Curtains with flowers: use a floral print in the interior

A flowered print on the curtains was recently considered a "grandmother's" fashion, something old and forgotten, hidden in a heavy carved chest. For some time, the mistresses of modern homes did not dare to revive the old days and were in no hurry to drape windows with curtains in roses, considering them too simple for the modern situation a la modern. Designers in search of novelty, fresh trends returned floristic motifs to their former place and even raised their importance. Curtains with flowers in the interior, dominated by vintage or English styles, look just right. They do not just decorate a room, but are an integral element of the design composition. They are pleasing to the eye, they create an atmosphere of elegance, remind of summer, they are well combined with live plants, as well as with the general monotony of colors, a certain ascetic situation.

Features room decor curtains with floral print

The floral ornament in different eras and times passed through the stages of evolution - the types of drawing, shades, color saturation, as well as semantic content changed. In the Baroque era, textile designs created in the form of rosettes or wreaths were considered popular. The era of Empire is distinguished by the stinginess of a single ornament. And, coming closer to our time, flowers acquire sharp corners and geometric shapes with a simplified drawing. Now the decor of the room along with floral curtains has a number of features that you should be aware of. For example, window textiles must be combined with wallpaper - it is desirable that the walls be made in a plain background. The print should be found in some elements of the decor, but should not look nalyapisto: for example, roses on the drapery and roses on the lamp, bedspread or pillow in the bedroom.


A floral print sometimes acts annoyingly if its pattern does not coincide with the interior and purpose of the room: bright red poppies, roses, tulips are acceptable in the living room, in the kitchen, in the hall, but not suitable for a nursery.

What to combine and the choice of colors

Portieres with a natural ornament cannot be combined with lush folds and other heavy, distracting elements. It glut the interior. The motley print itself attracts attention, therefore, as a central element, it must be surrounded by a modest setting. Portieres are matched to the color of the walls. If the wallpaper contains bright attractive colors, drapery of windows should be made in neutral chocolate, sand or olive color, depending on the overall tone range. Chamomiles, roses, tulips on the curtains should match the color of the wallpaper. Flowers look beautiful next to a striped or checkered wallpaper. It is important that the intricate print go in tandem with a simple, even primitive wallpaper pattern. Caution should be approached to contrasting shades, as well as a combination of colors and animal motifs in the interior. Often the curtains are selected based on the color of the interior. Aesthetically, an ideal white curtain, decorated with blue delicate flowers along with furnishings made in an identical tone, will look.


Styles that use floral curtains

Curtains with a floral ornament are suitable for almost all styles, except for techno and other modern ones, where a delicate print will look out of place. They look great in the design of the following styles:

Country musicRustic simplicity is displayed in the material: cotton, linen, burlap, even matting. Floral decor plus lace ruffles - and the element of provincial decor is ready.
ProvenceThe charm of Provencal nature is emphasized by natural materials, delicate, discreet colors, elegant drapery and natural ornament. Tulle with small roses or cotton print will look good.
Victorian (English)Differs in diversity, which gives a reference to the naturalistic motives of nature, where numerous elements look quite harmonious. Along with flowers, birds may be present, various geometric patterns.
VintageMaterials are used with a monochromatic pattern, simple repeating ornament. Characterized by a small pattern, variegation along with plain wallpaper, coarse, simple furniture.
Chebbi chicClassic style - drape with numerous pink buds of all sizes.


A flower ensemble in any style will look more original if there is a china set, panel, desk lamp or a painting with a similar pattern nearby.

The size of the flower pattern

The size of the flowers plays an important role in the design of the room. Small drawing is suitable for a miniature room. He is able to add free space, filling the room with visual volume. For small kitchens, small children’s rooms is the best option. Large flowers on portieres are suitable for decorating spacious living rooms, dining rooms, halls, in some cases - bedrooms. If the ceilings in the room are high, and the window openings are unusually wide, then large flowers will favorably emphasize and shape them.

A large ornament in this case will not hide space. It will complement the room with non-standard sizes, smooth out all the flaws of the situation, drawing on itself the main attention, as the center of the design idea. Choosing curtains, you need to pay attention to the size of the pattern, imagining what room it will look best.

The choice of curtain material

Natural fabrics are considered the most aristocratic. They look noble, emphasizing the wealth of the house. But their cost is always high. A significant disadvantage is the tendency to fade, so in rooms located on the sunny side, it is better not to hang such curtains. Natural silk is distinguished by its elegance, but caring for it is not easy: you will have to clean the curtains carefully, since you cannot wash the material. Another thing is to get a curtain of natural fabric, treated with special compositions, allowing you to wash, keep your shape, and not to lose the brightness of the print. Synthetic is considered the most common fabric for curtains and is easy to use.


Most popular materials:

  • Polyester in combination with cotton. Differs in wear resistance, practicality, lack of manifestation of deformation.
  • Viscose. Fire resistant, therefore, is actively used in the form of curtains in the kitchen.
  • Silk with cotton. Eco-friendly option, giving the interior coziness.
  • Taffeta. Artificial, weightless, almost transparent fabric that can be washed. It also protects well from the penetration of sunlight.


About the forms of modern curtains

Universal rectangular shape is the most common. It can be changed at will, using bows, garters, tacks. Curtains decorated with fringe and lambrequins acquire a special unusual shape with a common rectangular design. The same applies to the delicate folds, which are able to change any shape and add volume to it. Such models will look good in the nursery. The Italian form of curtains is a rectangular fabric with tassels or bows along the seam. Suitable for high windows, has the ability to adjust the height to control the degree of illumination of the hall or dining room. Forms with rounded corners add romance to the room. Relevant for bedrooms and living rooms. Also suitable for kitchens, where the length of the curtains should be shortened so that the edges are not soiled and are not exposed to the danger of fire.

Room decoration examples

Drapery with floral decor is matched to the wallpaper or furniture. For example, if the sofa is made in gray tones, then the curtains should be combined with this color. In this case, pillows, casually located at the place of rest, should contain a similar pattern. Looks good combo design. Blue and white colors tested by time. And if you add yellow accents to it, everything will play with sunny colors.

A cobalt shade, the presence of velvet in the elements of furniture, and in some places - a graphic pattern will also help to diversify the classics. Playing on the contrast is always beneficial. Alternatively, you can choose the most shaded corner of the room and place a bright yellow chair there. The same bright inclusions should be on the curtain. Also a good option: Roman curtains with large flowers, interior with monochrome accessories, striking their brightness. Black is sprinkled there, but sporadically.


Living room

Shades of colors on the curtains should correspond not only to the design and style of the furniture, but also to its functional purpose. The living room is not "afraid" of bright combinations and contrast. But it is still better to adhere to the basic rules of decoration. First you should choose the main background, which will prevail in the setting, after which you can proceed to the choice of colors for window drapery. It should be as different as possible from the main tone, preferably not to be brightly intrusive, but vice versa - neutral. In the living room, which is usually always spacious, looks good large pattern, the color of which coincides with the general direction of the color of the entire canvas. If the wallpaper on the walls is too pale and does not catch the eye, you can focus on the curtains, choosing those that are particularly bright pattern.



The kitchen is a place of cooking and quiet privacy. Choosing a drapery product, you need to decide what its main function will be. If it is intended only for the aesthetic design of a window, then translucent, delicate, weightless canvases with barely noticeable small flowers will do. In that case, if the curtains are more needed to adjust the lighting, you can stop at the Roman curtains with flowers of large sizes. But only if the kitchen is extensive with high ceilings. Canvases with pickups, which simultaneously decorate the model, protect it from the burning burner, will be relevant. If the kitchen is made in a classic simple style, the same classic curtains with a pattern that is a few tones lighter than the whole background will fit there. Short curtains with a juicy pattern are considered the most practical and most often used in the kitchen.



The interior design of the bedroom should be mysterious, be muffled, soothe the eye and adjust to rest. This is a place of solitude of one or two people, which means that everything in it should speak about the tastes, peculiarities of life, contain some exclusively individual details. Curtains with flowers bring tranquility, a feeling of home comfort, an atmosphere of relaxation, and are as relevant as anywhere else in the bedroom. They should merge into the overall style and be combined in shades with elements of the bed. For example, if the curtains are soft or dark purple, the bedclothes should be made in the same tone and pattern. The size of the flowers does not play a special role. The main thing is that there are not too many of them, and there is no nalapist feeling.


Pink, soft blue curtains of simple quality fabrics create an atmosphere of security, stability and comfort for children. Small flower adds tenderness. Depending on the gender of the child, you can choose the appropriate shade. These curtains are more suitable for babies or children under 2 years. Older kids will be happy more juicy shades with elements of cartoons. Flowers can be scattered on curtains, as if drawn by a child's hand or made in voluminous computer graphics.


As for tones, it is blue, and purple, and bright purple, and bright lime. If the child has two children, it is necessary to take into account the tastes of each and choose a compromise option. The teenager girl will be pleased with fashionable curtains with the original alternation of colors and geometry, stripes, cells. Focusing on window drapes, it is worth remembering that the wallpaper should be chosen neutral and dull.



Flower ornament - as a reminder of wildlife, freshness of wild flowers, fragrant flower beds, forest glade, will bring in any interior, in any style notes of naturalness, originality, inimitable charm. Sometimes the flowers on the window drapery - the creation of comfort, and sometimes - a romantic atmosphere. The correct combination of curtains with furniture and wallpaper will transform the room, emphasize all its virtues, effectively indicate the presence of high ceilings. It will also help to hide some of the flaws: to correct small dimensions, adding volume due to the small ornament and light coloring, to hide some defects of the walls, window openings, general architecture flaws.

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