Red curtains in the interior: types, fabrics, design, combination with wallpaper, decor, style

Red curtains will be a non-standard and bold solution for the interior design of the apartment. Shades of red can be the basic tone or be present only in the details, in any case, it will attract attention. Considering the nature of red color, it is worth using it in doses that do not overload the interior of the house with bright colors.

Features and recommendations for choosing

A few nuances will help to decorate the house with taste, making it stylish and concise.

  • The intensity of the color depends on the area of ​​the room; the smaller the room, the calmer and brighter it is to choose a shade of red.
  • Shades of red are suitable for room decoration for both girls and men.
  • Red draperies will focus on attention.
  • Do not overload the interior color, a few red parts will be enough.



A simple and convenient mechanism is a tube on which the fabric is wound during lifting. For convenience, weighting is sewn along the bottom edge. Rolled curtains are suitable for decoration of the kitchen, office, loggia.


According to the principle of operation, Roman blinds are similar to roller blinds, but visually they are more elegant. The entire length of the canvas is divided into equal segments, along the edges are chains or laces, fixed at the bottom edge. When lifting material folds into smooth waves.

Classic long curtains

Classic straight curtains in the floor will decorate the interior in any style. In this case, attention to yourself will attract color and material. Long curtains or tulle are suitable for decoration of almost any part of the house.

Short curtains

A good option for kitchen curtains and children's room. Thick material that can be adorned with cute patterns can be combined with tulle fabric. For the kitchen fit short curtains.

The photo shows a modern kitchen with bright details of red and blue. Due to white furniture, a maximum of space is visually preserved.


Decorative curtains, perform the function of zoning the space, while not weighing it. Threads can be of different thickness, decorated with glass beads, beads, rhinestones and other decorative elements.

Curtains with lambrequin

Lambrequins, as a rule, decorate long curtains, adding grace to them. They can have a different shape, differ in color from the general range and are supplemented with decorative elements, such as tassels or fringe.

Eyelet Curtains

Their main advantage is always smooth waves, which are formed by fastening. The fabric is pierced with rings at an equal distance, which in turn are strung on the curtain in the form of a pipe.


Tulle looks good both in combination with thick curtains and without any additions. Transparent material does not hide the visual space and gives a feeling of spaciousness.


The fabric is divided into equal segments vertically. Tapes sewn into the fission points form equal waves when lifting. Curtains look luxurious and look voluminous. Suitable for decoration of the hall and bedroom.


From the selection of the fabric depends on the overall picture. Natural non-glossy fabrics are suitable for the modern trend, rich and complex will decorate the classic room.

Flax and cotton

Completely natural fabrics, consisting of plant materials. The material has a wide range of uses, ranging from scarves and linen to furniture upholstery.

Velor and velvet

Fabrics with a nice tipple texture. Differ in composition and length of the pile. Due to the unusual texture, the color forms a modulation.


It is a transparent, matte and lightweight fabric. The composition can be from natural or synthetic materials.


In contrast to the veil, organza is a more rigid material, the surface can be shiny and matte.

In the photo living room. Curtains of matte organza are in harmony with the chair and cushions of red shades.


Fabric from natural materials with unique easily recognizable weaving. Portieres of matting decorate the interior in a marine, modern and eco-style.

Curtain fabrics

They differ in composition and texture, may be plain or have completely different patterns. The same fabric is different density, atlas transmits light, but hides from the sun's rays.

  • Jacquard is more dense material, has a rich texture.
  • Blackout maximally isolates the room from the light, it is convenient to use in home theaters.

On the photo is a bedroom with solid wood furniture. Red curtains are decorated with tassels with brushes.

Combining different types of curtains

Tulle and portiere

The classic combination of fabrics that is suitable for both classic and modern design. Portieres can be supplemented with lambrequins, pickups or brushes.

Combination with lambrequin

Curtains, complemented by lambrequins, are suitable for decoration of a classic living room or bedroom. Lambrequins can have a simple straight shape, thus, not overloading the overall picture or make up an unusual complex figure that will be the main decoration of the room.

Short and long curtain

Long curtains look harmoniously with roll, Roman and French curtains. If desired, they can be made lower or as high as possible, letting in the sunlight.

Plain curtains with patterned curtains or patterns

Dense drapes can have a common color scheme and distinctive features in the form of patterns or ornaments. Some interior details can be made from the same colored canvas, such as pillows or bedspreads.

In the photo kitchen in beige tones. Long drapes are combined with roman blinds.

Roman and tulle

Tulle, combined with Roman curtains, softens the overall picture. This combination is suitable for kitchen and nursery interior.

Color combination

Red white

One of the best solutions for combining red. White color will highlight a bright shade.

Red and black

Dark combination of colors, the interior is better to dilute with light color.

Red gray

Stylish combination. With a gray tinge, the red color does not look so bright.

In the photo there is a living room with elements of red.

Red green

The combination of green and red is associated with a flower bud and, in spite of bright colors, look harmoniously with each other.

Red beige

Beige softens the shade of red. The combination looks warmer than with white.

Red brown

A warm and rich combination of colors will decorate the study, living room and bedroom.

Red blue

A successful combination for a modern interior. Blue floral patterns on a dark red background are suitable for a classic room.

Red yellow

A summer combination of red and yellow will fill the room with a warm light.

Red orange

Autumn colors envelop the room with warmth.

Red and gold

Golden inclusions in the form of floral patterns are suitable for a classic interior.

Curtain Design

Solid colors

Solid red or crimson curtains are a good solution for the interior in any style. You can focus on an unusual cut or texture of fabric, such as beautiful velvet curtains burgundy.


Striped curtains decorate the modern, classic and marine interior. The combination of red and white looks the most advantageous, white "soothes" a bright shade of red, while emphasizing it.

In a cage

The classic Scottish cage is always in fashion, it may be present in details, for example, a bedspread on a sofa, pillows, curtains, decorative accessories. The same cell can be a simple geometric shape, this option is suitable for the kitchen or living room.

With a pattern or ornament

A pattern or ornament can support the general idea of ​​the interior. Dense portiere with an elegant floral pattern will harmoniously look in the classic interior, and the hieroglyphs will decorate the interior in Asian style.

With an image

Playful drawings will decorate the interior of the children's room. Drawings of pink-red colors will make the interior delicate, while reflecting the character of the room. For example, poppies or scarlet roses will become a bright accent and can be in harmony with other elements of red.

With photo printing

Curtains with photo printing will be the main object of attention in the room. Technology allows you to recreate any image on a textile canvas forming a large picture.


Decorative details add a "twist" to the overall picture.


They are fixed on the walls and slightly hold the fabric in a certain position, if desired, it can be easily straightened. Holders can be almost invisible or on the contrary become an ornament.


Represent two magnets connected by a tape, they fix the curtain in the desired position and at any height. "Hats" clips can be decorated with rhinestones, fabric and other texture.

Holders, brushes and fringe

Tacks of fabric hold the curtains and can be attached to the wall holders. Tassels and fringe perform a completely decorative function and can decorate dense fabrics.

What color wallpaper is suitable for red curtains?

Given the nature of color, in the interior of the house red curtains will look more harmonious with the light color of the walls, for example white, milky, beige. Such a finish will be the best for rooms with a small area.

Dark wall decoration creates a brutal and backstage interior. This combination is suitable for rooms with plenty of natural light.


The depth of color, material and cut reflect the character and style of the room.


Curtains of red color in a classical interior can have both a simple direct form, and an unusual cut. It will be appropriate to look lambrequins, tassels, fringe, floral patterns and noble fabrics.


For minimalism and high-tech styles, monochrome curtains of red color and simple cut will be ideal. In the living room and bedroom it can be direct curtains to the floor, and in the kitchen there are curtains with a roll mechanism.

Country music

For a rustic style fit curtains in a red cell or with a small pattern. Material preferably choose natural.


The style will be supported by brick-red curtains made of a single material. Roll, straight and Roman curtains look harmoniously.

On the photo is a loft-style bedroom. The red curtains on the grommets are complemented by transparent roller blinds.

Photos in the interior of rooms


For the kitchen, short red curtains are suitable, for example, tulle, thin mesh or with patterns and an inconspicuous ornament. Roman and roller blinds will also look harmonious.

Living room

Living room - this is the place where you can maximize your ideas. The design of curtains depends on the total area and stylistic direction of the room. In a small room, the curtains of a simple cut are more appropriate, in the spacious hall unusual lambrequins or French curtains can be used.


Dense ruby ​​or red-burgundy drapes create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Textured fabrics such as jacquard and velvet will give the interior a special chic.

In the photo is a stylish bedroom with dense straight curtains of red color.


In the children's room, curtains can be decorated with patterns and fun drawings. An interesting interior decision will be the curtains with photo printing, thematic images will help the development of the child and decorate the nursery.

In the photo there is a compact children's room with monochromatic red roman blinds.

Photo gallery

Red curtains - an unusual, stylish and bold decision. Red has many shades, for example, scarlet curtains will decorate a modern minimalist room, and light red will be suitable for a quiet classic interior.

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