Double curtains: types, fabrics, design, patterns, decor, combination and color selection

Double curtains make the design complete, and the decor is cozy and rich. When used in the interior, it is necessary to take into account the types of curtains, material, design and patterns, which will allow to show your imagination and emphasize individuality.

Features of interior design

When planning the design of the room with double curtains, it is important to choose the right color and decide on what they will be combined with: walls, furniture or decorative elements. Will there be curtains to match or play on the contrast.

  • Using dense and dark fabrics, it is necessary to take into account the lighting and the size of the room so that they do not look too cumbersome.
  • For smaller rooms, light pastel materials are more suitable.
  • When selecting to consider the color of the walls, and pick up the curtains in the same range.
  • Choosing fabrics of different colors, it is desirable that they match in style.

Types of curtains

It is the curtains that set the style of the window design and help organically fit it into the overall interior design.


Consist of two canvases and controlled by separate mechanisms. The bottom one is light, translucent, and the top one is dense. These curtains are convenient to adjust the degree of illumination.

In the photo are double Roman curtains in the interior of the room.

Roller blinds

This fabric blinds, folded in two layers. By alternating the density of matter, such as velvet and tulle, you can create the effect of "day and night" in the room. If the interior is made in a certain style, then there is an opportunity to choose rolled photocurtains with a plot suitable for the decor.


These are two translucent and darker webs. The bottom layer is made of tulle, and the top is a dark dense curtain. With the help of double curtains it is possible to regulate the penetration of sunlight into the room.

Pleated Curtains

It is very reminiscent of horizontal blinds, only the slats are replaced by fabric, which are gathered into folds, resembling an accordion. Perfectly combine simplicity, functionality and lightness.

Curtains (tulle, organza, etc.)

The two-layer combination of light translucent fabrics, is used in the most different stylistic directions. Do not prevent the spread of sunlight in space. Folds look impressive and bold.


The cut of the fabric tied with a ribbon in the middle. This option decorates windows and even doorways, can be used in bedrooms, kitchens and terraces.


Tandem curtains and roller blinds will create the most comfortable atmosphere in the room. Provide light or total darkness to your home depending on your needs.

Variety of fabrics

In many ways, the appearance of the curtains themselves depends on the right fabric.

Curtain fabrics

Dense, high-quality fabrics are ideal for curtains. There are such types of fabrics as blackout, velvet, cotton, silk, matting, satin, flax.

Fabrics for curtains or tulle

Possess such unique properties that do not have other fabrics, these include: tulle, organza, veil, web, mesh, muslin.

Design options

The design option, thought over on style, will give to the room special charm, and also will protect from the sun and will hide some errors of repair.


They are very beautiful, provide a good blackout and have a long service life. When choosing them, you can experiment with the lining, choosing for it patterned, plain or matte and shiny materials.

In the photo bilateral portieres in the interior of the bedroom.


Bring a variety of boring interior and become the final detail, so that all parts of the composition looked like a single entity.


Especially suitable for the living room. They create pompousness and are ideally combined with classic curtains, rolled or pleated.

Design and drawings

Patterned curtains can add even more bright colors to the interior.

With flowers

Various associations will be brought to the atmosphere of the premises, whether it is the scent of a fragrant garden, the subtle smell of spring freshness or the fervor of the summer heat.

In the photo double curtains with a floral print.


Her beauty lies in the versatility and simplicity. Geometric prints are suitable for interiors from classic to modern styles. If you correctly compare such curtains with furniture, textiles or accessories, they will become a real decoration of the whole room.


With the help of asymmetry it is possible to correct some parameters of the room. They add dynamism to any interior. If you want to visually change the nature of the room, then with full confidence, stop your attention on the curtains of this kind.

Patterns and monograms

Suitable for classic interiors in Romanesque, baroque or antique styles. Such curtains will create an atmosphere of luxury and will set a unique tone and mood.

Rules for the selection and combination of colors

Well-chosen colors will help hide, enlarge or emphasize some details of the room.


The combination of shades of the same color, differing in saturation. This combination can look no less bright and harmonious. Proper selection of colors will create an optical illusion and visually correct the deficiencies of the room.

In the photo double roller blinds with monochromatic color combination.


The combination of contrasting, opposite colors. The ability to combine such juicy colors will allow to achieve an impressive result.


The combination of two or three shades located side by side in the color wheel. For example, purple with blue. Simple and original solution. Such a variety of colors suitable for children's rooms.

Table of popular color combinations

Consider the combination of the most popular colors.

ColourWhat color is combined

Beige, blue-green, pink, golden.


Yellow, blue, pink, blue, black, red, yellow.


Blue, green, black with gold, yellow, pink, gray.


Green, blue, red, golden, orange, white, yellow.


Universal color. Successful combinations are obtained with red, black and blue.


Purple, black, blue, blue, gray.


Olive, gray, white, turquoise, green, blue, brown, pale blue.


Yellow, black, chocolate, beige, golden brown.


Pink, white, gray, red, orange, yellow.

Photos in the interior of rooms

The choice of curtains is an important and responsible event. It is necessary to take into account all the elements in the interior: flooring, furniture and even the style of the chandelier. Successfully selected design, color and texture will help to transform the already existing interior.

Living room or hall

Green is peace, harmony, it is the color of life and youth. With a classic style in these rooms fit long double green curtains. If you are a connoisseur of the English interior, then it is better to hang the curtains in a large white-green cage.


Most of all demand precisely in this room. The combination of curtains of lightweight and dense fabric will be the best option. If the decor in the bedroom is made in the Baroque style, then double curtains with lambrequin will give it pompousness. Fans of strict minimalism will especially appreciate the double Roman curtains.

In the photo are double roman blinds on the windows in the bedroom.


If the bathroom has plastic windows, you will need curtains for them. The most suitable and simple option is double roller blinds. An interesting design element can also be fabric curtains when designing the bathing room itself. This gives the room a real chic, aesthetics and beauty.

On the photo is a bathroom with a window decorated with double curtains.


They can transform the interior of even the most modest kitchen. On a two-row eaves such curtains are fastened with eyelets. This design looks very elegant and is suitable for decorating the kitchen in all classical styles.


Properly designed window space in the nursery will provide the right lighting and will shape the taste of the child. Soft lines and colorful prints will create a fairy tale atmosphere.

In the photo version of the design of double curtains in the nursery.

Ideas in various styles

The design of double window curtains is very diverse, you can adequately arrange any room so that it feels complete and cozy.


Characteristic features of the classics will be strict and clear lines with the correct geometric shape and restrained shades.


In such an interior, you can use double straight curtains: curtains on the grommet, Roman or roller blinds. In terms of colors, it is better to give preference to light tones: white-blue or gray with turquoise, as they visually expand the space.


Beautiful double curtains in Provence style attract with their rustic primitiveness and grace. Brightness of the style will add medium-sized patterns - bouquets of roses, poppies or wildflowers.

In the photo double portieres in the bedroom in the style of Provence.

Mounting options on the eaves

When choosing an attachment it is necessary to take into account the density, texture and color gamut of the fabric, as well as the overall style of the room.


Rings of different colors and finishes. They can be gold, tin or resemble antique bronze. Heavy and dense double curtains on the grommets have a noble appearance and keep smooth and neat folds.


Durable and durable mounting option that allows you to create a voluminous and beautiful drapery.

In the photo combined curtains with mounting options on the rings.


Looks like a "sleeve" at the top of the curtains. Suitable for all types of fabric. It will be an excellent option when the curtain is used in the form of a screen for zoning space.


They are comfortable, beautiful and easy to use and allow you to choose curtains to any room. A great option to hang double curtains on hinges in the nursery, because they quietly and silently move along the eaves, thereby not disturbing the sleep of your child.

Curtain decor

This is an integral part in order to give the window opening its own special chic and gloss.

With brushes

An accessory that gives interior design an incomparable charm.

In the photo are double curtains decorated with tassels.


Suitable for those who wish to select a window as an independent element of the interior. Those who like the pomp and solemnity of the room.

With a knot

A great way to solve decorative problems in the design of the window. If it is nice to tie a high knot, then it will pull out the window, while the low one will expand on the contrary, and the knot in the middle will make the window opening smoother.

With grab

Completing the curtains with grabs, you can transform the situation in the room, change the proportions of the window and create a mood in general. These fasteners will help to update the slightly bored look of the curtains, as well as the curtains so divided form more dramatic draperies.

With lambrequin

The combination of fabrics with drapery. Suitable for an interior in a classic style, country, shebbi-chic, or art deco style.

Ideas for custom windows

Curtains for non-standard windows should maintain and emphasize its shape. If the double curtains will fit beautifully into the window opening, then the view of the window will be preserved and natural light will not be limited.

Bay Windows

With proper selection will highlight the benefits and effectively draw from the inside. Create a proper atmosphere for the interior, curtains on air-window from air tulle, double canvases with light pattern or lush Austrian curtains.

Two windows

A real find for the room. Many interesting solutions and accessories allow you to decorate the windows, so that they represent a single composition.


The main feature in the design of dormer windows is conciseness. Therefore, it is not recommended to use complex configurations. This will fit rolled or nightly pleated curtains.

Photo gallery

Everyone wants to see their home cozy, comfortable, modern and stylish. There are many ways to create a relaxing atmosphere in space. One of them is decorating windows with double curtains.

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