoniously in the living room, bedroom and children's room.

Features of the design of a small room

  • In a small apartment, for example, in Khrushchev, it is preferable to choose light shades when combining.
  • The vertical or horizontal direction of the pattern or lines will help to adjust the space.
  • Simple drawings and patterns can also visually enlarge the room. What kind of pictures you can visually expand the space you can see here.
  • Mirror surfaces can significantly contribute to the expansion of boundaries.
  • A pair of tall mirrors framed in frames will completely change the look of the interior.

In the photo, one of the walls is decorated with wallpaper with horizontal stripes, which visually increases the width of the children's room.

In the photo, one of the walls is decorated with wallpaper with an ornament; this technique will visually make the long room of a small area more proportional.

Layout errors

Some errors in the combination can spoil the overall picture.

  • Along the wall with large patterns you should not place large furniture, it is better to choose a plain background wallpaper.
  • In a small room, an erroneous solution would be a dark color finish. Light shades and bright elements of the decor will look more harmonious. Also, do not use three or more colors.
  • In a narrow room wallpaper with patterns do not put on a large wall, so the room will be even narrower.
  • In an apartment with low ceilings, horizontal stripes and patterns will further shorten the space.

Combining Liquid Wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper deserve special attention. They allow you to create unique paintings, even diagonally, while easy to apply. On tactile sensations, liquid wallpapers have a soft and warm surface. The material is applied on the principle of textured plaster. For a perfect result, it is also necessary to prepare the surface.

In the photo liquid wallpaper highlighted the TV area.

Photo gallery

Going deeper into the issue of combining wallpaper, you can discover a lot of interesting examples and ideas. Repair no longer represents the boring sticking of paper wallpaper, the layout of different textures and technologies creates a work of art. Below are photos of examples of combining wallpaper on the walls in rooms of various functional purposes.

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