Dressing table: photos, types, shapes, materials, design, lighting, colors

The dressing table is not only a place for storing jewelry, cosmetics and other things, but also represents a very charming piece of furniture, setting the atmosphere of special character and unique charm.

Types of dressing tables

There are several main varieties.


Elegant boudoir pendant models look more compact, but they are less functional.


The console, located inside the closet or combined with a chest of drawers and side tables, is considered quite practical. However, in this case, the dressing table will lose its individuality and special charm.

Table transformer

It has many positive characteristics and is distinguished by its maximum multifunctionality, which allows it to organically fit into any interior solution.

On the windowsill

The make-up table equipped on a usual window sill, will become especially actual and interesting registration of the small room. In addition, such an arrangement by the window guarantees high-quality natural lighting.


A small model with a mirror and a comfortable chair, instead of one of the bedside tables, will allow you to save useful space and make the room more functional.

In the photo toilet bedside table of dark color in the interior of the bedroom.


These models on wheels, make it possible to easily change their location, thereby creating a new situation each time.

Beautiful photos of tables in the interior of rooms

Photo examples of the use of the table in various rooms.


The table for a make, acts as the fashionable decorative element which is carrying out practical function. Here, these furniture designs for women are most often placed at the window or beside the bed and supplemented with comfortable chairs, ottomans, soft-cushioned banquettes or decorated with a luxurious lamp.

In the photo there is a bedroom with a small white toilet bedside table.

Children's room

In the room for the girl, there will also be a good place to install a dressing table, which can be equipped with the help of drawers or shelves for storing children's cosmetics, perfumery and jewelry.

In the photo is a bright teenage dressing table in the room for the girl.

Balcony or Loggia

The creation of such a zone of beauty, especially important for the bedroom, with access to the loggia. Thus it turns out to free the room from unnecessary furniture and to make the most of the balcony space functionally.

Hallway and corridor

With the help of a concise console, it turns out to create a great place to store various trifles and not overload the appearance of the hallway.


Here boudoir models for fashionistas will look especially appropriate, as it provides a convenient opportunity to create a harmonious image, applying makeup and choosing the right outfit.

Living room

An elegant ladies' table in the living room will create a cozy atmosphere and become its unusual accent object, which can also be decorated with fancy accessories, photo frames or a vase with flowers.


First of all, the product should be made of materials that calmly carry high humidity. For a bathroom without a window, you should select designs with good local lighting.

On the photo is a bathroom with a vanity unit combined with a sink.


The interior design of the attic is completely dependent on the geometry of the space, which may have the shape of a triangle, a rectangle, be asymmetric and have a bay window or a loggia. Most often here choose not too high mobile tables-transformers.

Shapes and sizes of makeup tables

The main types of shapes and sizes.


Such a small model is perfect for processing even the smallest space. These consoles with the location along the wall, perfectly fit into a narrow room.


Wall or wall corner design is a particularly relevant furniture solution for an elongated room. This design smoothes the corner space and gives the room a proportionality.


Due to the small height, it looks very compact and does not weigh down the interior space.

In the photo there is a dressing table low located near the bed in the bedroom.


The rounded case of the women's table has a very harmonious and aesthetically correct appearance.


Most often it is equipped with a variety of cabinets and shelves, due to which it takes on a more massive appearance.

A long

It is an excellent option for a spacious room in which you can install the structure in almost the entire wall.


Undoubtedly it becomes the main organizational center in space, sets the tonality of the whole interior and allows you to go beyond the standard and ordinary decoration.

What material is there?

There are several types of materials that are most often used in the manufacture.


A product made of solid wood, such as walnut, oak, pine or mahogany, is truly luxurious and expensive. Also, quite often they use more affordable options that are in no way inferior to natural wood in terms of their external qualities, such as MDF or chipboard. Wooden tables can be applied with ease, both in a classical interior, and in a country country or provence.


It can be an exclusive model, made entirely of tempered glass or be combined and have only a glass table top, located on a metal or wooden frame.


Differs in a special style and reliability. In addition, due to the flexibility of the metal, you can get a decorative iron product of almost any shape.

Of stone

It is a great furniture element, which, due to its aesthetic appearance, becomes a real interior art object and forms a flawless design.

Table Design Examples

Original design examples.

With drawers

The decor in the form of boxes allows you to create not only an excellent storage system for various cosmetic and perfumery products, but also to release a tabletop, which you can decorate with, for example, a vase, a figurine or use the surface for other necessary purposes.


Elements of forging, will give the situation a unique elegance, perfect style and special chic.

With patina

The effect of aging, or patching, is a fairly popular decoration option that allows you to turn a regular design into a real retro masterpiece, visually reminiscent of a work of ancient art.


It has a gentle and magical appearance, instantly attracting attention and making it the most visible interior object.


Thanks to this design reception, the space is filled with unique lightness, unusual and natural beauty and exotic notes.

With carved legs

Filigree carved details and embossed fragments give lightness to the legs, elegance and endow the look of the table with a peculiar highlight.

Makeup Table Lighting

With the help of lighting devices, it turns out, not only to achieve a comfortable makeup application, but also to turn the table into the most stylish and interesting interior addition.

  • Bulbs around the perimeter. In contrast to the traditional lighting design, light bulbs on the perimeter are more original and elegant.
  • Lamp. Luminaires located on the top or on the sides will provide sufficient quality lighting close to daylight.
  • LED lights. The original and stylish LED lights built into the mirror will give the ladies an element of sophistication, especially in the evening.
  • Sconce A pair of sconces, located asymmetrically design, due to the correct fall of the shadows, provide a clear face selection.

On the photo there is a turquoise dressing table, equipped with ceiling lights.

The main purpose of lighting is not only practical, but also aesthetic, allowing to give the atmosphere a special comfort and elegance.

How to equip a dressing table?

Popular options for arrangement.


Reflective canvases are a very active element of this design.

  • Backlit. The mirror with bulbs on the sides or around the perimeter is a real make-up model that provides excellent conditions for facial care.
  • With a folding mirror. When folded, it looks like a normal work surface, the upper part of which, as needed, leans back and turns into a product with a mirror and internal drawers.

Dressing table, almost impossible to imagine without a mirror. It may be hidden in the console lid, have a folding mechanism or be a separate accessory.

In the photo there is a dressing table and a mirror in a white frame, decorated with bulbs around the perimeter.

Lighting fixtures

When choosing lamps, with lateral arrangement, it is desirable to install them at eye level, this will significantly reduce the number of falling shadows.

Color spectrum

Currently, there is a huge range of colors and colors.


It is the most popular solution. Even the smallest table in white can visually expand the boundaries of a room and add light to it.


The noble and expressive shade of exotic wood will undoubtedly attract attention and become a focal point in the design of the room.


Provides freedom for self-expression and inspiration, and with proper application helps to create a light and delicate interior.

In the photo is a bedroom with a narrow beige dressing table.

The black

It gives the atmosphere of completeness, makes its design really beautiful and perfect and creates an aesthetic surroundings.


Despite its restraint and conciseness, it has a unique charm, due to which the interior becomes more refined and elegant.


Add space to the overall color scheme, some creativity and turn the product into a charming and slightly glamorous compositional center.


Differs in unshakable style and impeccable beauty, visually enriching the situation and giving it some mystery.


It is the most aesthetic option, which always looks the most natural and at the same time very presentable.


It is a pleasant interior complement and gives the surrounding space completely new accents.


It becomes an independent decorative unit, adding to the interior integrity and elitism.


Multifaceted blue or blue tint, allows you to make the situation more picturesque, brighter and more expressive.

Design ideas in various interior styles

Photo decoration in the most popular styles.


Natural colors of wooden booths with vintage designs, decorated with wrought-iron elements, hand-painted, semi-antique details or drawings made using decoupage technique, will be a particularly harmonious detail of the room in Provence style.


Elegant, comfortable and ergonomic modern style, suggests the most comfortable universal models or products with drawers, folding mirror or shelves.


A loft-style table made of natural wood can be equipped with wheels, simple-shaped mirrors, a wooden chair, a stool with leather upholstery or comfortable drawers.


For royal baroque, wooden models are used on curved legs decorated with carvings or gilded elements.


Asymmetrical worktops of round, smooth and flowing shapes, designs in soft, muted and natural colors, decorated with ornaments, gold-plated, copper or brass details, are especially characteristic of the art nouveau direction.


For classics it is appropriate to have a symmetrical and moderately shaped dressing table with a restrained design, made of solid wood and decorated with copper, gold or bronze accessories.

In the photo there is a bedroom in a classic style and a white dressing table with gilding elements.

Art Deco

A luxurious dressing table with unusual curves and original shapes, complemented by an ottoman, is an essential element of a bright and slightly exotic art deco.


It assumes elegant and elegant designs with a strict, restrained and calm design, made of expensive materials or decorated with elements of forging, gilding or bronze.


For the interior scandi, light and simple dressing tables made of light wood or products painted in soft tones are often used.

The photo is a concise white dressing table in the bedroom in the Scandinavian style.


Functional and compact models of simple geometric shapes, may differ low landing or constitute a console.

High tech

Metal, glass or glossy plastic tabletops on one leg with straight hard lines and the absence of excessive decor, practical designs in silver, black and white shades, perfectly fit into the innovative high-tech.


Oriental Japanese style, is distinguished by lower tables of laconic forms, made of natural materials or decorated with hieroglyphs and ornaments.

Tips for choosing a make-up table

There are several nuances to consider:

  • For large and medium-sized rooms, a dressing table with a classic configuration is perfect.
  • Corner products will be a suitable solution for a small room.
  • The size of the mirror should be selected in accordance with the dimensions of the table top.
  • With the location of this design should take into account the presence of a number of outlets.
  • For a teenager girl, you can choose non-banal, multi-colored models or tables in bright, for example, yellow, lilac, turquoise and other shades. This furniture element organizes the order in the storage of cosmetics and instills a young girl with accuracy and a sense of style.

Photo Gallery

The dressing table should have not only an elegant and beautiful look, but also be practical, which will allow it to fit into the atmosphere especially harmoniously and emphasize its individuality.

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