Gray walls in the interior: design, materials for decoration, combinations, 75 photos

Gray walls in the interior are a fashionable trend that has entered all styles and has clear advantages, such as color versatility and the ability to combine it with other bright colors.

Finishing materials


Wallpapers are the most affordable wall covering material; they hide uneven surfaces and light cracks. Wallpapers are monophonic, with a flower or other pattern of a contrasting color, liquid with gold threads and the addition of shiny crumbs. By density are paper, vinyl and non-woven. If the walls are not smooth enough, you can apply glass wall for painting and create your own design.

In the photo the interior of the living room with non-woven wallpaper with decor, which are suitable for curtains and textiles.

Wall mural

Photowall-paper in an interior on an accent wall in gray color will approach with the image of a pencil sketch, the photo, the city, monochrome drawing.


Brick wall suitable for loft style and kitchen apron. May be colored or have a natural gray color. It is better to limit the finishing of one wall with brick and combine it with colored or white wallpaper.


Painting is suitable for smooth walls of the kitchen, living room, bathroom and hallway. For the apartment fit latex, silicone, acrylic and modern eco-friendly paints.

The photo shows a plain interior with painted walls, white paintings and platbands, angular decorative lighting adds brightness.


It is used for wall and floor decoration in the bathroom and kitchen, it happens with a classic decor, a frieze, like a puzzle, mosaic.


For additional sound insulation and unusual wall decor laminate is used, which is self-finishing and is mounted on liquid nails, clamps or crate.


For the texture of the walls used plaster, which does not absorb odors, is a durable material and effectively hides the surface roughness. Suitable for art deco interior, minimalism, hi-tech.

Decorative rock

It is used for the interior of the kitchen and corridor, decoration in the living room or for creating panels. Lighter than natural stone and easily mounted on the wall.

The photo shows the interior of the living room with an accent dark wall made of decorative slate and light monochromatic wallpaper. Stone and fireplace blend harmoniously in a modern style.

Wall panels

Chipboard, MDF are resistant to moisture (in the presence of a wax coating), withstand the load of shelves, gray PVC panels have a high service life and fire resistance.

Photos in the interior rooms


Gray walls are the backdrop to any headset. A white kitchen with a black dining table or tabletop looks classically attractive. The interior can be diluted with any colors, decorate the wall with paintings, hanging plates and photo wallpapers.


It will look good with light gray walls, pink or soft blue textiles, white door. Furniture needs to be selected lighter or darker than the walls so that it does not merge into one gray tone.

In the photo there is a bedroom interior with plain walls and a floral border of wallpaper, which is separated by a molding. Dark shades are complemented by milky colors of textiles and furniture.

Living room

Living in any style with gray walls will look successful. Dark gray walls should be combined with a white ceiling and light floor. It is combined with green, scarlet, beige, white companion color for decorative items and textiles. The main role is played by curtains, which should be lighter or brighter than walls.


Bathroom with gray walls should be well lit and combined with a white installation, shower, lighter floor.

The photo shows a modern bathroom with gray rectangular tiles.


The nursery combines gray walls with yellow, red, pale pink, orange or light green decor well. Striped paper wallpaper with white furniture and a colored rug will do.

Entrance hall

The hallway in gray is a practical option, MDF or PVC panels, stone finish, vinyl wallpaper, and plaster are suitable. Doors can be light or dark brown.

On the photo to the right is the interior of the hallway with striped wallpaper on the walls and a white and gray floor with decorative tiles. White ceiling and mirror make the hallway lighter.

Style selection


Loft as a casual and practical style combines a brick, wooden floor and a plastered gray wall, which can be monophonic or with a large ornament. Gray walls are combined with the same large sofa or bed, gray table. It combines in a loft style with white, red, turquoise and yellow.

Scandinavian style

The style emphasizes practicality, respect for objects and a tendency to natural materials of decoration (wallpaper, laminate, plaster). A light gray shade that combines with pastel colors will do. Furniture is selected as practical as possible in white, gray, beige color.

Modern style

Modern style is most often performed in the gray color of the walls, which are complemented by paintings, mirrors, photographs in the framework. Monotony, striped decor, clarity of lines is welcomed. Curtains are selected Roman or long from practical mixed fabric.


The classic in the gray interior does not look boring, the walls are complemented by modeling, it can be tapestries, silk-screen printing, gold monograms, white flowers and patterns. The walls will be the backdrop for wooden furniture, light sofa, emerald portieres, golden lambrequin. The décor is portraits, landscapes, wall candelabra.

Floor color

Light floor

The light floor with gray walls looks organic, the floor is diluted with a dark gray tone. A painted board, light laminate, parquet board made of light wood will do. If the walls are dark in color, then the floor may be golden in color.

The photo shows the interior of the cabinet with light parquet and gray walls, which looks bright due to the wide window and practical Roman curtains.

Dark floor

May be the color of bog oak or wenge, painted in dark blue paint, granite is suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, for the bedroom and living room - laminate.

Bright floor

A bright floor made of tile or sectionally painted board, plain laminate will suit the gray interior. Also, the brightness will add a carpet or track.

In the tone of the walls

The floor to tone the walls will create a transition effect without boundaries and merge into one range.

Ceiling color

Light ceiling

Used more often than others, decorated with molding, molding, used for finishing white plaster, paint, suspended ceiling.

The photo has a modern interior with a white, flat ceiling that echoes the white wooden panels, which makes the dining room bright, despite the dark floor and the black table.

Dark color

Suitable for a spacious room and high ceilings, as the dark will make it visually lower.


You can create a monochrome or gray-white interior with wallpaper, panels, paint, stretch ceiling.

In the tone of the walls

The ceiling will be a continuation of the walls and can be decorated with stucco.

The combination of gray walls and doors

It is recommended not to match the doors to the color of the walls, there should be a contrast in the interior, trim can act as a color frame for the door or be combined with it.

  • Under the dark gray walls fit light gray, white doors.
  • Under the light gray walls fit black, white doors.

In the photo, white glass doors in the classic interior of the apartment are suitable for wooden floors, tiles and gray wallpaper with geometric patterns.

Furniture color

The color of the furniture can be different saturation, all bright shades of red, green, orange and turquoise will do.

It is better to use cold blue and blue as the color of poufs and small chairs. A gray sofa and bed fit in the gray interior in addition with bright pillows.

In the photo, a gray sofa in a modern living room interior with dark gray curtains and walls, glossy paintings and daylight fill the room with freshness.

Chest, cabinet and shelves better pick one shade. White, mint, light gray, black, wenge fit under the interior.

Curtain selection

When choosing curtains, it is important to consider the naturalness of the composition (flax, cotton), synthetic additives and the tendency of the material to fade. In length, they can be short classic, Roman, Austrian, rolled, long.

The color is selected on the basis of the color of the walls and pattern. Cold shades, pale pink, lemon, lilac are suitable for a light tone. Under the dark tone fit white translucent fabrics, bright colors of red, yellow. A neutral option would be beige curtains with a gray pattern.

Gray wall decor

For the decor, stone inserts, fabric panels, photos, 3D wallpaper, mirrors, bright flags and pompons in the nursery, sconces, living room portraits, paintings and reproductions in the bedroom are used.

The photo shows the interior of the living room with wall decor: colorful abstraction, shelves with souvenirs that make the walls brighter and remove the monotony.

If the walls are plain, you can use 2 types of decor, if it is a wallpaper with decor, then it is better to refuse additional accessories.

Combining with other colors

Gray white

It combines more often in modern interiors, white adds space, fits like color bands.

In the photo there is a gray-white interior of a modern bedroom with color accents and white translucent curtains.

Gray beige

Suitable for bedroom and living room, can be combined in patterns.

Gray blue

Cools the room, suitable for a bedroom, a classic room, a boy's bedroom.

Gray brown

Looks strictly and stylishly, shades complement each other.

Yellow gray

Gives a combination of energy and tranquility, suitable for children and kitchen.

The photo shows the interior of the kitchen-dining room in gray with yellow accents on the wall in the form of stripes and yellow chairs.

Gray green

Soothes and adjusts to rest at the same time.

Gray Pink

Often used in modern style, decorates the nursery and bedroom.

Gray blue

Suitable for Scandinavian and marine style, used in hot rooms with white or blue curtains.

The photo shows the interior of the living room in a modern style with gray-white-blue patterned wallpaper.

Red gray

Fills the interior with energy, red is the accent.


Gives a magical combination, balanced by calm.


Suitable for nursery and bedroom, lilac opens against a gray background.


Used in Provence or Maritime style.

Orange gray

It is well combined, can will be added white in an interior of a hall or kitchen.

Gray walls are a versatile finishing option that will be appropriate in any interior and combined with all colors. Light or dark shade decorate the classic or modern style of the apartment.

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