Select the height of the table: writing, dining, computer

Tables vary in height and purpose. There are models for sitting on chairs, on the floor, for standing work. The optimal height of the product depends on these indicators, as well as on the height and size of the person. It is advisable for children to buy a table “for growth” in order not to have to repeat the purchase every two to three years. You can also purchase an adjustable model. The main problem in the selection of a convenient table for the whole family can be just the difference in height. Chairs with adjustable height can solve the problem. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is easier for people to adapt to a low table than to a too high one. The location also matters: furniture of different heights is selected in the living room, in the kitchen and in other rooms. It is advisable to buy the most versatile models so that they serve as long as possible, regardless of the load and other nuances.

Selection rules

When buying a table in the first place you need to pay attention to the height indicator. There are a number of recommendations for what this parameter should be. But there are no universal standards for all products, it all depends on their purpose. Before buying, you should consult with the seller regarding the height of the furniture and inform him of your own parameters. If the table is designed for use with chairs, then it should be comfortable in order to keep your elbows on the surface. On sale you can find furniture with adjustable height. It is designed for children of primary school and preschool age. It is recommended to buy furniture that will provide a comfortable and correct posture. If the dining table is intended for the living room, then it is better to take the model higher to make it easier to throw one's legs. If you do not pay enough attention to the choice of height, you may have health problems:

  • rachiocampsis;
  • joint pains;
  • blurred vision.

Height depending on the destination

Tables are journal, massage, writing, kitchen, dining, computer. Some are designed for a sitting position, while others are designed to work while standing. The dining table is selected depending on the height of the person and the height of the chairs. For a working kitchen table, a height of 87-97 cm will be comfortable for people of 155–200 cm in height. This is the best option, given the difference in growth characteristics, but if you take into account the average figure, then a table with a height of 84–85 cm will suit the widest category . The coffee table is ideally several centimeters higher than the seats of the sofas and armchairs. Written do mostly bowed. They are more convenient to write when it comes to several hours of continuous work. Children of primary school age (7-11 years old) are advised to buy just such tables.

Kitchen table

The key parameter for the selection of the ideal height of the working surface is growth. If this figure is less than one and a half meters, then the height of the table top is selected in the range of 75-80 cm. Tables 5 cm higher, 80-85 cm from the ground, suitable for people 150-160 cm tall. Most people have a height of 160 to 180 cm. Most manufacturers are focused on such anthropometric indicators and produce kitchen tables in height from 85 to 92 cm. It will be convenient for both men and women to work on such a surface. For those who are above 180, but below 195 cm, furniture with a table top at the level of 95-100 cm will do. For tall people from 195-200 cm and above, the optimal solution is to issue a special order. Since family members have different height, then you need to calculate the average rate and buy a table for these parameters, but with a margin in favor of the one who spends more time in the kitchen.

When choosing a desktop for cooking, there may be a false impression that its height is ideal, so you need to know the exact figure.

Dinner table

It can be placed:

  • on the kitchen;
  • in the living room;
  • on the summer terrace.

The height of this piece of furniture can be comfortable for everyone, since when sitting the difference in height is not so noticeable. In a sitting position, it is important that the knees are comfortable, the body rests, and the legs can be at least slightly stretched. It is recommended to choose among the tables with a height of about 70-75 cm. This figure is ideal for average height. There is a simple formula for determining the preferred size of the dining table: your own height in centimeters is multiplied by the standard height of the items (75), after which the result is divided by the height that the producers are oriented to (165). For a person of average height (170), the final result will be 77.3 cm. In the process of selecting a dining table, priority is given to a lower indicator for convenient use by people of lower height. Small children are selected special seats.


Selected individual parameters for children and adults. Furniture for an adult should be combined with his height and build. For a child it is better to buy a table with adjustable height. The surface of these products make inclined. First of all it concerns children's tables. In the twentieth century, specialists have developed standards, the observance of which is necessary to maintain spinal health. With a height of 175-183 cm, the ideal table height is 70-80 cm. A low table (up to 600 mm) is recommended for people of short stature (150-160 cm). For high (190-200 cm) suitable furniture in height from 850 to 900 mm. The manager's desk must have drawers and keep enough space under your feet. In addition, a sliding keyboard may be required. Standard height takes into account all these factors and is 75 cm. However, if a person is taller than 190-195 centimeters, a special order will be required.

Computer desk

Modern people spend a lot of time behind it. If the table is too low, you will have to bend over, and if it is too high you will have to overload the neck. It is recommended to select furniture based on the basic rules for maintaining a healthy posture. The back should be kept straight with a slight bend forward, and the shoulders should be straightened. Elbows should be left in the air and the rest of the forearm, respectively, on the surface. The ideal height for a tabletop is 5-7 cm below the solar plexus. Feet properly hold on the floor, in a flat position, without lifting. Knees must be bent at an angle of 90 °. You need to look at the screen from top to bottom. The computer desk of the correct configuration ensures compliance with all these criteria. In this way, diseases of the musculoskeletal system are prevented and comfort and work efficiency is increased. Standard height will suit the vast majority of people, and only very low or high need to make special orders.

Coffee table

To find the perfect option, you need to measure the height of the seats, next to which will be located this piece of furniture. There are no clear rules regarding the ideal parameters of a coffee table. It is recommended to buy a table a little higher than the seats, but some modern designers do not agree with this and insist that it can only correspond to their height or be lower. There are state standards with completely different criteria. According to them, the manufacturer is obliged to make the height so that the product can withstand the intended load. The famous architect Le Corbusier drew attention to such factors as ease of use in a sitting position. Another technical rule recommends keeping the ratio between the height and size of the table top: a large surface corresponds to a low support and vice versa.

Recently, transforming coffee tables are popular, the adjustable height of which leaves the buyer with several options for their use.

A massage table

For a massage session, you must create a comfortable environment for the employee. The height of the table affects the impact force and, accordingly, the quality of the service. The standard height indicator is in the range from 70 to 80 cm. It is designed for a masseur of average height - 170-180 cm. When choosing a table, you should start from the average indicator relative to physique and height, but if there are tall workers (from 185 cm), it is recommended purchase height-adjustable models. Tables for massage are relatively low - from 55 to 90 cm. The larger the adjustable range, the better. At the heart of the tables with adjustable height is an electric or hydraulic system. The wizard will be able to set the parameters on his own: the table should not be higher than the lower point of the fist of the lowered hand, but also not lower than the fingertips of the palm

Table for children of preschool age

This category includes children aged 3 to 7 years:

  • children of preschool age (3-4 years);
  • middle group (4-5 years);
  • children of preschool age (5-7 years).

Usually they play on the floor, but a small table will help prepare for the conditions of instruction in schools. As children grow quickly, it is necessary to buy specimens with adjustable tabletop height. The table should have a slope and a small stand so that the child can draw and play with the tablet. The height of all children's tables is approximately between 37 and 60 centimeters. This “corridor” corresponds to a height of 80-140 cm. In most cases, parents buy tables for older children of preschool age, that is, 5-7 years. The optimal location of the table top will be 48 cm from the floor, and the chair - 28 cm. It is important that the child develops correctly, otherwise there will be only harm from the table. You need to measure everything yourself, because there are no special models for preschoolers for sale, but only for certain age limits.

School table

Under the parameters of schoolchildren fit tables with table tops at the level of 53-75 cm from the floor. There are two types of tables: desks, desks and more versatile furniture with additional sections. The first type has a sloping tabletop. Such furniture is intended for the lower grades. It has an adjustable height. Some modifications also change the slope of the tabletop. Universal buy children over 10-11 years old, but you can find low models at 7 years of age. Some of them can also increase in height. On sale there are many tables with add-ins: sections, shelves and drawers. Transforming models with the function of "turning" from a writing table into a worker, as well as special orthopedic models are sold. Adolescents from 13-15 years old can come up with a table for an adult. Together with him you need to use a chair with adjustable height. However, the legs should touch the floor entirely.

Choosing a table and chair for child growth

If the height is less than 80 centimeters, then you need to purchase products with tabletops at 34 cm and seats at 17 cm from the floor. For children above 80 and below 90 cm, tables and chairs are 38 and 20 cm high, respectively. If the height is more than 90 cm, but less than a meter, then 43 cm for the table and 24 cm for the chair are ideal indicators. If the child is above a meter and below 115 cm, then a 28-cm chair and a 48-cm table will suit him. If a child has a height of 115-119 centimeters, he needs a table top 52-54 cm from the floor and a seat above 30 and below 32 cm. With a height of 120-129 cm, it is necessary to purchase tables 52-54 cm in height and chairs with seats at 32-35 cm from the floor. If the growth rate is between 130 and 139 cm, you need a table and a chair with a height of 60-62 and 36-38 cm, respectively. Boys from 14 years old should buy a table already for adult parameters - for growth of 165-177 cm.

Height-adjustable tables

They are also called mechanical. Such models help save money. They are intended for several purposes. First, schoolchildren and children of preschool age can do their homework for them for many years. In addition, "adult" tables will be adjusted depending on growth and needs. Mechanical furniture can have X-shaped legs with which height can be easily adjusted. Some models are equipped with a telescopic mechanism: to change the height of the vertical supports it is necessary to hold the tabletop on both sides. This is a less convenient option. There are also electronic and retractable mechanisms. Using any of these devices, you can not only adjust the height from the floor, but also change the appearance or set of functions, for example, turn a coffee table into a dining table. All products have a small minus - the maximum load is limited to 30-45 kilograms.
Plus a lot more. Among them:

  1. Practicality. They can be used in different rooms and for various purposes.
  2. Space saving due to compactness of the product.
  3. Comfort and versatility. The table can be customized to your liking.


Tables usually have a standard height given the average height. Surface for standing work, as a rule, higher. But there are exceptions: the massage table can be adjusted and made quite low - about 55 cm from the floor. The height of the working kitchen surface and the dining table are selected depending on the parameters of the lower person. In this case, written, computer and desktops are selected based on the needs of a tall person. Height-adjustable chairs compensate for inconvenience. The standard height of office tables is 75 cm. This also applies to other furniture for use with chairs. But special attention should be paid to the choice of the children's table. For effective and fast work, the child needs a comfortable table with various devices. Orthopedic chairs will help maintain posture.

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