Interior design with panoramic windows

Windows in the entire wall, from the ceiling to the floor, are called panoramic. As a rule, they occupy a significant part of the wall, sometimes - and the whole of it. The interior with panoramic windows looks very bright, the space of the room expands, incorporating the window-like landscapes, there is a feeling of unity with nature.

Such interiors look especially advantageous if a beautiful view opens from a window. As a rule, large apartments in modern new buildings are glazed in a similar way, especially the so-called “species”, facing the forest, pond, and beautiful urban buildings. Panoramic glazing is also used in private houses if this is provided for in the design of the project by the house.

Pros and cons of the interior with panoramic windows

Interior design with panoramic windows has its advantages. In particular, it opens up such opportunities:

  • Admire the beautiful views, include them in the interior.
  • Increase the amount of daylight in the room.
  • Visually increase the area of ​​the room.
  • Feel the unity with nature, "let" it into the house.
  • Observe natural phenomena.

Structurally large windows are much more complicated, and therefore more expensive than usual. In general, the following negative aspects of the interior with panoramic windows can be noted:

  • The price of windows and their installation is much more expensive than the standard ones.
  • Heat loss through a large area of ​​glass is higher, so heating costs are rising. To avoid this, it is recommended to install energy-saving double-glazed windows, which reduces operating costs, but increases one-time. Save will help special film to save energy, glued to the surface of the glass from the outside.
  • Washing such windows is more expensive, as it is usually done with the help of professionals.

The design with panoramic windows is demanding not only to the size of the room and the environment (it is necessary that the view from the windows is really picturesque), but also to the climate. The closer to the north - the stricter requirements. In cold climates, panoramic glazing is used only on those walls of buildings that face south or southwest. Through the large windows more light comes into the room, it warms up better.

Curtains for the design of panoramic windows

Large windows are made in cases where they are not going to block out the windowed landscapes, so the complete absence of curtains is considered ideal. To prevent the room from being too bright, you can use tinted glass or chameleon glass, which changes the transparency depending on the light conditions. In that case, if the curtains in the design still desirable, choose a very light, translucent curtains of tulle or organza. If the interior style allows, use Roman blinds.

Watch the video: Panoramic windows. Beautiful interior of the house with large windows (February 2020).

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