White brick in the interior: features, photo

White brick wall in the interior able to emphasize the chosen style, create a special mood, add to the atmosphere of home comfort and make even the most modern design a touch of tradition.

Especially often this decorative technique is used in the Scandinavian style, country, as well as in the styles of loft and minimalism.

White brick harmoniously combines with super-modern interior elements, as well as with traditional as well as vintage objects, so designers often use it in eclectic styles.

A white brick wall makes the room visually more spacious and gives airiness.

Ways to decorate the interior with a brick wall


This method is applicable in brick buildings, when there is an opportunity, after cleaning the wall of finishing materials and plaster, to expose the natural brickwork. In order to get white brick in the interior, the laid masonry is washed, dried and then treated with special compounds to form a protective coating.

If the construction of the house used red bricks, the wall will have to be painted white. In the event that there are defects in the brickwork - chips, cracks, they can be eliminated with the help of special means, but more often they do not do it, then the wall will give the interior a note of noble antiquity. Too new walls even deliberately aged to get this effect.


If the walls in the house are not brick, various decorative techniques will help to create a white brick wall in the interior:

  • Facing brick. This brick can be used to lay out individual architectural details: the corners of the walls, the fireplace, the doorways, and also one of the walls completely.

  • Tile. Perhaps the use of ceramic tiles that mimic white brick. The use of tiles facilitates the work of decorating the wall, as well as caring for it. Such imitation looks quite plausible.

  • Wallpaper. The most budget version of imitation of white brick in the interior is the use of wallpaper with a similar pattern. They can be easily pasted on their own, saving on work. However, such an imitation looks pretty rough.

Brick walls in different rooms of the apartment

Living room

The white wall creates a magnificent background on which decorative accents look very advantageous. At the same time, too hard white color is softened by the texture of the brick, which makes the situation more comfortable.

If the living room is combined with a kitchen or dining room, with a white brick wall in the interior, you can select a recreation area or a cooking area, thus creating a visual separation. If there is a fireplace in the room, the facing of not only the wall, but also of the fireplace itself with white brick will look impressive.


Despite the fact that the bedroom is one of the most comfortable and intimate rooms in the apartment, and in it a wall of white brick will be in place. Usually they lay the wall at the head of the bed, but there are other options. For example, white masonry will help to zone a room if the bedroom is combined with an office.


White brick in the design of the kitchen can work on the separation of functional areas, if in the same room and prepare food and lunch. Additionally, it is possible to finish brick island or a bar - this will give the room completeness and solidity.

The most frequently encountered option is the white brick trim of a kitchen apron. In the event that the kitchen is small, and there are wall cabinets, this will be the most successful solution, and it is better to replace the decorative brick with its imitation of tile - this is more practical.


If the apartment has a children's room, it can be decorated in white, and a brick wall will make the interior stylish. Against its background, both bright children's furniture and children's crafts placed on special shelves will look good.


A brick wall in the design of the bathroom will help to avoid facelessness, will give a special charm. In order to impart moisture resistance, a brick is subjected to special treatment, or its imitation from ceramics is used.

Entrance hall

Usually this is one of the darkest rooms in the apartment, besides closely crowded with storage systems. The use of white brick in the interior of the apartment in the entrance area will make it much lighter and more spacious visually.

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