Lilac wallpapers in the interior: types, design, choice of style and curtains, combinations, 55 photos

Lilac wallpaper in the interior gained its popularity in those days when such a style as baroque appeared. Then the walls were covered with massive fabrics and one of the main color favorites was lilac. Wallpapers in light purple shades will decorate both the living room, bedroom, and kitchen, and even the corridor.

Color features

Color is very variable and diverse in its application. Wallpaper of this color can be used in any design style. Saturated lilac will definitely be the main in any interior. White and other light colors perfectly shade lilac in the interior.

Different shades of lilac color play around the interiors of any room in a variety of ways.

  • White and lilac will give light and comfort.
  • Dark lilac is suitable for a living room and will look especially piquant in combination with white furniture.
  • Lilac-golden bring a touch of luxury.

Shades of lilac can be enumerated endlessly and you can be sure that none of them will damage the design of the house.

Types of wallpaper

Along with the correct selection of color is the right decision in choosing the structure of the wallpaper. The choice is huge, so to understand this diversity is not the easiest thing.

PaperEnvironmentally friendly product, inexpensive. Walls with such wallpaper pass the air. But the joints are often visible, short-lived, eventually fading in the sun, they are not moisture-proof material.
FlizelinovyeDense structure, no visible joints, also "breathing" wallpaper and do not fade in the sun. But dear ones, they are good “dust collectors”, are subject to mechanical damage.
VinylTwo-layer: the first layer is paper, the second layer is vinyl. Long use, resistant to mechanical damage. But it emits a harmful substance - formaldehyde, diffuses the air poorly.
LiquidCan not see the joints, have good sound insulation, allow partial repair. Long drying after gluing (about two days).

For paintingTwo-layer paper wallpaper. Water resistant, no need to level the walls. You can repaint up to five times. But subject to mechanical damage.

TextileTwo-layer: the first layer is paper, the second layer is flizelin. There are various additions: flax, cotton, polyester. Joints are not visible, excellent noise and heat insulation. Do not fade in the sun. Penetration of odors, high cost, "dust collector".


In addition to the structure, drawing on lilac wallpaper and their texture are important. Today, various kinds of prints, patterns, ornaments are popular. At the same time, the monophonic version also has a place to be.

Solid colors

They are suitable if you focus attention not on the walls, but on the fact that they have frames with photographs, paintings, and other decor.


Lilac wallpaper with geometric patterns contribute to the visual transformation of the interior. Designers recommend using such prints not on all the walls in the room, with an emphasis on the geometry of the space of the room.


Using "striped" wallpaper, it is important to remember the main rule: the vertical bar creates the illusion of a high ceiling, and the horizontal one broadens the space inside the room.

Plant drawing

Such a pattern implies not only lilac flowers, but often stems, small leaves. The flora on the walls undoubtedly brings natural freshness and floral aromas to the interior.

3D Wallpaper

This type of wallpaper on the walls will help to depict anything: the house, and the sea, and the sky, and the sun, and even space. Excellent choice for a child's room.

What styles are suitable?

Lilac wallpapers will perfectly fit into any style: be it classic or any modern style. Properly beaten interior will not disregard art lovers.


Calm design is usually characteristic of this style. Delicate tones of lilac color are suitable for a bedroom or living room, decorated in a classic style. In addition to the monochromatic in this interior use "striped" wallpaper, both light and rich, even bright colors.

Modern styles

  • High-tech is characterized by straight lines, simplicity, the presence of metallic shades. Style allows you to use the space of rooms much more ergonomic and economical.
  • In minimalism, everything should be restrained and neat. Open and uncluttered interior. Convenient location of furniture and other items.


This is a provincial style. Aged furniture, many pillows, uneven plastered ceilings. Basically, gentle pastel-lilac tones are used.

Combination Options

Other colors can be added to the lilac design. With proper combination, you can select the walls, niches and ledges. But not all colors will be combined with a variety of shades of lilac. Therefore, experts have identified the most winning duets.

White and lilac

When combined with white color lilac will calm. This option is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. On white, pictures and photos in dark frames look beautiful.

Yellow lilac

Yellow or gold wallpaper will visually reduce the room, but at the same time will give additional light.

Beige and lilac

This combination is ideal for bedrooms, can be combined in patterns.

Gray and lilac

Pale gray lilac combines gray and silver. Elegant looks in the living rooms and bedrooms white furniture - puts the last accents.

Green and lilac

Who likes to associate the interior with nature, he will appreciate the combination with various shades of green and light green. In these duets the main thing is not to make a mistake when choosing the saturation of colors.

Black and lilac

Must be used carefully. Lilac-black interior is better to complement a large amount of white.


Great for bedroom interior. These shades are best combined in large rooms.

Pink lilac

Suitable for a bathroom or children's room for a girl. For walls, you can choose a combination of small pink flowers on a lilac background.

Photos in the interior of rooms

Before choosing a wallpaper you need to decide: for what kind of activities the room will be designed?

Living room

You can use as light, pastel shades of lilac, and saturated, brighter. But it should be borne in mind that for bright and saturated colors the room should be spacious with lots of windows. It is recommended to use furniture of light shades in this interior. In particular, the white color is one of the most optimal.

Wall-paper can be both monophonic, and with drawing (ornament). Curtains should be light and not burdening the image of the living room.


This is a place for relaxation and mental relaxation. Therefore, this room should reassure. It is recommended to use light shades of lilac. It is here that it is great to combine wallpaper and thus divide the room into zones. It is appropriate to apply bright lilac wallpapers when zoning: place them above the bed - place accents.

Curtains should be present as light to allow daylight, and heavier and denser. Again, light furniture, white ceilings. Perfectly find their place light wooden floors.


For the kitchen is better to use wallpaper with a pattern. The design should whet the appetite. Furniture colors of vanilla and oak will interestingly beat wallpaper in lilac tones. To cover the floor is more advantageous to choose tiles. Curtains need to pick up light, so that the light nothing prevented entering the room, and it is better to use blinds.


Lilac has a positive effect on the mental and emotional state of a person, so lilac wallpaper is the optimal solution for a child's room. Zoning using wallpaper is also an excellent solution: this is how you can divide the playing area and the sleeping area. Children will grow up, and this color of the walls will not be changed. Designers are advised to use lilac-green wallpaper (green is the color of relaxation and peace of mind).

Hallway and corridor

There are also possible variations. Since there are no windows in these “mini-rooms”, you need to maximize the space. Therefore, it is better to choose light shades of lilac. Undoubtedly white ceiling or gloss. In choosing the floor is better to give preference to dark shades.

Curtain selection

The main advice when choosing curtains: if the room is small, then the curtains need light, perhaps tulle. The more light in the room you want, the thinner the curtains.


The most winning option will be a combination of lilac with white, green and yellow, as well as with a range of traditional black and white. Often use curtains in tone to lilac wallpaper.

Drawing and pattern

Most designers are of the opinion that the lilac wallpaper is more appropriate curtains with at least a minimal image. Drawing on them completes the whole interior style and contrasts with the spring background of lilac. Small patterns on the curtains are suitable for large rooms, wavy stripes along the vertical of the curtains will increase the space of a small room. Checkered curtains look interesting.

Choosing the color of furniture, floor and ceiling

Dark lilacLight lilac
The furniture is preferably white, light shades, possibly brown-colored. It is better to select light floors: parquet, laminate. The ceiling is white. You can choose gloss.Here it is already possible to vary the choice of furniture: suitable as light shades, so the shades of dark wood. On the floor it will be interesting to look carpets beige or gray. White, beige or lilac matte ceilings.

Photo gallery

The mood of your home depends on the shades you choose. Lilac color of the wallpaper was appropriate at all times and in any room. Choosing lilac wallpaper - no mistake!

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