Turquoise in the interior: features, combinations, choice of finishes, furniture and decor

Creating a comfortable atmosphere in an apartment or house, you should pay special attention to the color scheme, turquoise in the interior not only looks spectacular, it has a positive effect on the psychological state. The color of sea wave can be the main tone for interior decoration of the room or become a bright accent.

The value and characteristics of the person

Turquoise color gives only positive emotions and is associated primarily with the water surface. Color symbolizes purity and innocence. In many countries, it means love, independence and wealth. In the interior of the house turquoise tones will have a calming effect and create a positive energy.

The combination of turquoise with other colors


Photos in the interior

WhiteThe combination is associated with the sea breeze. The interior is light and fresh.

GrayA more relaxed and muffled combination. Looks good in a modern style.

BeigeA gentle combination suitable for a nautical, modern and classic style.

BrownA rich combination may be present in the decoration or pieces of furniture. Brown can have a chocolate, coffee shade and wenge.

YellowSolar combination. It is important to use metered colors without overloading the interior with paints.

GoldGold with turquoise create elegant Oriental motifs.

Pink, PurpleBoth colors are bright and delicate. Suitable for registration of a child's room and a bedroom for a girl.

Green, limeGreen shades will create a real rainforest in the interior. Subdued shades will make the design easy.

BlueClose tonal shades. Depending on the color saturation, the interior can be backstage or fresh.

BlueClose shades will look like overflows. With different lighting it will look very interesting.
Red, burgundyFor a successful combination of these shades, one of them must prevail, and the other must be present in the elements.

OrangeBright, summer combination. Orange close to terracotta can create oriental motifs.

Lilac, purpleRefreshing turquoise in a duet with hints of purple will complement each other.

The blackBy adding black details to the room design, the design will be associated with morpho butterfly. Despite the brutal black color, the interior will be concise.

Photos in the interior of rooms

At the initial stage of repair, it is necessary to determine the priority shades in the interior. Turquoise can play a major role or participate in decorative details and interior items.

Living room

To decorate a turquoise living room of a small size, choose a light turquoise hue; it will not hide space and looks elegant. For a spacious room, you can use more saturated and deep shades.

In combination with dark pieces of furniture the interior will be bright, but illuminating. In the living room with a light finish, the aqua sofa will emphasize attention and designate a seating area.

In the photo the compact living room of a private house The walls and floor are made of wood.


In the kitchen with a turquoise finish harmoniously looks white set. Kitchen set of natural wood suitable for country style and Provence, rustic and Chebbi-chic. Glossy turquoise-colored furniture will visually enlarge the space, while looking lush. The matte surface of the facade is suitable for a classic kitchen. The interior will complement the white china and textiles.

On the photo is a compact kitchen with a suite in turquoise colors.

The photo kitchen set of two bright colors. In the interior there are motives of country music.


For a bedroom it is better to use light, calm shades of turquoise. To decorate the walls, you can use wallpaper with a pattern. Wallpapers can cover all the walls or only one, becoming the main decoration of the interior. Turquoise bed and decorative elements look harmoniously against the light background of the walls.


Making a nursery in turquoise will be one of the best interior solutions. In combination with a blue or purple tint, you can create a bright room. Wall murals not only look spectacular, they will contribute to the development of the child and can emphasize the theme of the room.


Soft turquoise color in the bath harmoniously looks in a classic, modern and nautical style. Useful items with a marine theme successfully complement the design. Considering that in standard city apartments bathrooms of small sizes, it is better to combine turquoise color with light shades.

Entrance hall

In closed hallways, the best solution will be a light turquoise finish, it will reflect artificial lighting and make the room brighter. In open space, use of deep color is acceptable. Depending on personal preferences, the interior can be executed both in classical, and in modern style.

Which style to choose?


To decorate a room in a modern style, an interesting interior solution will be the decoration of one of the walls with bright turquoise. Furniture items of turquoise color are functional, may have an unusual shape and glossy surfaces.


Turquoise is the best solution for decorating a room in a nautical style. The walls of soft turquoise color will be associated with the sea breeze and refresh the interior. Finishing can be in monophonic or with details of sea subjects. The interior will look harmoniously wicker and light furniture.

The photo shows a bedroom interior in a nautical style, the decoration is made in pale turquoise tones.


For an interior in a classic style matte wallpaper calm turquoise color. The furniture has elegant forms. In a room with a bright finish you can use furniture rich turquoise hue, it will focus on attention. For example, turquoise sofa or bed.


The interior of the loft turquoise color will be interesting to look in the details or on the walls.


For the room in the style of Provence fit light turquoise. The decoration uses natural materials, such as painted wooden floors. In the kitchen set can be made of wood, painted in mint color.

Finishing (walls, floor, ceiling)


Turquoise walls are suitable for decorating a room in many styles. Wallpapers of a light shade will make the room more spacious. One of the walls can be decorated with photo wallpaper, such a design will decorate the interior.

Light turquoise will be a suitable option for a small room. Dark color is suitable for finishing the office and living room. You can also combine shades in the interior of one room.

In the photo one of the walls is painted in turquoise color and decorated with moldings.


As a floor covering, you can choose a plain carpet, a soft surface suitable for a bedroom, living room or nursery. For marine and Provence style suitable wooden painted floor. In the kitchen, the best option would be monotonous or patterned tiles.


Colored ceiling is an unusual and stylish idea. Glossy stretch ceiling visually increase the space due to the mirror surface. For a classic interior using matte material. You can use spotlights or an unusual shaped chandelier as lighting.

Choice of furniture


Turquoise sofa will be a bright accent in the interior and designate a recreation area. The interior with white walls will look gorgeous sofa deep turquoise hue. For a classic style fit sofa with upholstered light shade.

The photo is a stylish living room with gold details. The sofa, curtains and ceiling element are made in turquoise.


Turquoise bed harmoniously looks in the bedroom with a bright finish. The interior will be complemented by tulle curtains matching each other in color.


A swinging case of turquoise color will draw attention to itself. It can be combined in color with other pieces of furniture or become a bright spot in the interior.

In the photo is a wardrobe that divides the room into two zones.

Chairs and chairs

In the kitchen, chairs can be combined with other items, such as vases or items in the headset.

Chairs look interesting, standing out in color in the overall picture of the living room or bedroom. A beautiful shade will emphasize the noble material, such as velvet.

The photo turquoise chairs and curtains, thanks to the velvet upholstery creates the effect of iridescent color.

Turquoise accents in the interior


Turquoise curtains look harmonious in the interior of a modern or classic style. Portieres can overlap with pillows, pieces of furniture and decorative items.

In the photo kitchen with turquoise curtains on the floor, which are combined in color with a kitchen apron.

A light turquoise tulle will refresh the room.


Plain turquoise carpet with a long nap is suitable for a room in a modern style. A light turquoise carpet with sand-colored patterns will continue the maritime theme, and unusual patterns against a bright background will decorate the classic and oriental interior.


Posters or pictures support the style of the room. A picture with rich colors will stand out, and quiet delicate shades will quietly decorate the interior.

In the photo picture and pillows in aquamarine tones.


Turquoise pillows are best combined with other objects in the interior, such as curtains, paintings, carpet.

Blankets and bedspreads

Plaid or bedspread will not only add comfort to the interior, but will also be a decoration and a bright element. The bedspread in the bedroom can have a beautiful pattern and be combined with decorative pillows.

In the photo is a classic bedroom, made in two colors.

Turquoise door

Unusual decoration of the apartment. The glass door will decorate the room in a modern and high-tech style. Wooden doors are suitable for classic, Provence and Chebbi-chic style.


The decor plays an important role in interior design. Mint-colored accessories complement the delicate interior, such as porcelain figurines, vases, candles. Dark turquoise accessories will become bright spots and can be in harmony with pieces of furniture.

Photo gallery

An interesting color with many shades will decorate any interior. A bright range will refresh the room and will be associated with the sea breeze. Dirty-turquoise paint look stylish, but not pretentious. Below are photo examples of the use of turquoise in rooms for various functional purposes.

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