Light colors in the bedroom interior

Bright bedroom - a classic attribute of modern apartments and houses. Here, convenience and comfort are of great importance, because the quality of sleep depends on the situation. Creating a bedroom from scratch begins with the selection of materials. Then they are determined with the colors of design: the main and additional. The choice of style direction is a key moment. You will need to take into account all the ideas and technical nuances.

In the bedrooms it is customary to decorate the walls, leaving the surface of the furniture as free as possible. A bed, a spacious wardrobe, bedside tables, shelves, a dressing table and 1-2 chairs are the few elements that will form the internal atmosphere. If you place them correctly, you will get a model, in terms of style, room. To purchase exactly the furniture that is needed, you should consult with experienced professionals. Standard bedroom in bright colors has many advantages.

Features: advantages and disadvantages

The bedroom is a place of rest and sleep, and comfort comes first. A good basis for creating a cozy atmosphere are light walls and furniture. The first important advantage of bright rooms is the ability to create volume effects.

The second plus is the "manageability" of the size of the space. White and other light shades are combined with any color of the visible spectrum. They are actively used in the vast majority of styles. Rooms with a lack of natural lighting should be done exclusively in bright colors.

Bright bedrooms have two serious disadvantages. Faded tones are neutral and with their abundance the situation will become boring, and the edges of objects are blurred. As a result, it will take a lot of work with accents. The second important disadvantage is expressed in the rapid contamination of white surfaces and, accordingly, frequent cleaning.

A few more arguments in favor of a bright room:

  1. Fits most furniture sets.
  2. Positive effect on the nervous system.

Interior styles

In the bedroom there are not so many options for the arrangement of furniture, how many potential ways to express design ideas. The room in bright colors is a good place to decorate with various textures and textures, so it is worth thinking about the drawings and paintings, styles associated with visual art.

If the budget for the design of the room is not limited to a rigid framework, then you can look for historical styles and trends based on chic and pompousness. It is important not to overload the room decor.

Creative people for whom the focus and focus on results are important will suit the situation in the style of minimalism, scandium or loft. There is a solution for fans of color, for example, provincial country style. In any case, do not spoil the holistic color gamut of similar shades with minimal contrasts.


This style is based on the classicism and baroque, and to the manifestation of luxury. Bright bedroom in the classic style looks "soft" and contains a minimum amount of contrasts. It is made of natural materials, the furniture is of white painted wood.

Pictures are hung on the walls, ideally at least two or three. The textures in the classical style are represented by natural fabrics and wood. Among the important nuances are the harmony in proportions and the "thoughtfulness" of the lighting.


Bedroom in the "modern style" of the first half of the XX century. differs in the set of the equal, inclined and curved lines. In the room with light walls there is a place for dark elements - the modernist direction does not forbid contrasts. The number of decorative elements must be coordinated with the dimensions of the room.

Large bedrooms make out diverse, small - simply. Next to the bright bed, round and square carpets look good. As for the general background, the ideal color range includes white and sand colors.


The first thing you need to decide the fate of bulky items. We'll have to remove large cabinets. The style shows itself well if the room is still empty and is just starting to take shape, so owners of new apartments should think about this option in the design.

In the "Scandinavian" bedroom walls and furniture should be in bright colors, without impurities and inclusions. The floor is made of natural materials. The headboard is decorated. Personal items preferably stored on shelves and rails.

Particular attention is paid to the decor: the furniture itself should be simple, but the walls and shelves must be decorated with various souvenirs, photographs and other things.


The bedroom is decorated with several elements of industrial or household purpose:

  • pipes;
  • boards;
  • metal structures.

In the room you need to place a bed of strict form. By the light is better to buy a dark bed and vice versa. White walls should be decorated with some pattern, but only one of them is better - behind the bed.

Together with the bedroom furniture are in harmony with vintage bedside tables. In general, the room is designed in the spirit of minimalism, but at the same time we should not forget that a small space is not the best place to create a loft-style setting.


The style is based on a spontaneous neighborhood of elements of the situation. Due to this, in the bedroom useful various items. An important feature of Contemporary is the connection of elements of the situation with art.

Geometrically, the room design is simple: spaciousness and general functionalism are necessary. However, aesthetics is also put on one of the first places. It is desirable that the bed was modular - this is one of the special requirements of style.

Country music

All that is needed to create an authentic provincial setting is muted tones. You can try to create it using only light colors - the style allows it.

For country, both compact and bulky furniture sets are appropriate. The bedroom is not made to furnish with luxurious furniture, but an expensive chandelier will be relevant. Walls are whitewashed or covered with wallpaper; a combined version is possible. The maximum used fabrics with patterns.


The essence of the minimalist style is simple, but there are a number of requirements. Convenience, brevity and functionalism - all these qualities are present in a full-fledged minimalist interior. The bed must be freed from large elements around the perimeter.

Cabinets and cabinets should be roomy, but not bulky. On the surface and walls leave a minimum of detail. Furniture must be purchased in bright colors, without bright accents. Such sets are universal - they will fit not only the light, but also the dark bedroom.

Features of finishing and the choice of materials

Materials must comply with the planned project, so as not to spoil the overall picture. The main selection criteria are environmental friendliness and durability. Most materials on the market "try" to comply with these standards.

The walls are finished with whitewash or wallpaper. On one of them you can apply wallpaper in bright colors. The walls must be in harmony with the bed. And on the first and second is not worth saving.

The next point is the choice of gender. Laminate flooring, cork flooring, carpet and linoleum - choose mainly among this. Then you need to decide what to do with the ceiling: leave the one that is, or install the structure - tension or suspension. You will need to choose a lighting option.

Finishing a bright bedroom provides for compliance with the complex rules regarding the design of various surfaces:

  1. Clarity of lines and conciseness of forms.
  2. Lack of draped curtains.
  3. Neutral tones.
  4. Lack of "mixed" colors.
  5. Visual increase in space.

Walls - what color to arrange?

Several colors that are permissible to create a bright environment:

  • yellow;
  • white;
  • light pink;
  • beige;
  • sky blue.

The bedroom can be finished with artificial stone, clapboard, plastic panels, as long as the shades are light. The most familiar and quick decisions are whitewashing and wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper buy in rooms with access to the sunny side, and suitable for other bedrooms paper. There are options with textures, patterns and drawings.

Next to the bed can be placed 3D drawing in bright colors. Surfaces can be glossy or matte, but always in light colors or shades, for example, pastel (powdery, peach).


Among the options there are suspended and suspended ceilings. They can be painted or plastered. The color of the upper part of the bedroom is selected, taking into account the color of the floor and walls, to create a consistent color scheme.

Need to decide on the texture of the ceiling. The glossy surface will partially display the entire contents of the bedroom, visually enlarge and brighten the space. Matte surface diffuses light well. Satin ceiling is a beautiful transition between gloss and matte surface.

Floor - choice of coverage

Parquet, laminate and cork - options for a bright bedroom. Parquet should choose decorative. The hardest and wear-resistant material of the three is laminate. Its "top" contains corundum, and it is one of the most durable minerals.

Cork material is elastic and wear-resistant. The optimal colors are cream, white, coffee. Avoid pronounced warm or cold colors. It is easy to create a cozy and bright atmosphere with the help of carpet, however it will collect a lot of dust.

Choice of furniture

It is selected based on the style of the room. In rooms smaller overall furniture, including a bed and a wardrobe, it is better to get in tone to the walls. There is a large selection of light furniture sets on the market - either from light wood or painted versions. Sets of multi-colored bed linen will be useful for adjusting the appearance of the bed and changing the situation.

Among all the bright bedrooms stand out light gray and coffee. There with the help of walls, furniture, linen, mattresses and various objects you can make many transitions to light and relatively dark colors.

The visual perception is different for everyone, but there must be some contrast between the color of the walls on one side and the bed, bed, and wardrobe on the other. The main element of the bedroom, the bed, it is desirable to buy with light leather upholstery. Large rooms are space for color contrasts and massive furniture.

Choosing textiles

An important role is given to curtains. Their shade can be subdued or relatively bright, saturated. Monotonous and striped variants, curtains with a small barely noticeable pattern or pattern with thin lines will do. Vertical stripes "raise" the ceiling, horizontal "spread" the wall wider. In small rooms can not use curtains darker shades of light brown.

In the spacious ones, they too can become irrelevant, creating a “dark” stain. Not less attention is paid to the bed. Linen is chosen carefully, taking into account personal preferences. In a bright room you will need to match its color and texture with the style of the interior, the color of the walls and bed. However, bright colors and drawings are welcome.

Bed linen can be an accent or a logical continuation of the decorating details. For the beautiful design of the bedroom you need to purchase a multi-layer bedspread with a clear texture.

Decor and accessories

Decor often act paintings. They dilute the monotony of the walls, interrupt the combination of stripes. To support the effect of placing the canvas, the room is decorated with vases, napkins and pillows. In a completely white interior, black lines are needed: frames of casement windows, paintings, furniture edges. However, black can be replaced by blue and purple.

Small elements are needed in bright colors. This will get rid of the feeling of coldness in the bedroom. In large rooms traditionally put a bedside rug. In all the bright bedrooms there is a place for wall paintings. It can occupy from several square meters to the whole wall. Usually selected surface at the head of the bed or in front of him.

In the bedrooms without the elements of luxury it is desirable to place the pot with beautiful plants. Do not limit yourself to decorating the room with different patterns and textures.

Light colors and shades of the bedroom

Light shades are much more than dark. Consequently, there will be more diversity in the light design. There are options from white and light gray to lilac and light blue. The white room looks spacious and concise, I want to think of something and experiment in it.

The bedroom in light gray shades allows to emphasize any color accents and play with light and shade. Light shades of brown and muted pastel colors - this is the originality, colorful and "dessert" mood. Priority can be given to romance, making room in the "bleached" pink colors.

Light shades of turquoise and violet colors look especially special. They blend beautifully with white and are able to inspire. Light purple will add status to the interior. The most unusual solution is light yellow tones.

White bedroom

This is a beautiful and bold decision. White is a classic color, and it leaves a lot of options for decoration. But the main advantage lies in the ease and unobtrusiveness of the situation. The white room is visually more spacious than the dark one, and its range can be represented in a variety of shades.

White color - the basis for the implementation in the interior of many styles. It is characterized by universal compatibility with other colors.

However, there are several drawbacks:

  1. Monotony
  2. The complexity of cleaning.
  3. Associations with the hospital are possible.

Light gray bedroom

This color is more to white than black. This includes colors such as steel, stone, pearl gray and smoky. They are different and different from each other, which allows you to make the design original, stylish and modern.

Light gray can be made both background and dominant. In the bedroom you can place bright and restrained accents. Light gray color has a positive effect on well-being.

Light brown bedroom

Light coffee shades guarantee comfort and a pleasant "climate" inside the room. Such additions as pictures, flowerpots, big curtains and thick covers are perfectly combined with a light brown palette. Improve color perception by alternating white and light brown lines. The decor in the room can be modest or, conversely, expensive and luxuriant. A lot of furniture is made in light shades of brown. This simplifies its selection.

Light green bedroom

The room looks lively and inspiring, if painted in light green and light shades of green. This is a great option for small spaces. Walls can be decorated with photo wallpaper or decorate with drawings. Wall-paper and whitewashing of light green color will look equally well. For a space with a green color, soft tones are better than “threatening” acidic ones. Choose a shade to be careful that the light green color does not "give" yellow.

Light beige and cream bedroom

Flesh (light beige) color characteristics similar to coffee. It helps to relax. In this case, the room should not be overloaded with a large number of items. As a design style, you can choose country, Provence or minimalism. The surface of the room can be finished "under the stone" or "under the fabric." To the interior was not monotonous, on the wall you can draw a large pattern. All cream shades have a similar texture.

Light blue bedroom

She will give a feeling of coolness and freedom. The color of the sky helps to quickly fall asleep, visually increases the space. The blue interior is very well perceived at the subconscious level. Light blue rooms advise people with upper respiratory diseases. Among the drawbacks is the sensation of cold and the simplification of the interior. In other words, expensive decor will look simpler. Blue color sometimes causes apathy.

Light pink bedroom

Light pink shades are combined with these colors:

  • purple;
  • lime;
  • azure;
  • white;
  • Gray.

The bedroom is a great place for pink tones. Pink and its shades are the basis of a relaxed romantic atmosphere. In such a room is to buy a bed with a headboard in the form of "heart". However, it is not customary to use these colors as dominant or to be limited only to this range, otherwise the room will be infantile and frivolous. With pink, white is most often used. This combination is time tested.

Light yellow bedroom

Yellow is the color of cheerfulness. In the bedroom it is rarely used, but light yellow shades, sometimes on the verge of beige and cream, is an option worthy of attention. To implement a light yellow palette, you can choose a common background or furniture. It is necessary to refrain from placing a large number of objects in such a room. Yellow is compatible with a small number of styles, so the decor is planned carefully.

For some people, yellow can cause irritability!

Light turquoise bedroom

On the spectral circle, a turquoise color is between blue and green. Light turquoise has some similarities with light green. Цвет бирюзы правильно относить к холодным, поэтому при подборе соседствующих тонов это должно учитываться.Light turquoise looks great with white, this is one of the most spectacular color combinations. In the bedroom you need to keep a lot of textiles. A large number of decor will not spoil the appearance of the room.

Light lilac and light purple bedroom

Light shades of purple and light lilac color (it has a pink outflow) are “helpers” in creating a luxurious and presentable look. Blue and white are combined with them. With light purple bed looks good with silk fabrics, lamps with lampshades and a classic chandelier. Decorate the walls preferably wallpaper. Light purple may not be suitable for the bedroom in which young people live.

In addition, purple and lilac shades can "push" on a person.

Similar shades:

  • violet;
  • wisteria;
  • heliotrope.

How to diversify a bright bedroom and make it not boring

Bright interior - a place for original solutions and combinations. Adding saturated colors and underlining individual parts of the room or its parts is permissible.

The first type of complementary elements include a rug, bedspreads, capes, pillows and curtains. The only condition for their use is that they should be of the same style as the whole room. The second way is to use contrasting furnishings.

The wardrobe, bed and other furniture may be relatively dark. The difference with the walls can be several tones. It is better to select the door and casements in one color with the walls - the space will be visually wider and more presentable. Chandeliers with a dark frame, indoor plants, paintings and panels will dilute the light colors, the excess concentration of various shades that are close to white.

If there are light shelves in the room, then it is better to keep books with a dark cover on them.


Bright bedroom - an advantage, not a disadvantage. Various design ideas can reveal themselves here. The advantages of a room in white are much more significant than minuses. The feeling of cold and other insignificant disadvantages compensate for the ease, spaciousness, comfort, the ability to consider various textures that would be hidden in a dark environment.

The issue of finishing a bright room is not associated with a lot of difficulties. It will not be a problem to choose a furniture set and materials for repair. For the design of the bedroom you will need to choose among a variety of styles, such as classic, modern, scandi, loft, contemporary and many others.

Most often in a bright bedroom you can find beige and light shades of gray, brown and purple. The design option exclusively in white continues to enjoy great popularity.

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