Victorian style in the interior

Victorian style in the interior is considered one of the most recognizable around the world. It is characterized by good grace and classic luxury. There is no ridiculous combination of colors or extra flashy details. This style in English is restrained and royally rich. He immediately stands out against the background of other interior styles with noble colors and the quality of the materials used. For such a repair you can not use low-quality cheap materials of dirty colors. Otherwise, it’s not a classic English living room or bedroom, but a parody of them. It is in the Victorian style that the quality of the parts is important. Even small savings, for example, on curtains or floor covering can significantly worsen the overall picture. English interior - expensive. This must be taken into account when budgeting repairs.

The history of the appearance of style

Already by name it can be understood that the Victorian style originated in Great Britain, when Queen Victoria ruled this country, i.e. in the nineteenth century. It was then that the heyday of the bourgeoisie and the industrial development of the British colonies were observed. England was one of the most developed and richest countries. This is exactly what Queen Victoria wanted to emphasize with the decoration of her residence, and then the houses of all the nobility. Minimalism at that time was considered a sign of poverty. In the history of the development of the Victorian style can be distinguished 3 periods: early, middle and late. For the early period is characterized by a mixture of classical and exotic styles. Rich people were able to travel around the world, buy luxury goods in other countries and decorate their own homes in every possible way. The average period of the Victorian style is distinguished by naturalism and the introduction of elements of high art in everyday life. The late period is a mixture of various styles and pronounced deconstruction.


Characteristic features and distinctive features of style

The main feature of the Victorian style is a combination of exotic and classic styles in the interior.

There are many elongated strips of various variegated ornament, arcuate, vertical and horizontal lines. The original ornament and bright exotic accents perfectly complement the English restraint of colors. For the Victorian interior is characterized by the design of rooms in various styles: Gothic, Rococo, Baroque, etc. When describing the Victorian interior, it seems that its creators are afraid of empty space. Each centimeter of the room is filled with something: an embroidery, an unusual figurine, an exotic plant or an old wardrobe. This style is generally characterized by an abundance of high-quality, high-quality furniture made from expensive precious wood. And often it is decorated with gold and precious stones. On the ceiling most often present stucco. The windows are made in the form of arches, they are layered curtains.


Features of design

Victorian interior style is characterized by eclectic confusion. Next to massive wooden furniture, there are fabrics with rather exotic and even frivolous ornaments. In this way, the owner of the house showed not only his own financial reliability and stability, but also originality of thinking. If the house or apartment is made in the Victorian style, then there is no place for fakes of paintings. Most of the paintings should be presented only in the original. Exceptions are reproductions of famous paintings, the originals of which are kept in museums. The Victorian style is characterized by the presence of a fireplace with a wide shelf, on which all sorts of figurines and vases are placed. The fireplace is usually made of granite and placed in the central part of the room. In the living room, you can put the piano on fancy curved legs.


Color spectrum

When decorating living rooms in the Victorian style, colors are chosen according to a contrasting principle. Interior items should not merge with each other, even on a plain background should be a bright spot. But at the same time the choice of the necessary shades is made in the order of their location in the color palette. This approach allows you to create an interior as harmonious and holistic as possible. The color scheme, characteristic of the Victorian style, is largely due to the materials used for interior decoration. This style promotes naturalness, so heavy wooden doors will not be painted in acid shades, cover marble fireplace with red lacquer paint or change shades of natural gemstones. The Victorian style is distinguished by an English sense of proportion, so the following colors are used to create it:

  • brick;
  • red-brown;
  • lavender;
  • burgundy;
  • pale pink;
  • almond;
  • emerald;
  • yellow;
  • light beige, etc.


Materials and methods of finishing

All materials that are used for decorating a room should be as natural as possible. No plastic or synthetic, you can use wood, natural stones, silk, wool and metal. Natural parquet made from expensive wood or high-quality tiles are used as flooring. Doors are selected only wooden, trimmed with brass. The walls can be decorated with fabric wallpaper, but it is better to choose suitable oak panels in the color scheme. But today the Victorian style does not require insanely expensive materials. Thanks to the global trend for the manufacture of environmentally friendly materials today you can find cheap building materials for interior decoration. But they must be of good quality, otherwise the interior will look ridiculous. Some of them can be bought in stores of famous brands during sales.



Walls are an indicator of stability and reliability in any home, so in rooms with a Victorian interior they must be made of high-quality, high-quality materials. If wood is used for wall decoration, then it should be facades only of expensive species: stained oak, walnut, mahogany, etc. The interior, of course, turns gloomy and strict, but in the spirit of the era of the English Queen Victoria. The walls of the living room and bedroom can be decorated with textiles or expensive high-quality wallpaper with recognizable patterns. Often on such wallpaper depict half-dissolved rosebuds, small birds, juicy berries, neat prints or strict vertical stripes. English design allows you to combine textile wallpaper at the top of the wall and wood panels - at the bottom. In the bathroom, it would be appropriate to decorate the walls with expensive classic tiles or engraved panels.

Floor and ceiling

As flooring it is worth using parquet, but today, in order to save, you can use expensive laminate "under the tree". If an old apartment with a pre-revolutionary parquet is being repaired, then it is worthwhile simply to restore the floor, loop the parquet and not change it to laminate. The floor in the room should be of a dark noble color, as an exception, you can put a good carpet of natural wool on it. In the kitchen, for example, a floor made of expensive tiles with an ornament or unusual patterns. The ceiling should be light or even white. It can be simply plastered, painted with white latex or acrylic paints and supplemented with elegant historical stucco. If the budget allows, the ceiling can be decorated with expensive satin fabrics with a symmetrical ornament or light wallpaper for painting.

Windows and doors

Victorian style is characterized by elongated massive windows, but they can be made only in your own home. In a typical apartment will have to beat the existing window openings. Victorian frames should be made of wood. If you do not want to leave the old windows, you can put wooden windows. They are more expensive than plastic, but they fit perfectly into this royal interior. To decorate the windows need to use multi-layer opaque massive curtains of brocade, velvet or silk. For the harmony of the interior shades of curtains and furniture upholstery can be the same. Curtains for the Victorian style is better to do to order, so that they are decorated with elegant fringe or border around the edge. The doors in the Victorian style are made only from expensive quality wood with beautiful inlays.

Choice of furniture

Furniture in the Victorian style is massive and good quality.

It is made from high-quality wood of rare breeds, it looks expensive and elegant. Such furniture has smooth curves of shapes and lines, no right angles or sharp contours. But you should not forget about the combination of different styles. Strict wooden bed in the tradition of the best aristocratic families will be perfectly combined with an oriental wrought-iron table. There is no bed curtain, canopy or curtains. Royal style does not tolerate sliding sofas or chairs. These interior items must be made of wood, upholstered in expensive fabric and inlaid with natural stones. All furniture should be comfortable: high backs are welcome at the chairs, and soft cushions are welcome at the sofas. Storage cabinets should be made of expensive wood with inserts of transparent glass or stained glass.



Since dark shades of colors are sometimes characteristic of the Victorian style, the lighting should be good. This interior is characterized by a classic type of lighting. The central element of lighting is a huge ceiling chandelier with all kinds of inserts and patterns. Often it is made of crystal, but a lot depends on the color palette of the interior. For point illumination of individual areas of the room, wall sconces or floor lamps are used. For a better fit to the XIX century interior, fabric lampshades can be used, but in this case they should be in harmony with the upholstery of furniture and curtains in the room. Since the Victorian style refers to the historical interior, with its design, you can use lamps, stylized candlesticks. For piquancy in the bedroom, you can use candelabra with real candles, but then you should always have a fire extinguisher at home.

Decor and accessories

Victorian style is different saturation accessories. The walls of the room should be decorated with photographs or paintings (originals or status reproductions). Queen Victoria loved fresh flowers. During her reign, flower gardens and greenhouses were practically in every home of wealthy Englishmen, therefore this interior is characterized by an abundance of flowers: real flowers stand in vases, and their images decorate fabric upholstery or wallpaper. All accessories that are used to decorate the premises should be expensive and status. The only exceptions are crafts with their own hands, which make the interior as comfortable as possible. A special place in the Victorian style is china. Porcelain figurines can be put on the mantelpiece, in the closet behind the mirror, or just select individual shelves for them.


Room decoration features

Victorian style is ideal for spacious rooms with high ceilings. It is characterized by eclectic and variegation of ornaments. Each room in a "purely English" house can be decorated in a separate individual style: rococo, baroque, gothic, some ethnic style, etc. But inside the room itself, these styles should not be flattering, it is better to stick to any one direction. The interiors of the rooms are rich and luxurious, which indicates the wealth of the owner of the house. In classic Victorian style, one of the rooms should be converted into a home library. Under the conditions of a typical typical apartment, it is difficult to isolate an isolated room exclusively for reading books, so you can zone a living room or an office by relocating some part of a room as a library.

Living room

Victorian living room emphasizes the rich decoration of the whole house. It is best to decorate it with expensive antiques or furniture according to your own sketches. The main thing is to imitate genuine antiques. The living room is a front room designed to receive guests, so it has the right to be artsy and unnecessarily luxurious. This room is a business card of the owners, evidence of their welfare. The centerpiece of the living room is the fireplace, which in today's conditions may be electric. Opposite him you can put chairs with high backs. Various antique trinkets and accessories, as well as photographs of relatives or watercolor miniatures can be put on the mantelpiece. In addition to the chairs in the living room should be a comfortable sofa with lots of pillows.



The English-style kitchen is distinguished by its luxurious décor and antique decor. All modern technical devices are hidden in functional niches. For this royal interior suitable only set of natural wood. The flooring is parquet, parquet or tile. Kitchen walls can be decorated with natural stone, tile or wood paneling. The apron of the kitchen set can be decorated with tiles to enhance performance. In the center of the kitchen you need to put a massive table made of natural wood with beautiful carved chairs, and above them hang a massive chandelier. This will once again underline the originality and majesty of Victorian design. On the walls of the kitchen is also recommended to post pictures or reproductions of famous paintings.



In such chasms royal personages and aristocrats rested. A comfortable bed made of expensive woods will be suitable as a bed. And it should be double, even if only one person lives in an apartment or house. Victorian style does not make savings. Next to the bed you can put an antique chest and store in it any important little things or bedding. A large beautiful chandelier can be hung above the bed, but do not forget about the bedside lamps, since the main task of the Victorian style is to make the life of a person in the house more comfortable. As for the walls, the ideal solution for the bedroom will be textile or silk wallpaper with hand-painted. To create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, it is recommended to choose bright warm colors, although, for example, the floor or furniture may be dark.

The Victorian bedroom is the classic museum chamber.



The office should be in any Victorian style home. To do this, you can choose a small room with a window. For the working area it is appropriate to use both pastel and saturated colors. In the office should be a good table made of good wood and a chair with a high back. Furniture can have absolutely any shades: chocolate, mahogany, brick, etc. It can also be decorated with precious stones or gilding. Classic wood panels are suitable for wall decoration, and parquet or high-quality laminate flooring. If necessary, you can throw an expensive carpet of natural materials on the floor. When there is no possibility to allocate a whole room for a library, part of the cabinet can play the role of a library corner with a massive bookcase, a small coffee table and an easy chair.


Hall / corridor

The entrance hall refers to the main rooms of the house, so you should try very hard to design it. The corridor is the first thing that guests see. The task of the style of Queen Victoria from the very first minutes to let them know that they were in a luxurious house with antiques. The interior of the hallway can even be a little elaborate. In the decoration of the room should not use modern materials.

All furniture should be made of wood or metal only. On the walls are welcome paintings in beautiful wooden frames and lamps, decorated with antique. In the Victorian hallway can not be halogen or LED lamps or spotlights. The interior of the room should resemble the old England of the XIX century. From the characteristic elements of the Victorian style for the hallway can be noted:

  • large round mirror;
  • a coffee table on which stands a vase of flowers;
  • comfortable chair with high back;
  • stand under the umbrellas.

Bathroom and toilet

The Victorian bathroom is distinguished by its special elegance and English aristocracy. It should be as light as possible, although dark shades can be used for the flooring. For walls it is recommended to use tiles with oriental ornaments, heraldry or Scottish cells. If the bathroom has a window, then it can be decorated with stained glass windows. In order for the bathroom to comply with the general principles of the Victorian style, it must contain red and brown tones.

As for the bath itself, it is better to choose the model "antique" on the curved copper legs. In the classic Victorian bathroom there should be a fireplace, but in an ordinary apartment it will be very difficult to do. For lighting fit classic ceiling chandelier and large sconces in the form of chandeliers. Toilet, as a rule, is made out by a separate section.


Victorian style is suitable for country cottages and large apartments, but in miniature one-room apartments or studios it will be cramped. В маленьких помещениях он теряется и теряет свое величие, для них лучше использовать иные интерьерные решения.This is the aristocratic style of the royals, so anyone who dares to use it should be ready for big expenses and long repairs. For the Victorian style is characterized by elegance, luxury and richness of the interior. Eclecticism makes it possible to experiment and use different materials. The important point: you need to correctly combine colors and use only high-quality materials. A real completeness to the interior will give exotic accessories and objects of painting. In the room, made in the Victorian style, should not be free space: everything is occupied by any interior items.

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