Wallpapers on the ceiling: views, design ideas and designs, color, how to glue ceiling wallpaper

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all decoration materials, ceiling wallpapers have their own characteristics, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Huge selection of textures, designs and drawings.Short-lived.
Dense structure, fabric canvases have high sound insulation.Some species do not withstand moisture, are afraid of sunlight, accumulate dust.
Do not hide the height. And suitable for decoration of two-level ceilings.Do not hide the irregularities of the ceiling, glued only on a perfectly aligned surface.
Gluing is not difficult.

What wallpaper glue on the ceiling?

Ceiling wallpapers are presented in a large assortment, ranging from the most budget to the exquisite and expensive.


Will become an excellent option for rooms with increased contamination and humidity. After all, the dust, dirt and greasy deposits that have appeared on them can be easily removed with a simple sponge.


Suitable for creating interesting creative solutions. Have the most different coloring, happen smooth or relief.


This type of finishing material can be chosen for the interior in any style. However, they are distinguished by rather low strength and cannot be washed, because after contact with water they lose their appearance.

Pictured attic with paper wallpaper on the ceiling.

Wall mural

It’s quite difficult to decorate the ceiling with this type of wallpaper at home. Poked with the slightest error, they can completely lose their effect. That is why pasting works are trusted by experienced specialists. If the wallpaper with panoramic images cover the entire surface of the ceiling, it creates the impression of a deep and endless space.


Have a rich appearance and will last more than one year. Among the shortcomings, it is possible to highlight the fact that they very easily get dirty and absorb odors.

Natural (bamboo or cork)

The cork is thick enough material, does not allow noise and retains heat, making it much more comfortable in the room. Bamboo is a natural and natural material. Suitable for decoration of rooms with different humidity and temperature.

On the photo is a bedroom with natural bamboo wallpaper on the ceiling.


During the day, they absorb natural light, and at night they emit it in the form of a soft glow. They create a romantic atmosphere due to muffled and unobtrusive lighting, and also serve as an auxiliary light in the dark.

Liquid wallpaper

Elastic and eco-friendly. Particularly suitable for the decoration of ceilings with a large number of corners, projections or other irregularities.

Fiberglass for painting

In the composition have only natural materials. They are completely safe, both for people and animals. Such a ceiling is an ideal option for a bedroom or kitchen.


Very easy care. Any contamination can be removed with a sponge or cloth using a cleaning agent. A huge range of colors will allow you to easily choose the option for every taste and wallet.

Self adhesive

They have a comfortable adhesive layer on the reverse side, provide an opportunity to decorate different types of surfaces from even to complex structures of suspended ceilings with their own hands. Can be with drawing or monophonic.

Design ideas and drawings

Thanks to the patterns, drawings and bold design ideas, the most common surface of the ceiling acquires a multifaceted, interesting and three-dimensional appearance.


The surface of the heavens evokes reflections on a person and distracts from everyday life and vanity. 3D wallpaper with the image of the sky will bring air, freshness and serenity to the interior.


Choosing a similar design method, you need to take into account all the characteristics of the room. These wallpapers will allow you to divide the room into a recreation area and workplace. Murals depicting landscapes are perfect for the ceiling in the living room, and fabulous pictures decorate the interior in the nursery.

Glow in the dark stars

Will create an atmosphere of magic and mystery. Having accumulated daylight, fluorescent stars will give a pleasant glow at night, making you dream before bedtime.

On the photo is the interior of the bedroom, decorated with wallpaper with luminous stars.


Choosing space wallpaper you should not use pictures with large objects, so as not to get the feeling of confined space. Images of constellations and comets with proper illumination will create the impression of space flight.

Geometric figures

The geometry on the ceiling will achieve harmony in the decoration of the house. Squares personify conciseness and restraint, help to relax and rest. Thanks to their orderliness, the effect of a calm interior is obtained.

In the photo there is a living room with a ceiling lined with bright wallpaper with geometric patterns.

Under the tree

They perfectly imitate wood and are in perfect harmony with the room in a vintage or rustic style.

The photo shows the interior of the living room in a modern style and the ceiling covering imitating wood.

Flower pattern

The quality of ceiling coatings is very high, and the images are clear and realistic. Together, this creates an amazing atmosphere of gorgeous natural flowers. The ceiling is decorated with voluminous 3D photographic materials capable of giving a charge of optimism for the whole day.


They give a feeling of spaciousness, add light, visually raise the height of the room and create a rich and stylish appearance.


Cloths perfectly hiding bumps, small cracks and roughness. Ceiling wallpaper of this type is also used for painting. Because of their special textured weaving in the form of cells, they become dense during painting and give a special volume to the ceiling.

Color spectrum

Due to the colored ceiling, you can transform the space, increase, reduce it, or set the room to complete the look.


The color of perfect purity, lightness and openness. It looks organic and is an excellent style solution for any interior. Suitable for those who prefer the traditional design options and do not accept drastic changes.


For some, this color is too boring. Others on the contrary appreciate it for a noble pearl gleam. Such a design is more likely to fit more calm and dreamy natures.

In the photo there is a living room and a ceiling with gray patterned wallpaper.


Increases the space and is not out of the general view of the room. In order for the interior not to look boring, you can supplement the ceiling and walls with molding.


It creates a feeling of coolness, has to rest and is associated with the boundless ocean. Perfectly fit into the interior in a modern style, rococo, modern or baroque.


The classic choice for decorating the ceiling. It resembles the sky and causes a feeling of freedom, tranquility and peace.

In the photo is a children's room with blue ceiling wallpapers.


Fire and passion. With the right and bright light creates a sense of chic and luxury. Light furniture in bed colors will give the room even more shine.


It reminds of the sun and summer, creates an atmosphere of happiness and carelessness, gives the room an original look. The yellow ceiling is easily combined with furniture and accessories, both in modern and classic style.


It promotes relaxation, so it will be especially appropriate in rooms intended for recreation.


Ideal for decorating cozy rooms, creating an even more relaxing environment. This color is relevant for the bathroom.


Transforms the room and favorably emphasizes its expressiveness, filling the room with warmth and optimism.

Combination Options

Provide the opportunity to implement the most daring ideas, creating an unsurpassed design.

Wallpaper and ceiling tiles

The tile can imitate a mat, mother-of-pearl or wood. With a combination of different options for ceiling wallpaper, you can get a rather interesting and original solution.

Two colors

This is an extraordinary solution that will surely become one of the distinguishing characteristics of a room. An interesting combination option will be the following colors: purple and beige, white and black, blue and metallic, lilac and pink.

Ceiling decoration ideas in various rooms

The ceiling is able to become a focal point of the entire interior and set a certain mood.

On the kitchen

Ceiling should be practical, functional and aesthetic. It is advisable to use a light, moisture-proof wallpaper, with high permeability. You should choose neutral colors, as they hide the fat accumulated on them.

In the children's room

For this room to look individually recommended to use the ceiling as the main color element. Due to the decor and lighting, you can also make additional accents and create a visually pleasing interior.

In the photo the interior of the nursery, in the design of which used white wallpaper with birds.

In the bathroom

For a small and cramped bathroom, ceiling coverings with a glossy texture will do. Traditional colors are all sorts of shades of water that blend harmoniously with shiny tile surfaces.

On the photo is a bathroom in bright colors with wallpaper on the ceiling.

In the hall and living room

When making the fall will fall by the way purple or blue tones. It is also possible to experiment with black. In combination with all the decor of the living room, black screen printing will look creative, but there should be a lot of lighting so that the ceiling does not look gloomy.

In the hallway and corridor

When choosing a shade of ceiling wallpaper, you should consider the color of the walls, floor and furniture. Fiberglass will be an excellent option for the hallway, because you can paint them with a different color every year and regularly change the design of the room.

In the bedroom

To the choice of ceiling wallpaper in this room should be taken seriously, because they look at him falling asleep and waking up. An excellent combination can be considered imitations for a tree with a plasterboard ceiling, and if you properly set the backlight, it will give this solution new paint.

The photo shows the interior of the bedroom and the ceiling decorated with gray patterned wallpaper.

In the bathroom

Light-colored finishes are suitable for visually increasing height. You can stay on the classics, that is white. Silver and light metallic shades are also allowed. The original alternative is the mirrored ceiling.


Particularly original look ceiling coverings in light colors with a delicate pattern. Original examples are the attic ceilings in the children's wallpaper-covered colors of pistachio or fuchsia, creating a mood for games.

How to glue wallpaper?

It should be extremely careful and strictly follow the instructions. Before sticking, you need to carefully carry out the preparatory work. When choosing a liquid wallpaper for the ceiling, it is important to remember that they have their own specific application technology.

Which glue is better to choose?

Glue is specified in the instructions on the rolls. It is better to choose a structural adhesive, considering the base material, density, wallpaper weight, and also the type of ceiling, for example: concrete or drywall.

Ceiling preparation

It is not recommended to glue wallpaper on painted and whitewashed surfaces. The ideal would be a clean, primed, slightly rough concrete or plasterboard ceiling without protrusions and grooves.

Step by Step instructions for pasting

It is carried out in several stages:

  1. First get rid of the old ceiling cover.
  2. Align the ceiling with a spatula.
  3. Putty cracks and bumps. Achieve the perfect surface.
  4. Check the ceiling for fungus. If necessary, treat with antiseptic.
  5. Prepare, mark and cut wallpaper.
  6. Apply the right amount of glue to the wallpaper with a roller or brush.
  7. Proceed to sticking. When pasting wallpaper in the corners, you need to take into account the curvature of the corner, since the wallpaper allowance depends on it. Ensure that no wrinkles are formed. In order to avoid them, you should make cuts and with the help of a dry cut of fabric, gently smooth the wallpaper.


This video will clearly show how these finishing works.

Tips for high-quality wallpapering

To achieve high-quality sticking should get acquainted with a number of useful tips:

  • The glueing process should start in the direction from the window.
  • To do this work for one person without assistants, for convenience, you need to fold the wallpaper with an accordion and gradually smooth it out during the pasting process. But without some experience with such work it will be difficult to cope.
  • It is better to glue the fabric along the length of the room. But they are also glued across, for example, if a print with stripes is chosen, such wallpaper hung across the width of the room can visually make it larger.
  • The use of wide meter sheets saves finishing time, but the process itself turns out to be more labor-intensive and energy-consuming.
  • For the design of rounded corners, it is desirable to choose ceiling coverings with a more rigid and dense texture.

How to paint?

It is recommended to apply two coats of paint. The second layer should be applied only after the first one is completely dry.

What paint is better to choose?

The choice depends on the texture of the canvas. Use water-based paints or acrylic, in which no harmful substances. Practically any kind of paint is suitable for ceiling glass wall coatings; only certain types are required for vinyl and non-woven base materials.

Ceiling paint painting algorithm

There are certain steps that you should follow to complete this procedure:

  1. Ensure the desired temperature in the room and the absence of drafts.
  2. Prepare the necessary materials and tools.
  3. Dilute the paint in the proper proportions so that it does not turn out to be too liquid.
  4. Apply the paint using a foam roller or spray gun.
  5. Leave to dry.


This video tells about the correct coloring.

Photo gallery

The time of boring and monotonous ceilings has passed. With a huge selection of materials, you can create your own and unique ceiling space or embody your ideas, be it a chamomile field or an immense galaxy.

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