Wooden interior arches: photos, views, design options, colors

Due to the variety of forms and types of decor, wooden arches will naturally fit into any interior. Delicately designating borders, arches unite space into a single whole.

Features interior design

  • Usually arches make interior door in the living room, dining room or the kitchen.
  • In rooms with an area of ​​more than 50 square meters. meters will look picturesque arched suite.
  • If solitude is required from time to time, doors with stained glass inserts can be installed into the arched opening.
  • For the decoration of the walls are often used wooden false arches, framing a mirror or fresco. If you choose the right location of the mirror or the plot of the picture, you can create the illusion of infinite space.
  • There is one more variant of the decorative arch: a niche in the wall along the contour is formed with platbands or a wooden baguette.
  • For the manufacture of arches taken different value of wood. Oak, thanks to the strength and beauty of the texture, is ideal for wooden arches. Ash is inferior in hardness to oak, but it is easier to thread and polish well. Unfortunately, because of the price, not all decor of precious wood is available. The budget pine and linden are not so prestigious and durable, but with the help of toning you can imitate the color and texture of expensive wood.

Types of wooden arches

Any wooden arch consists of a vault, side elements and racks. Due to the curved shape of the arch, the arches can withstand a large load. The choice of arch type depends on the interior design, ceiling height, room zoning.


Classic wooden arches are shaped tops in the form of a regular semicircle. That is, the radius of the vault is equal to half the width of the interior doorway. This type is suitable for rooms with a ceiling height of more than 2.5 meters. Often the top point of a classical arch is decorated with a figured element.

In the photo is a classic arch. The cold tones of the walls and the rigor of the composition are beautifully combined with the dark honey color of the wooden floor.


The arch-ellipse is the “younger sister” of the classic arch. Ellipse in Greek means "omission". The radius of the vault should be greater than half the width of the opening. These wooden arches are ideal for standard apartments, because it is installed at a ceiling height below 2.5 meters.


Romantic arch suitable for low wide gaps. It has a straight line of the vault, which is smoothly rounded at the edges. Such arches are installed after dismantling the double doors.

In the photo is an arch-romance. The shape of the arch is a modern replica of the arches of the Romanesque medieval Europe.


The arch-portal is mounted in standard rectangular doorways. For minimalist interiors, designers choose wooden portals without decorations. The carved wooden portal looks status and will emphasize the respectability of the office or country house.

On the photo is an arch portal in the interior of the entrance zone, made in the colonial style. The dark wood of the portals contrasts with the floor and walls in ivory.


The arch-transom is a shutter with inserts from transparent, opaque or stained glass. It is placed above the portal or above the door to create a beautiful arched vault. Since the transom transmits sunlight, it makes sense to install such an arch at the entrance to darkened rooms.


The arch-yoke is universal for both narrow and wide openings. The arc of the arch smoothly turns into straight lines parallel to the floor. Due to its laconic form, it looks organically in a strict Victorian interior.


The arch-trapezoid, as its name implies, has a trapezoidal arch. Often installed in country style interiors or chalets.

In the photo trapezoidal arches of dark color add to the interior of the house from a bar of graphic design and successfully zoning the space of the dining area.

Options for the design of arches of wood

Wood is a plastic, natural material that lends itself to a variety of processing methods.


Carving is the most ancient way of artistic woodworking. Wooden arches are decorated with openwork (slit) or "deaf" (invoice, relief) carvings.

  • The openwork carving will visually facilitate the arched design and, as the designers say, “add air” to the interior.
  • Relief carving will emphasize the beauty of solid wood.
  • "Deaf" carvings adorn the arched columns and capitals.

CNC milling machines make woodcarving of any complexity and design. If finances allow, you can order a wooden arch with hand made carving.


Illumination of the arched opening visually expands the passage, focuses on clever carving, beautiful wood texture. Directional spot lights set on the inside of the arch. The sconces inside the arch look elegant, such a design solution is suitable for a wide passage.


Decorative effect "antique" is achieved by special methods of processing wood products. Brushing removes the soft fibers of wood to imitate the texture of old wood. Other techniques of vintage decor - layered staining, patinated and scuffed, sometimes used craquelure. This technique is often found in the style of Provence. Recently, designers have been experimenting with old granary boards; a rectangular or trapezoidal arch of such boards will remind of saloons in the Wild West.

Bent wood

Wood bending is a complex technological process, bent parts made of natural wood are much stronger than prefabricated elements. Using this technology, you can create sophisticated fantasy designs of wooden arches.

In the photo is an arch in the style of early modern from natural bent wood.

With stained glass

Stained glass wooden arches are so decorative that they can do without additional design delights. To create stained glass windows using stained glass and varnishes. Nowadays, in addition to traditional techniques, they use sandblasting glass, photo printing, color films, fusing (baking).

In the photo, two arches in the Art Nouveau style zone the dining area and living room. The floral ornament on the stained glass window is in harmony with the upholstery of furniture and curtains.

The combination of wood and stone

Wood and natural stone - the first building materials that people began to use. After a century of plastic, natural wood in the design of a house or apartment is at the peak of popularity. Combination options in the arched construction of wood and stone depend only on the designer’s imagination.

Arch colors

The color of the wooden arch is chosen either in tone to the main palette of the interior, or in contrast to it.

  • A white arch with carved pilasters will decorate the interior in a palace style.
  • Brown wooden arches are typical for classic English interiors.
  • Beige color "friendly" with most colors and has hundreds of shades. The arch of beige color will easily fit into both Provence and modern interior.

Chocolate brown wenge looks very stylish, the arch from this dark African tree will look spectacular against the light walls.

Photos in the interior of rooms

The arch can be installed in the interior passage, inside the room itself or to highlight the balcony zone.


Replacing the door arch is often found in small kitchens to save space. In this case, you need a good hood over the stove, otherwise the kitchen odors will spread to all rooms. For harmony in the interior of the arch should be the same style as the kitchen.

Hallway and corridor

The arch makes the darker hallway lighter, letting in sunlight from other rooms. A long and narrow corridor will become more interesting if you install a series of identical arches by type of enfilade.

In the photo hallway in the Mediterranean style. The arch continues on the floor plinth.


The spacious living room can be divided by a wide wooden arch-beam, providing space for the dining room or library. The living room looks beautifully false arches, framing a mirror, a fresco, tapestry.

Pictured living room in the Scandinavian style. The laconic design of the semicircular arch enhances the minimalism of the northern interiors.


The arch visually unites the balcony or loggia with the main room. Next to the balcony arch in the kitchen often mounted bar counter. On the balcony itself, you can put a corner sofa and table.

In the photo there is a square arch between the kitchen and the balcony.

Decor in different styles

Classic interiors are combined with arches of the correct symmetrical form. If the interior is dominated by straight horizontal and vertical lines, it is better to choose a portal arch, for interiors with a smooth geometry, wooden arches with a round and oval arch will suit. It is difficult to imagine a classical arch without columns, pilasters and carved capitals.

The Art Nouveau style is recognizable by the flowing, bizarre lines of the pattern. Wooden arch in the Art Nouveau style is often decorated with wrought iron elements, stained glass, painted with lilies and orchids. Provence features modesty and pastel, like faded colors. For this style it is better to choose an arch-yoke with a simple ornament and the effect of aging.

Oriental style is synonymous with luxury and lush decor. Traditionally in the East, wooden arches were decorated with rich carvings, mosaics and paintings. For wooden arches in the Oriental style is characterized by a pointed arch shape.

Photo Gallery

The wooden arch is a basic interior element that immediately sets the general design direction for a house or apartment. Thanks to the natural beauty of the tree and the many ways of processing it, you can create an original arch for each design project.

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