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Decorative crafts will open the channel of the potential of fantasy flowing out of you, clogged by the abyss of everyday life decades ago. The process of generating a tiny miracle with your own hands gives rise to the enthusiasm of the occupation and the conviction of the need to complete the started, despite the difficulties and obstacles encountered in the process. It doesn't matter if the original result turns out to be a simple knickknack with curved corners and sloppy gluing. Looking at him, you will plunge into the unknown depths of creativity. The first attempt at needlework will be a wild, unexplored world, sometimes disappointing, but thirsty to explore and explore its beneficial regions in turn. If you indulge in an unusual passion, you will get a chance to brag to your friends with gleaned skills and non-trivial achievements. Do not lose the chance to experience yourself in an unusual incarnation, and you will be rewarded with rich impressions.

Variety and variety of crafts

The basis of the future creation can take paper, glass, plastic, stone, wood, plywood, epoxy, fabric and thread. Crafts are made by drawing or improvisation. In paper projects, the drawing function is performed by a circuit or a thorough algorithm for assembling individual parts into one. When building a realistic paper machine model, scaling the components and the order of their merging are of paramount importance, we cannot do without a detailed guide. The papier-mâché sculpture only requires the shape you want to create. In sketchbooking, it is better to use a combination of a template and creative fiction. For handicrafts made from natural and synthetic raw materials in the initial stages of manufacturing, a product plan is indispensable. The volume and intricacy of processing materials force a start from sketches until the acquired skill does not allow to be guided only by imagination, acquired skills and intuition.


Garden crafts

Cottage - a quiet corner of eternal stability. Even the long hands of omniscient responsibilities fall short of the monastery of rustic comfort. Service and family troubles round the side of this little Eden. Not surprisingly, I want to personally add attractive exterior elements to it. Old bald tires, covered with high-quality paint, will shine a fascinating novelty. Try on the role of jolly fencing or children's swing. Wooden crafts will look safe and majestically, whether it is luxurious garden furniture or miniature, decorated with carved pendants. Flat decorative stones will be allowed to form an artificial pond, alpine slide, to fall asleep paths, gracefully passing through the garden. Any materials at hand, having them in sufficient quantities, is easy to find application. Decorate the garden area will help anything, starting with the remnants of building materials and ending with the accumulated debris.

Unusual nesting boxes or feeders with their own hands

The usual device for feeding birds will become a stylish accessory and attract envious glances of neighbors and passersby. Original design boast products in the form of:

  • dollhouse;
  • cartoon characters;
  • authentic houses of different nations;
  • wicker baskets;
  • household items adapted for the feeder;
  • entirely made of Lego.

The procedure for building a birdhouse will be as follows:

  • Find out which birds are most common in your area. Based on the information received, determine the size of the finished product. Pay special attention to the diameter of the hole or perch;
  • Select the material available in finance, the available processing tools and the level of your skills;
  • Make an initial sketch;
  • Translate the sketch into a full-size drawing;
  • Cut or carve the details on the outline of the scheme;
  • To fasten the elements of crafts;
  • To decorate a feeding trough, achieving the correct entourage.

Wood crafts

Garden furniture - large-scale and multifunctional crafts. Tables and stools are used for their intended purpose and for non-ordinary purposes. If you are afraid to sit on your creation, and a glass of water on the table immediately indicates differences in the length of the legs - do not be upset. Put on the headset pots of flowers, funny sculptures, and your failure will become a bright attribute of the summer cottage. Diversify the interior of the house by personally designed elegant photo frames and panels. Close ones will approve of your hobby. Wreaths on the door - not originally Western tradition. The custom of decorating the entrance is the spirit of the Slavic peoples. Already envious of the beauty of your plot, the summer residents will melt when they see how warmly they are welcomed from the very entrance. The wreath symbolizes the power of the heavenly body, one glance at its impeccably circular form is enough to pacify.

Cement crafts

Cement is a durable and reliable material. By purchasing silicone molds with the letters of the alphabet, pour cement into them and get the opportunity to decorate the site with any word or phrase. Stone letters are suitable for use as supports, supports or fences. Concrete balls adorning numerous squares and parks are accessible to everyone, albeit in a slightly smaller version, taking the shabby useless ball as a form. Along the edges of the paths in the garden, cement candlesticks look spectacular. If your beloved neighbor still doesn’t like your hospitality and decided to appropriate the elements of the décor, you can strengthen them with the help of the same cement, protecting them from such bad incidents.

Having the forms of a suitable configuration, absolutely any sculpture will come out of the mineralite.


Master class openwork ball for the garden

If a designer minimalist country house, together with simple stone blocks, looks like a hospital building, the cement balls are obliged to correct the panorama with grace and filigree. The process of making an openwork ball for a garden with the help of a ball, cement and rope is painted in detail.

  • Get a strong balloon or rubber baby ball;
  • Inflate it;
  • Replace the cement with sand in a ratio of two to one. By adding more sand, you will find that the product is peeling off and falling apart;
  • Dip the rope into the mortar, leaving one tip on top;
  • Starting from the pending end, wind the rope in the cement onto the ball, trying to distribute the angles of inclination and the layers of the overlay evenly;
  • When the mixture hardens, burst the ball and pull it out through the hole between the winding rings;
  • The result of the work will be a sophisticated elegant lace sphere.


Crafts from fabric and thread

Various natural or synthetic matter is used for applications, the creation of artificial flowers, tacks and stands, amulets, installations of fabric. You will be able to master all the techniques associated with stapling the patches just by completing the design of a soft toy.

  • First, we prepare a sketch or look for a finished product, the tailoring of which I would like to produce;
  • We draw the shape of all the details of the craft;
  • Scale elements of the pattern in the natural size;
  • We outline the contours of the obtained components on the fabric;
  • Cut the workpiece;
  • We sew the front and back side of the parts of the toy, attaching them with facial parts.

Do not forget to leave a hole for turning fragments.

  • We fill the components turned out with cotton wool, foam rubber or foam;
  • It remains only to carefully sew up the remaining holes and connect them into the finished product.

Crafts from glass bottles

Throw away used glass bottles? Impermissible waste. The variety of colors of the bottles, their brilliance and transparency, rounded shapes, resembling a female silhouette make these vessels an ideal option for decorating the cottage. Having made a decoupage of the former haven of wine, you can use it as a vase, flower pots, street lamps. Asymmetric separation of the lower and upper parts of the bottle will allow both to be used as candlesticks. Not sure how to cut the glass? Fifteen minutes of work and no fancy tools.

  • Take a thick, preferably woolen thread and wet it well in a combustible mixture (alcohol, vodka, dye);
  • Wrap a thick layer of thread contour, which is going to divide the container;
  • Burn the thread and give it a good burn. In the process, twist the bottle along the horizontal axis so that the glass is well heated;
  • As soon as the thread burns out, quickly dip the vessel in cold water. It will crack the location of the thread;
  • The edges of the resulting parts should be treated with sandpaper, so that, putting a candle, inadvertently get hurt.

Crafts from metal cans

From the cans you can make a convenient shelf for small parts in the garage, assemble a suitable organizer for the kitchen, twist picturesque charms out of tin stripes. Large aluminum barrels are decorated with waterproof paint and are used for cooling on a hot day if there is no pond or river nearby. From a food metal can you can instantly make a lamp if the lamp of Ilyich sticking out of the wall no longer inspires. The algorithm is simple:

  • Bend a piece of hard wire into the shape of a mirror stand;
  • Cut through the banks in the middle of two holes from opposite sides, thread the tips of the stand into them and twist tight;
  • Making a hole in the bottom of the can, with a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the cartridge;
  • Insert the cartridge and screw in the lamp.

Check the wire insulation well. It can save your life!

Crafts from cereals, coffee and pasta

Products made up of small elements, in the manufacturing process, calm and relax, put in order the nervous system, make it possible for the whole being to feel how the individual elements are combined into one. Show how insignificant one detail, compared with their totality. From cereals, coffee and pasta obtained excellent mosaic.

  • First, the fragments of the composition must be painted. Pasta and light cereals are painted in gouache or watercolor. Acrylic is suitable for other components;
  • Spread the components of crafts by color;
  • Apply the selected illustration to the work surface, paint or mark where you plan to use which shade;
  • Cover patches of the same color with a thick layer of paste, place processed croup of the corresponding color on them, wait until the craft is dry;
  • Repeat the previous paragraph until the end of the work.


Crafts from plastic bottles and disposable tableware

Items made of plastic are durable, flexible and durable. Of them, even a schoolboy without effort will make a pretty piggy bank, a casket, a tree, turn the dishes into a colorful animal or an insect. The availability and cheapness of plastic utensils allows you to collect masterpieces: carnival masks and costumes by imposing details on the part. The scales of the fairytale little mermaid or the armor of the brave knight to celebrate Halloween and the New Year are simple.

  • Paint plastic spoons from a spray can;
  • Draw a flat line on the bottom of the clothes to be decorated, along which the colored scales will pass;
  • Using a pistol to stick spoons in a row, as close as possible to each other;
  • Apply layer after layer, moving slightly to the side;
  • At the end of the formation of the suit handle spoons, sticking out from above, carefully cut.


Crafts from natural materials

Nature is a generous soul. She presents the best materials for needlework at any time of the year, throwing them right under her feet. Alas, not everyone knows how to dispose of her wealth. Hit parade of cute autumn hand-made exhibits opens bear teddy bears.

  • We select the largest of the available cones and adapt it to the body;
  • Four identical pine gifts glue as paws. Depending on the connection, our clumsy can sit, stand, or even wave five;
  • We take a more rounded bump for the head and two small ears;
  • We draw a pretty face.

Acorns wonderfully suitable for the creation of ships and men. "Cap" pod plays the role of the nose of the frigate. The match serves as a mast. Parts of the body of people and animals from acorns are also connected with matches. Dried leaves of different colors, covered with paint, leave magic autumn prints on paper. Ikebana combine many natural elements - there is something to experiment. Dried flowers come out great bouquets.



The origami technique allows for fantastic metamorphosis - to turn flat, faceless sheets of paper into any three-dimensional shapes. Kusudama (a ball of flowers) is a pattern of modular origami, suitable for any style of room. Modules tapering from the second end when glued together form flowers. And those, in turn, are connected in a ball.

  • Determining how many petals are needed for a flower, and how many flowers are included in the composition, calculate the number of blanks for the modules;
  • Fold all the modules on the model of the presented manufacturing technology;
  • Expand flat structures, making them voluminous, even the folds where they should not be;
  • Combine the resulting petals into whole plant buds;
  • Collect with the help of threads an even ball so that the narrow parts of the modules are in its center.



Needlework - a secret new life in which you will become a completely different person, will discover in yourself the hidden talents hidden under the guise of ordinariness. This is a hobby that will help decorate the cottage, give it more comfort. Hand-made objects are distinguished by high functionality, characteristics inherent to your character and personality. In old age, you will show to grandchildren in old age not payments from a highly paid job, but a fighter model created over several months. It will be especially valuable to attract all your relatives and friends to your passion. Inspire them on their own creations. Crafts will cause pride in your family and your own achievements. And the suburban area, decorated with the fruits of hard work, will find individual design and harmony with the surrounding nature.

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