Design studio of 29 square meters. m

To conduct a competent design studio of 29 square meters. m will help the drafting of the project with an indication of the allowable size of all areas of the apartment. In addition to the main parts - rooms for cooking, eating and sleeping, with a carefully thought-out layout, you can select parts for leisure activities, work at home. The presence of a balcony in the studio makes it possible to transfer a dining group to this part of the apartment or organize a workplace there. The absence of a balcony requires competent and well-thought-out zoning. When creating a stylish and rational interior, the chosen furniture will play an important role. Selected compact products should be roomy. The presence of large interior compartments in the upholstered furniture, diverse filling of the cabinet will ensure the convenience of storing personal belongings. Highlight the originality of the arrangement will also help the selection of thematic decor, the choice of suitable for the design and characteristics of lamps.

Popular styles for studio apartments

When choosing a style for the design of a 29-square studio, preference should be given to directions with prevailing light and pastel colors. The best options for registration will be:

  • Scandinavian: the main white color of the finish will contribute to the visual increase in the area, create a cozy atmosphere;
  • urban and modern: light gray or beige discreet wall decoration along with light-colored furniture will ensure the creation of a stylish and practical design;
  • Provence: a simple and light style in white and pastel color (light blue, light green may be additional) will allow to emphasize the comfort of living;
  • loft: despite the small area of ​​the apartment, the inclusion of several accents in the form of red-orange brick in the white decoration will emphasize comfort and will not reduce the space visually;
  • eco: a win-win for small studios, includes a white finish, requires the use of natural light wood and live plants (for the usual decor or for styling walls).


Colors and finishes

As mentioned above, the main color of a one-room studio with an area of ​​29 square meters. m should be white, light cream or light beige color scheme. As additions can be a variety of pastel colors. For example, for urban and modern style will be optimal blotches of light blue, light gray or lilac color scheme. For the loft - light brown, red-brown or orange. The absence of a large number of accents will prevent overloading the interior and its visual reduction.


As finishing it is recommended to use simple materials:

  • paint or plain wallpaper (wallpaper with patterns will not do, maximum that can be allowed - plain wallpaper with embossed ornaments);
  • laminate, linoleum, marmoleum (parquet can visually reduce the area of ​​the room);
  • whitewash (with a wall height of more than 2.7 m, the installation of a plasterboard single-tier or stretch ceiling in white color is permissible).


Apartment zoning

For the correct division of the studio should immediately select the necessary zones. For example, the owners will not do without a kitchen. The eating area can be a stand-alone table or be presented as a neat bar counter. The living room with a sofa can also perform at the same time as a sleeping area. This combination option is optimal if necessary to allocate a place to work or study. If necessary, zones can overlap somewhat. For example, a bar counter for meals can be installed between the sofa and the TV. To create a practical layout, it is recommended to draw up several plans with drawings, including exact zoning and an indication of the approximate area of ​​each of the parts.


Sleeping area

Creating a truly comfortable and neat bedroom in the studio is no easy task. The selected sleeping bed must be necessarily fenced off from the kitchen and living room. This will maintain cleanliness and order in the selected area and, in addition, the owners will feel real comfort. An open or closed shelving unit can be used as a separator. Installation of a sliding wardrobe (with a mezzanine) will also be appropriate. If space permits, a bedside cabinet can be installed between the bed and the divider. It is recommended to hang a spot or a ceiling lamp above the sleeping bed.

For a family with a child, the layout of the bedroom is based on the location of the cot. In this case, it is better to replace the large bed with a sofa bed or use a sofa in the living room for sleep.

Living room

To equip a spacious living room in an apartment of 29 square meters. m is quite difficult: the owners need to leave enough space to install a kitchen, a sleeping bed. Therefore, for the living room is usually allocated a small part of the room, located near the window. It is here that a small sofa will fit comfortably. If the upholstered furniture is not located close to the wall with a window (there is a small indent), here you can place a small open shelving, cabinet. It is recommended to put a compact coffee table in front of the sofa. Opposite the sofa to place the TV. If possible, it should be installed on a low cabinet (owners will keep magazines, books or personal items in it). If it is impossible to install the cabinet, you should mount the TV on the wall itself.


In the absence of a balcony in a one-room studio with an area of ​​29 squares, the best solution would be to install kitchen furniture near the hallway. In the square room opposite the kitchen (through a small passage) there will be a bedroom. In narrow rectangular rooms without a balcony, it would also be appropriate to place the kitchen closer to the entrance. Opposite can be installed desktop or wardrobe. If you have a balcony, the kitchen can be moved to the far corner of the studio. Just place the headset should not close to the balcony door, and under the wall, as far as possible from the entrance to the balcony. Thus, the dining area can be placed under the window in the room.

In the equipped kitchen will require the installation of a powerful hood. It will prevent the fat from settling on the upholstered furniture and eliminate the problem of the absorption of different smells by upholstery.


The combined bathroom is quite simple to equip, using compact plumbing. If possible, choose a toilet with a built-in installation. Replace a regular bath with a regular shower or a 2-wall model. Planning a small bathroom should be carried out taking into account the size of the plumbing you like. A convenient solution would be the location next to the shower stall of a washing machine or chest of drawers. A toilet bowl and a sink are installed along the opposite wall. Thus, all the plumbing will be placed on the left and right of the entrance, moving through the bathroom will be easy. True, this option is suitable for an elongated narrow bathroom. With a different layout of the premises it is recommended to place all the plumbing along the wall opposite the entrance.

Entrance hall

A small hallway should be equipped with compact furniture that allows you to conveniently store seasonal items. A rational solution would be to install a floor coat hanger combined with a bench. A good alternative is a small bench (or a bench) and a hanging hanger (maybe even with a shelf for hats). Properly organized hallway (according to this scheme) will prevent the transfer of street garbage into the residential area. That is why expanding the hallway at the expense of the room is not recommended. The installation of a spacious wardrobe in the bedroom will help to solve the problems of storing unseasonable outerwear and shoes. He, in turn, will play the role of a kind of partition between the hallway and the bedroom. If the studio has a balcony, then it can also be used as a dressing room.


The organization of proper lighting in a small apartment can be achieved in different ways. Choose the appropriate option among such solutions:

  • chandelier + floor lamps: the main ceiling lighting can be supplemented with 2-3 floor lamps;
  • chandelier + spots: simple restrained spots will not be noticeable, unlike sconces and help to use free space more economically (as opposed to ordinary floor lamps);
  • Flat ceiling lamps: 2-3 round, square or rectangular devices will help illuminate the entire space of the studio;
  • spot ceiling lights: can be mounted around the perimeter of the ceiling or arranged in two rows (along the left and right walls).


In the cooking zone hidden lights are required. So, despite the remoteness of the main lamp, the worktop, stove and sink will always be well lit.


Selection and placement of furniture

Selection of furniture to create a comfortable environment should take place in accordance with the equipped zones of a one-room apartment:

  • kitchen: a small straight headset is enough for compact storage of utensils and convenient cooking; a separate dining group (with shelves inside the table) can be installed next to the headset;
  • bedroom: a spacious bed can be neatly separated using a rack or closet;
  • living room: a straight sofa (a corner will take up too much space) + a compact coffee table will allow you to relax and spend leisure time comfortably;
  • dining area (remote from the kitchen): may include a small round or square table and 2-4 chairs, usually installed in front of the window;
  • workplace: should include a writing / computer desk, can be installed in front of the window (if the dining area is near the kitchen) or located opposite the recreation area (for example, under a TV mounted on the wall).


Window decoration

Keeping windows as open as possible to create high-quality natural light is a very important task when arranging studios. That is why it is not recommended to use heavy webs or choose multi-layered styles of curtains. A simple and concise solution will be roll models. With their help, the degree of apartment lighting in the daytime is quite easily regulated, and in the evening the entire studio is well hidden from curious neighbors (with artificial light turned on). To emphasize the lightness of the interior of the apartment, you can hang long translucent curtains on the floor. True, they will need constant care. Short curtains to the window sill in bright colors are advantageous for Provence and the loft. For these styles are well suited as cotton patterns, and curtains made of linen fabric.

Accessories and decor

The use of only 2-3 accessories for styling will help to eliminate the clutter of a studio apartment. For example, it can be black and white or pastel paintings, posters with motivational inscriptions. You can replace them with a pair of small thematic figurines. On the coffee table, you can put a vase with artificial or fresh flowers. Select a vase should be based on the characteristics of the created style. For a loft, for example, a cube model made of black opaque glass will do. For Provence - braided jute or ceramic round vase. If there are shelves, you can use special pair of book holders made of metal and painted black. A wise decision would be to use living plants in beautiful pots as decorations. Such accessories will emphasize coziness and comfort of living.



Beautiful and most practical arrangement of the apartment with an area of ​​29 squares is easy to carry out, carefully planning the necessary furnishings. Owners must first determine which part of the room will be central (where the hosts will spend the most time), and then proceed to the planning of the remaining parts. Depending on the shape and features of the studio, the optimum style and color range are selected. They should emphasize the originality of the design and create a real home comfort. Particular attention is the owners must pay the correctness of the selected lighting. Lastly, the decor is selected. Selected accessories should be appropriate for a particular style, become part of it, and not a prominent accent. If these rules and recommendations are followed, it is easy to carry out an intelligent rework of a small-sized studio with your own hands.

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