Night curtains: types, design, drawings, colors, fastening to the eaves, decor

Night curtains not only protect the room from the bright sun, sultry stuffiness and cover it from prying eyes, but also perform an excellent aesthetic function, decorate the interior and give it a special look.

Recommendations for choosing night curtains

Some recommendations for a competent choice:

  • In order to further darken the room, you should hang more dense fabrics that can serve as a barrier to sunlight.
  • You also need to consider the practicality of the fabric, ease of care and its resistance to ultraviolet rays. The best options would be flax, jacquard or blackout.
  • Night curtains must be functional. Therefore, for such paintings need a particularly strong eaves.
  • For small-sized rooms, short options are selected, respectively, for spacious rooms it can be long night curtains to the floor.

Types of curtains

Properly selected curtains will help to adjust the space and will be a wonderful decoration and visual accent of the whole room.

  • Portiere. Lightproof cloths provide a complete darkening of the room even during the daytime hours, so they are called nighttime.
  • Jalousie. The most practical and functional option that allows you to not only adjust the desired level of lighting in the room, but also creates a cozy atmosphere in the room.
  • Double. Become quite an original design solution for any interior. For example, double-sided curtains give the window an even more unusual look and perfectly harmonize the room.
  • Roman. Very convenient to operate. They allow you to easily adjust the length of the canvas and adjust the illumination of the room.
  • Roll. They perfectly protect from the brightest sunlight and form a warm gamut in the room.
  • Photo curtains. They are a great alternative to ordinary curtains. They provide an opportunity to turn a window opening into a real masterpiece.

Fastening options on the eaves

With their help, you can create original design and comfort in the room.


Night curtains on the grommet, look especially attractive. Thick webs create massive even folds.


Curtains on the rings are able to change the room beyond recognition. With the help of beautiful natural folds in the room creates a romantic comfort.

Examples in the interiors of rooms

Night curtains will perfectly fit into the interior of almost any room.

Hall or lounge

Cloths that do not let light in will allow not only adjusting the degree of illumination in the room and protecting it from the scorching sun, but also present an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.


Sometimes for a daytime rest in the bedroom it is important to provide a good and high-quality blackout. Night drapes or Roman blinds will be the most ideal and rational option. In addition, due to their density they protect the room from drafts.

The photo shows the interior of the bedroom and the night curtains of orange color on the windows.


Night curtains will be especially appropriate in kitchens with south-facing windows. They allow you to cover the room from the scorching sun, give solidity throughout the interior and create in it the warmth and comfort.


In the room for the girl will look great night curtains of thick but soft fabrics. They fit perfectly into the interior and do not weigh it down. It is important that the ceiling cornice for such curtains be durable and comfortable, then the child will not have problems opening and shading windows.

In the photo pale pink night drapes in the nursery for the girl.

Design and shape of night curtains

For an unmistakable choice, it is worth considering both the nuances of the room and the characteristics of the curtains.

Of two colors

The combination of different colors, such as black and white, white-green, beige-blue and other colors fusion options, will transform the monochrome and discreet design.

Solid colors

They are the best solution for a variety of interiors. This one-color window opening design is suitable for any of the rooms in the house.

On the photo is a bedroom and plain night curtains on the windows.

To one side

Due to this placement of the night curtains, a certain asymmetry is created in the room, due to which it turns out to be interesting to beat the interior of the room.

Two windows

The best option would be two night drapes located on either side of the windows or one wide canvas.

Combined curtains

They will become a fresh, stylish and original interior solution. Night curtains harmoniously combined with each other look very interesting and unusual in the room.

In the photo there is a bedroom interior and a window with night curtains combined.

Drawings and patterns

With the help of modern technology, you can create amazing effects on the fabric, adding a special touch to the interior.

  • With flowers. Night cloths from calico, decorated with floral motifs acquire a special refinement and elegant appearance.
  • Ornaments and monograms. Large drawings of stars or small monogrammed patterns on the curtains will perfectly fit into an elegant and modest interior in pastel colors.
  • Geometric print. Geometry will transform and make an unusual, even the simplest in design room.
  • With photo printing. Canvases with a 3d image of the city will look like a complete picture.

Color night curtains

Properly selected colors can make any room truly individual.

The black

A fairly universal color that causes associations with severity. When using black night curtains, it turns out to create a stylish, elegant, expensive and presentable interior.

In the photo black night draperies in the interior of the bedroom.


Bring in the room of aristocracy, chic and solidity. Lilac curtains in combination with tulle and various accessories gives the interior a respectable, luxurious and status look.


Night curtains of green or light green color look comfortable and cozy in the room and create the effect of good mood and warmth in it.

In the photo room for the boy and the green night curtains on the window.


Calm, deep and discreet color, will be a classic option for any room and give it serenity and tenderness.


Ideally emphasizes and complements the furnishings, organically binds all its details and creates a thoughtful and complete design.

The photo shows brown night curtains in the living room.


Luxurious, mysterious and very sensual color.


This color creates a cool, discreet and strict design, and can bring home warmth and comfort to the room.

In the photo gray night draperies on the window in the bedroom.


Beige night curtains will not cause bright emotions, but will be an excellent natural background.


Bright, balanced color will successfully complement any room design.


Airy, light and quite comfortable shade. He will add to the room of comfort and tranquility.

In the photo the children's room and the night roman blinds are blue.


It makes the interior more refined, ennobles the appearance of the room and forms an aristocratic atmosphere in it.

Ideas in various styles

Curtains are also an important part of any style direction.


Laconic, strict monophonic options with graphic folds perfectly complement the modern style.

On the photo is a modern-style bedroom and night blinds on the windows.


Elegant and luxurious canvases with eye-catching accessories, such as lambrequins, brushes or grabs, are particularly appropriate here.


Light or dark night curtains with clear geometric shapes will add to the cool interior of the loft weighty significance and identity.

Decorating curtains

The decor allows the curtain design to support the overall style and mood of the room.

With lambrequin

Night curtains, decorated with lambrequin look solemn and luxurious. This design makes a variety in the interior and makes it individual and unique.

With brushes

Such an element of decor looks especially luxurious in combination with thick fabrics. He adds curtain composition nobility, and the interior chamber.

Photo gallery

Night curtains will be an excellent solution for rooms with excessive illumination and will play not only a functional role, but also give the whole interior unusual.

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