Two-color curtains on the window: types, fabrics, color combinations, design, decor

Two-color curtains fill the room with coziness and comfort. Proper combination of colors will allow you to complement the overall picture of the window and bring the missing elements into it.

Rules for combining 2 colors

The main recommendations for combining colors:

  • It is necessary to select the color of the curtains so that if there is a contrast, they still have something in common. For example, style, ornament or material. This rule will help create the right balance in the interior.
  • Combining different shades of the same color will be a classic option for any interior. It will look more relaxed and harmonious.
  • To identify the overall color and contrast, you can combine light colors with more saturated.

Types of curtains

There are several types of curtains.


Classic curtains of two colors will be a wonderful decoration for any window and will help to create a truly exclusive design.

In the photo two-color curtains in the attic.


Vertical and horizontal slats are quite an interesting solution. Such alternation of colors can revive any interior of a room or even a balcony and bring diversity to it.

Curtains (tulle, veil, organza)

The combination of two colors on weightless curtains creates the impression of lightness and freshness in the room and it seems much more spacious.


Rolshtora will bring into the interior even more unusual and make it playful and bright.

On the photo is a dining room and two-color blinds on the windows.


Various combinations of shades give the Roman curtains a fantastic look. Such a design is not only aesthetic, but also practical.


A two-color ensemble on one window of long threads can combine both similar shades and contrasting ones.

Fabrics for two-color curtains

Several different fabric options from which to make curtains:

  • Blackout
  • Veil.
  • Linen.
  • Tulle.
  • Organza.
  • Velvet.

Table of color combinations in curtains

The most successful and correct selection of colors for curtains.

ColourMatching shades

Pistachio, white, red, gray, orange, blue.


Pink, steel, bronze, black, white, pale green.


Sapphire, red, plum, fuchsia, pink.


Gray, turquoise, blue, brown, black.


Yellow, coral, terracotta, mocha, gray, pearl white.


Ivory, pink, beige, green.


Black, blue, white, lemon.

The black

Ruby, pink, orange, white, lilac.


Garnet, emerald, milky, brown, blue, black, cream.


Golden, black, orange, almond, gray, yellow, white.


Black, sky blue, crimson.


Opal, olive, gray, blue, brown.


Anthracite, yellow, orange, white, lavender, purple.


Cornflower blue, copper, turquoise, black, gray.

In the photo in the children's bedroom, the windows are decorated with a combination of blinds and two-color curtains.

Popular options for color combinations of curtains

The most popular collections of colors will create a special mood in the room and bring comfort and harmony to it.

Beige and brown

These colors are perfectly combined with each other and perfectly complement each other. Chocolate with milk personify harmony and bring peace to the room.

Black and white

This classic combination of dark and light, can give the interior clarity and impeccability.

Black with gold

Sophistication and beauty. Such a combination brings pomp, luxury and pomp into the decor of a room.

White and red

Cold white color neutralizes bright red, due to which a very harmonious combination is obtained. It gives the interior contrast and creates in it a feeling of spaciousness and visual volume.

White and gray

Such a color tandem is suitable for those who want to arrange the room is not too bright and colorful, but at the same time give the room a certain non-standard.

White and green

They are especially suitable for each other and together they create a combination that is universal and favorable for any interior.

In the photo bedroom and two-tone white and green curtains on the window.

Red and black

Extravagant and unusual combination on one canvas, will give the room more saturation and create a sense of magic and mystery.

Gray and lilac

A bit cool but incredibly stylish combination. Gray emphasizes the luxurious lilac color of the companion and thus gives the interior of the room undeniable credibility and well-deserved interest.

In the photo are two-tone gray-lilac curtains in the interior of the bedroom.

Turquoise and chocolate

They look beautiful, contrasting, but quite soft. This union will be a successful solution, not only for vintage, but also for modern styles.

The photo shows a spacious bedroom in a classic style with two-tone chocolate-turquoise curtains on the windows.

Wenge and beige

Beige fills the interior of the room with softness and comfort, and wenge gives it extra warmth. The result is a classic and neutral tandem.


Highlight the main dimensions of curtains:

  • Long Such two-color cloths provide an opportunity to decorate the window in an original way, emphasize the uniqueness of the interior and create a cozy atmosphere in it.
  • Short The shortened canvases differ, not only in convenience and functionality, but also give the room lightness and modest romanticism. They may be straight cut, asymmetrical, one-sided or semi-circular.

Design two-color curtains

Due to the unusual design of two-color curtains it is possible to completely transform the room.

  • With transition (gradient, ombre). Smooth color transition will become a new original trend in the interior of the room.
  • Drawings and patterns. Lace, flowers or other patterns will look unique and give the interior individuality, and the curtains sewn with his own will make it more spectacular and expressive.
  • Horizontally. Two-color curtains on the bottom with a strip help in the visual adjustment of the room.
  • Vertically. Vertical curtain design is particularly suitable for small rooms with low ceilings.
  • Crosswise. Such curtains are beautifully interconnected, due to which the effect of color overlay is obtained, which carries aesthetics and refinement.

Decor of the combined curtains

Additional decoration of two-color curtains gives them an even more unique and complete look.


A wide variety of grommets, provides an opportunity to choose the most suitable options that will advantageously complement and transform the entire curtain design. In addition, with the use of such anchoring, two-color sheets form ideal wavy folds and look very impressive.


They not only allow you to fix the curtains in the desired position, but also perfectly complement the overall decor of the curtain ensemble. Holders with a fringe, tassels or in the form of ribbons are an original decoration.

In the photo window, the living room windows are decorated with two-color curtains with decorative pickups to match the upholstered furniture.


The two-color cloths decorated with a lambrequin create fashionable and stylish design, and turn window prem into the real masterpiece.

Ideas for combining rooms

In creating the design, special attention should be paid to curtains, because they are one of the most important decorative elements of the interior.

Living room or hall

Here you can apply both light and darker or contrasting shades. Two-color curtains will give the living room solemnity and elegance.

In the photo are two-color curtains in the interior of a spacious hall.


Suit more minimalist options with no extra decor. An excellent option would be Roman blinds with piping or roll. For narrow kitchens, two-tone horizontal striped curtains would be appropriate.

In the photo there is a bright kitchen with large windows decorated with two-tone Roman tassels curtains.


Portieres in pastel colors are best combined with the main color of textiles, which will give the interior a bedroom finish. Night curtains in such a color composition will create a relaxing and calm atmosphere in the room.

Hallway and corridor

Two-color curtains allow you to increase the aesthetic level of the hallway and create an original design in it.

In the photo two-color curtains in the interior of the hallway.


In the nursery will look great, as the contrasting colors, and more harmonious combinations. In any case, two-color curtains will be a bright and original accent in the room and support the overall style of the room.

Photo gallery

Two-color curtains, thanks to interesting combinations make it easy to create a distinctive room design and add a certain mood to each room.

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