Doors of wenge in the interior of the apartment: photo, views, design, combination with furniture, wallpaper, laminate flooring, plinth

Doors of wenge in the interior of the apartment, due to the expensive, unique shade and perfect appearance, allow you to achieve the necessary contrast in the design and it is advantageous to emphasize any design ideas.

Types of interior doors

There are several types of designs that are selected depending on the capabilities of the room:

  • Sliding doors (sliding).
  • Bivalves.
  • Jalousie
  • Harmonic.
  • Tsargovye.

The canvas should have not only an aesthetic appearance, but also be versatile and harmoniously fit into the decor of the apartment. The texture distinguishes matte and glossy doors that are decorated with silver-gray or yellow-gold fittings. Constructions made of natural wood have a very high price, so there are high-quality counterparts from materials such as MDF, veneer, or eco-veneer.

The photo shows the interior of the hallway with wenge-colored compartment doors decorated with glass inserts.

What furniture is suitable for wenge doors?

Quite often, the furniture is chosen in the same tint color as the doors or one or two tones lighter. An interesting combination is obtained with the use of items with glass elements, as well as furniture made of light wood, ash, oak, beech, maple or exotic woods.

What wallpapers can be combined with the color of wenge?

Mostly prefer a lighter wall decoration, for example in pink, peach, beige, turquoise, blue, light green and other pastel colors. Gray walls will give the doors a wenge color of a certain elegance, restraint and solidity and will allow to place competent accents in a neutral gray interior. Such color combinations create an extraordinary contrast game and bring newness and pleasant impressions into the atmosphere.

In the photo the door is of a dark color of wenge in combination with patterned blue wallpaper in the interior of the apartment.

Color combinations of wenge doors with laminate

When choosing door panels and laminate in one color, it is important that they are in harmony with each other, rather than merge into one. An excellent solution would be a floor covering in lighter colors, it will fill the space with freshness, lightness and cleanliness.

  • Gray.
  • Wenge.
  • Brown.
  • White.

Also perfectly combined with such door designs, the floor with laminate or linoleum, shade of dark walnut or light cherry, alder, white or golden oak.

Examples of combinations with baseboard

Quite often, choose a plinth to match the door leaf, it can be, as wenge, and another close shade. However, you can also use a tandem plinth with a casing of white color or other bright colors, these combined variations will allow you to visually make the look of the room much easier and unusual to emphasize its geometry.

The photo shows a one-color combination of wenge doors with a plinth and platbands in the interior of the hallway.

Door Design Options

Interesting design options.

With glass

The door designs with white glass will add additional lighting to the room and give it some lightness. Models decorated with dark glass are an extraordinary, but at the same time very aesthetic solution that preserves the illusion of a closed space in a room.

With mirror

Thanks to the mirror inserts, the light in the room increases significantly and it visually seems much larger. This decor gives the situation with unique features and gives it a certain solemnity.

In the photo there is a bedroom interior in a city apartment and dark sliding doors decorated with a mirror.


They are a real work of art and a complete decoration of the entire interior, which forms a distinctive and unique design.

How does it look in the interior of the rooms?

Due to the huge variety of models, it turns out to choose the most optimal solution for a particular room in the apartment, while fully taking into account its purpose, specificity and interior features.

Hall and lounge

Doors of wenge shade, will give the interior a living room with luxury and inimitable comfort and an impeccable taste will be favorably emphasized. Quite often, strict and elegant models with corrugated, tinted, matte, transparent or stained glass windows are used to decorate the hall, filling the atmosphere with particular elegance and aristocracy.

In the photo, swinging dark doors in the interior of the living room in a modern apartment.

Hallway and corridor

Such door linens emphasize the geometricality of the space, give the hall a status and ennoble its appearance, making it truly exclusive and elitist.


Doors of wenge color will fill the interior of the bathroom with special charm and comfort. In addition, these designs are not afraid of moisture and are perfectly combined with chrome and glass elements.

The photo shows a bathroom with a hinged wenge door.


Due to its natural texture and unusual texture, such door models, add to the atmosphere of the kitchen amazing notes, giving the space luxury, wealth and at the same time asceticism.


The natural beauty of the doors of wenge color allows you to give children a deep color content. Here you can use the canvas in a deaf version, as they help to better maintain the temperature in the room. In addition, thanks to the features of this shade, it turns out to form a very comfortable and cozy design.

In the photo there is a door of dark color of wenge, stylized as the entrance to the cabin in the interior of the nursery in the apartment.

Ideas in various styles

Wenge shade doors can be an excellent component of any stylistic decision, for example, modern, classical, oriental, baroque, modern or high-tech. Cloths have a huge number of types and have the most diverse design, which allows to take into account, not only the features of the chosen style, but also the purpose of the decorated room.

Photo gallery

Wenge doors fit perfectly into the aesthetics of the interior of the whole apartment and are perfectly combined with almost any color solutions. Such a design undoubtedly attracts attention and represents a real embodiment of style and presentability.

Watch the video: After this video recorded all interior doors has been instaled. (December 2019).


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