Interior with striped wallpaper: features, types, colors, combination, 85 photos

The interior with striped wallpaper is often found when finishing any room; it performs not only decorative, but also constructive function according to the perception of the size of the space. Depending on the design of the wallpaper, the brightness of the bands and the combination of colors, you can make an individual delicate or bold style.

Features and benefits

Finishing wallpaper has such advantages as price, the ability to independently update the walls, a wide selection of types and colors. Striped wallpaper, as one of the varieties of design, are used when there is a need to visually enlarge or expand the room. The strip also performs a decorative function.

For example, in the Scandinavian or minimalist style, such a finish may be the only decor. Striped wallpaper combined with solid walls and fit any interior.

Types of strips

Geometry and a strip on the wallpaper performs the function of visual distortion of the perception of the room in its favor.

Vertical strip

Drains the room and raises the ceiling. From the color of the bands, their alternation and size depends on the final appearance of the interior.

Horizontal strip

Extend a narrow but long room with a high ceiling. Not recommended for low-ceilinged interior, where the transverse strip will make it even lower.

The photo shows a striped green and beige interior with red accents, which is not overloaded with wall decorations.

Diagonal strip

Suitable for interior with walls of irregular geometric shape, rooms in the attic. In this case, one wall can be made striped, and the rest are plain.

Types of wallpaper

Each type of wallpaper with stripes has unique characteristics due to the composition, which plays an important role in the final form of the interior.

Type of wallpaperCharacteristic
PaperBy density, they are single- and double-layered, embossed and smooth. Easy to glue, absorb odors, let the air through. Suitable for nursery and bedrooms due to environmental friendliness. Budget option wall decoration.
FlizelinovyeThey have a woven base, increased durability, lungs in sticking, do not shrink, tolerate a slight wetting, allow air to pass through, hide small cracks on the wall. Used for the decoration of the ceiling.
VinylHappen on a paper and non-woven basis, they repeat any texture, relief, and are also smooth. Do not absorb moisture, transfer wet cleaning and rubbing with a sponge. Do not fade, well hide the defect walls. They do not let the air through and are not desirable for the bedroom and the nursery, but are the only option for the kitchen.
For paintingThere are flizelinovoy or glassy base with embossed or embossed pattern of vinyl, herringbone, gun, or with a plain design. Allow repainting up to 12-15 times.
Silk screen printingWear-resistant and resistant to burnout, have a vinyl-paper base. Differ in glitter and effect of a soft surface because of a hot stamping with addition of threads.

Band Size and Design

The interior with striped wallpaper looks spectacular, beautiful and functional.

Wide strip

Suitable for rooms of any size, but such wallpapers are best revealed in the spacious interior of the living room or bedroom.

Narrow strip

It is frequent and rare, contrast or monophonic. When choosing wallpaper in a small strip of furniture and decor should be at least combined with plain curtains.

Stripes with flowers

Suitable for a rustic, Provence style, children's rooms and non-strict interiors for a bedroom or living room.

The photo has a striped interior with a floral pattern, where the wallpapers are combined in color with textiles and furniture upholstery.

Monochrome stripes

They look calm and discreet. From a distance look like plain wallpaper. Do not cause tension in the eyes and do not bother for many years.

Striped patterned wallpaper

Suitable for children's interior, accent wall or with a combination of plain walls.

Striped wallpaper with ornament

They are selected for a living room, a wide dining room, a bedroom, the ornament can be geometric, floral, with monograms of a contrasting or similar color.

Textured wallpaper strips

They look volumetric due to the vinyl embossed layer. Protruding lanes add movement to the design. May cause fatigue, therefore they are used in combination with one-color walls.

Shiny stripes

Symbolize the dynamics, energy and attract attention. Gloss can be textile, gold or silver. Happen in a thin and large strip.

In the photo the interior of the living room with shiny stripes that gleam with velvet shine at a certain angle.

Color solution


White striped wallpaper is suitable for a small space, a larger room is expanded even more. Universal color for any interior. The white-blue or white-blue strip is suitable for a bedroom and the nursery.


Gray bars look spectacular on any bright or neutral background. Wide gray stripes fit into the bedroom, nursery or kitchen. The gray-white room is complemented by bright textiles.


Beige color looks neutral on a white, brown background, balances a bright background.

In the photo is a milky-beige interior with striped medium-sized wallpaper in a classic style, which are combined with curtains.


The brown strip is suitable for home comfort of the living room, bedroom, looks good on a white, coffee, orange background.

The black

Black striped wallpaper looks strictly, depending on the size of the bands strongly affect the perception of the room. Black and white room diluted with bright decor.


The red strip looks spectacular on textile wallpaper, suitable for accent wall.


Burgundy stripes create the grandeur of a classic interior and a bright accent in modern design, a bold choice for a living room.


The orange bright strip adds a warmth note without an abundance of color, fits a gray, black, white background.


Golden striped wallpaper come in different intensities, combined with black, white, beige colors in the interior.

On the photo is the interior of the bedroom with golden striped wallpaper in a classic style.


Green stripes relieve tension, adjust for relaxation, fit under a red, white, black, brown background.

Light green

Light green stripes arouse interest, attract attention, are combined with other patterns of orange, red color.


The blue color looks solid when combined in different shades, suitable for a nursery in combination with a white, gray color.


Blue stripes in combination with white, gray look classic, often used for the interior of bedrooms and bathrooms.

The photo has a blue and white striped interior, where the wallpapers are illuminated with a soft decorative light and complemented by paintings in the same frames.


Turquoise stripes look bright and discreet at the same time, combined with a vanilla, gray, brown color.


Pink striped wallpaper is suitable for a girl's room, combined white and pink stripes complement each other in contrast.


Yellow stripes are best combined with other bright stripes, must be combined with the same textiles.


Violet stripes are suitable for a light background, create the effect of a bright and dynamic interior.


Lilac stripes are used in medium and large rooms, combined with lemon, gray, pink, white.


Multicolored striped wallpaper can be of different widths, combine up to 5 colors, where one turns into another, or all lines are colored and of different shades.

In the photo there is a multi-colored striped wall at the head of the bed, which is combined with a gray primary color.

Photos in the interior of rooms

Striped wallpaper will fit into the interior of any room and will favorably emphasize its advantages with proper selection of color, size and location of the strip.

Corridor and hallway

For this room it is better to make a white strip to compensate for the lack of daylight in a darkened room. Suitable combination of white and beige, gold, yellow, pistachio, light green, orange.


Most often cluttered with headsets and other furniture, vertical two-color stripes of different sizes or neutral wide stripes will be combined with a mosaic or a tile of an apron. Curtains are matched to the color of textiles.

Living room

It can be pasted over in striped wallpapers of any size. Pastel stripes on a light blue or neutral background are suitable for Scandinavian or minimalism style, the classic interior can be made with wide and medium stripes in green-white or red-white color.


May be in a gray-pink, gray-white, gray-blue stripes. For a teenager fit a combination of purple-violet, white-violet, blue and white.

The photo shows a striped multi-colored interior in a modern style with a bright sofa and a hanging chair.


Allows a combination of white with a pale blue, pale pink, light green tint. Striped can be accent or two parallel walls. Monochrome walls are additionally decorated with paintings.

The photo shows a white-beige bedroom interior in a modern style with an accent striped wall.

Curtain selection

Textiles should be harmoniously combined with wallpaper, so there are several options for the selection of curtains.

  1. Curtains and the main color of the wallpaper in the same tone. This solution is suitable for a small room and a neutral interior without a window accent.
  2. Bright curtains are suitable for a large living room and a room where you need to “zoom in” the window, while the strip is chosen to match the basic tone of the walls.
  3. Curtains that differ in tone do not violate unity, but draw the line between walls and curtains.
  4. The size of the stripes, their position and color on the wallpaper can be combined with curtains.
  5. According to the type of curtains fit short curtains, Roman curtains, blinds, pleated.

Combining wallpaper

If the room is small, then you can select zones and divide the space with the help of companion wallpaper.

Striped and plain wallpaper

It is possible to combine striped wallpaper in the interior with plain wallpaper, which repeat the background color or stripes, it can also be a neutral or bright contrast choice.

Striped and patterned wallpaper

Striped wallpaper can be combined with wallpaper with a pattern in spacious rooms to avoid overloading the interior decor on the walls. Pattern and strip are beautifully combined in identical shades.

In the photo, striped wallpapers are combined with wallpaper with an ornament in the interior of one room to increase the space of a narrow room.


Striped wallpapers are widely used in different interior styles, from classic to modern designs.


It is recognized in pastel shades, pistachio, lilac and pink shades of wallpaper with a white or gray stripe of medium or small size, which can be combined with the image of birds, wallpaper with flowers.

Classic style

Classic chooses plain or low-contrast combinations of strips on the wallpaper. Most often this is the average size of the same bands with equal spacing. Apply pastel shades of white, green, blue, beige.

Modern style

Can be with contrasting black and white or minimalistic monophonic stripes. A wide strip is applied, a multi-colored combination on one wall, a combination with monophonic walls.

Sea style

The marine style with a blue-blue or turquoise stripe is combined with yellow, white, sandy wallpapers and red accents in the decor.

The photo shows a sea bedroom interior with striped wallpaper in white and blue.

English style

English style and discreet stripes on a green, red, beige background emphasizes the aristocratic interior with dark furniture and a leather sofa. The strip is selected medium size.

Photo gallery

The strip in the interior performs an active function of decoration and visual expansion; a combination of different stripes and colors in one design is permissible. The stripes are suitable for a bright interior, a narrow room, a conservative design and a spacious room. Below are photo examples of the use of striped wallpaper on the walls in rooms for various functional purposes.

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