Interior design kitchen 11 square. m

The kitchen is no longer just a cooking room. It became perhaps the most multifunctional room of a house or apartment. The design of the modern room, be it a kitchen or a living room, reflects the active lifestyle of most families. Consider how to equip kitchen design 11 square meters. m, making it comfortable and rational.

Features of kitchen design planning

The basic rules of interior formation - practicality, aesthetics and functionality - are also relevant for kitchens. A sign of a well-chosen furniture set is its color. If you have to cook a lot and for a long time, it is better to choose furniture in cold colors. With a lack of lighting should pay attention to the bright, "sunny" colors. The kitchen is the center of the house, so its atmosphere should create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and peace.


An integral part of a successful design is the correct selection of materials from which the furniture is made. Most often, use furniture based on MDF or chipboard, at least - massive wood. In modern interiors, materials such as plastic, high-strength glass or metal are increasingly used.

Select the type of layout

Design of the kitchen room in 11 "squares" - the task is not so difficult, but there is a limit to any fantasy. The designer is faced with the task of arranging the room in such a way that it looks as stylish as possible, not at the expense of functionality. Consider the most common options for planning.

Single row

Placing kitchen furniture along the wall in one row is the most popular option. It is optimal for placement in the shape of an elongated rectangle, with a width of 2 m or less. Eating area is best placed near the end wall (it is advisable to purchase a square table). If the table has an elongated shape, it can be placed against the wall opposite the kitchen furniture. As for the color range of furniture, it is better to choose light objects, since they do not “compress” the space visually.

Double row

Double-row, headset placement is well suited for rooms in the form of a strongly elongated rectangle. It is advisable a clear separation of the two zones: working and eating. The most appropriate placement of furniture along parallel walls in kitchens with a balcony. Dining table and chairs can be carried out on the loggia. There you can also place a refrigerator. Inconvenient room-case will be at the same time incredibly harmonious.



This is the optimal placement of furniture for square kitchens in eleven "squares". In this case, the furniture set is placed on 3 walls at once. If space allows, you can place a dining table in the middle of the kitchen.


This solution is different functionality and convenience. The working area at the same time takes 2 adjacent walls. This option is suitable for kitchen rooms of all shapes and sizes. Its benefits include:

  • Increase in working space, due to use of a corner.
  • Ergonomic, compact in combination with spaciousness. Most of the corner sets are equipped with "roundabouts" in several tiers - rotating devices for placing kitchen utensils. The doors of the carousel lockers are made foldable, so they open and close freely.
  • Corner modules are convenient for placing the sink. This is all the more convenient because communications are in the corner. If a washing machine is located nearby, it will be convenient to connect it.


  • Convenience zoning. In this case, the cooking zone is located in one of the corners, and the food intake zone is in the opposite. It is equipped with a table and chairs. It is convenient to use the bar as a delimiter. This option is suitable for young active people seeking to implement innovative and modern interior solutions. In the 11-meter kitchen, the bar counter can also be used as a work surface. It can serve as a dining table if necessary.
  • Appearance appeal. Corner set fits perfectly in a penalty interior, modern or classic.

Kitchen decoration

The kitchen is a room with a special microclimate. Therefore, its design should be comfortable, practical and beautiful at the same time. What kind of finishing materials best tolerate high humidity, soot and temperature changes, are well cleaned of dirt?

Ceiling decoration

For kitchen ceilings, as a rule, apply this finish:

  • Whitewash, staining. It is simple in execution, very cheap finish. In addition, the bleached ceiling is eco-friendly, because it does not interfere with air exchange. Paint the ceiling in the kitchen is even easier. This can be done with your own hands. The disadvantage of these types of finishes is fragility.
  • Drywall For decorating kitchen ceilings using moisture-resistant varieties. The material is quickly and easily mounted, looks beautiful, has a relatively low cost. There are also disadvantages: drywall does not tolerate temperature changes. He spoiled when flooded.

  • Pasting by wall-paper. Wallpaper cloths are inexpensive, hide defects on the surface. Washing wallpaper is easy to clean. Minus - certain difficulties during installation. In addition, when accidentally flooded from above, the wallpaper turns out to be damaged.
  • Tension structures.
  • Plastic. Cheap and practical material. It is extremely durable and will tolerate even the bay from above. However, it looks too simple.
  • Rack ceilings of special slats - a beautiful and expensive decor. At the same time, it is possible to mount the rack structure with your own hands. The color scheme can be any. The most common options are metallic, golden and white.


Wall decoration

The load on the kitchen surface is large. Humidity, temperature drops, soot and greasy spray have a negative effect on them. Therefore, the requirements for finishing materials for walls. In addition to the beautiful view, they should keep the decorative look as long as possible. The following finishes are possible:

  • Tile. It is strong, durable, easy to clean and very aesthetic material. The tile can be glossy, smooth, matte or texture. The material is mainly used for working apron, combining it with painted, wallpapering or plastered walls.
  • Glass apron, plastic panels. Unlike a tile or mosaic with many seams, such a surface is smooth and it is very easy to wash it.
  • Coloring. Paint - affordable and practical material. In addition, you can experiment with the color scheme using one of the walls as an accent. The best paint for the kitchen - glossy waterproof. Its easiest to wash.
  • Wallpaper. Another popular way to design a kitchen interior. Ordinary paper sheets should not be used, since they are afraid of moisture and literally "preserve" odors. The best option is wallpaper with vinyl coating, paper or non-woven base. They are easy to clean from contamination, and durable modern glue will not allow them to peel off from moisture.


  • Decorative plaster. There are many varieties of this finish (water, anhydrous, polymer, Venetian, with marble chips, sand and lime, etc.).
  • Fake diamond. The use of artificial finishing stone is an excellent alternative to ceramics and wallpapering of walls. It can be a wall completely lined with stone or a corner insert. In any case, it will turn out beautifully. Decorative stone is the best suited for zoning rooms and creating accents, design door and balcony openings.
  • MDF panels. Plywood - durable, reliable and relatively inexpensive material. It does not swell from high humidity, is unattractive to molds and bacteria. In the kitchen, veneered or painted panels are used for finishing.
  • Flexible stone. This is a sandstone roll material. This mineral is applied with a thin layer to fiberglass. The material is easy to install, resistant to external influences and environmentally friendly. In addition, the design is unusual.

Floor decoration

The kitchen is a very special room. There are a variety of events: from cooking and eating to noisy children's games. They constantly drop something on the floor and spill it, we have to accept it. Requirements for kitchen floors are quite harsh:

  • Ease of care, hygiene. The floor is polluted every day, is exposed to moisture and household chemicals.
  • Resistant to moisture. In terms of constant humidity, the kitchen is second only to the bathroom.
  • Wear resistance. The coating should not quickly lose its attractive appearance from external influences.
  • Impact resistance. The floor should not be damaged by a casserole or knife accidentally dropped.
  • Cost
  • Aesthetics, compatibility with other finishing materials and furniture.
  • Easy installation.


In the kitchen at 11 meters it is possible to use such materials (and combinations of them):

  • Ceramic tile;
  • Linoleum;
  • Laminate;
  • Natural stone;
  • Porcelain stoneware.

Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, they fully meet the specified requirements.

Space zoning

As a rule, in the composition of the kitchen there are 2 functional areas:

  • Worker;
  • For meals.


To distinguish between these zones, you can use finishing materials on the floor and walls, two-level ceiling structures, and a bar counter. Natural distinction is obtained in kitchens with a balcony, when one of the functional areas (food intake) is transferred there. This option - from the series of "non-standard" - is often chosen by young families.

Color solutions

You can choose shades, guided only by your own preferences and ideas. However, in order to avoid mistakes and not to create an indistinct motley spot instead of an interior, you should use these secrets:

  • In the 11-meter kitchen fit cool shades. To create a successful color palette, it is enough to operate with four or five shades.
  • The use of monochrome combinations makes the space wider. Experiments with contrasts, on the contrary, make the room visually smaller.
  • If the kitchen windows are facing north, it is advisable to use tones of yellow and orange. For kitchens with southeastern and southern direction windows are more suitable tones of blue, green or blue.
  • It is necessary to take into account the age of family members. Young people prefer bright colors, the elderly like a more relaxed tone.


Kitchen design 11 square. m in different styles

Choosing the right style is a great way to create a beautiful interior to your own taste, as well as pleasantly surprise guests. Recently, more and more people choose modern styles for the kitchen, concise and comfortable.

Contemporary - a combination of different styles. It involves the use of comfortable, not too expensive furniture. The color spectrum is neutral: gray, white or beige.

Ecostyle. Its main concept is the human desire not to harm nature. Therefore, the use of not only natural materials, but also products of their secondary raw materials (old flooring boards) is welcomed here. The decor can serve as phyto walls of climbers or high floor flowers in flowerpots or tubs.


Loft. This style traditionally involves a huge room, so the standard 11 "squares" for him is clearly not enough. But no one will interfere with borrowing for the decoration of a small kitchen separate elements of the loft interior. For example, you can leave open ventilation communications without boxes, stylize furniture as hastily knocked out of scrap materials. The accent wall or arches is trimmed with decorative brick or roughly plastered.

Hi-tech - fashionable cheeky style. Plastic furniture in combination with glass and metal is a great option for a modern room. The decor respects the traditions of minimalism. They are almost or completely absent.

If you are not ready for radical changes, you can combine classics or pretentious modern with any of the modern trends. Even incompatible styles are often combined very original, not to mention the similar in spirit directions.

Decor and textiles

From textiles for the kitchen best rolled, corrugated curtains or blinds. The material must be chosen so that it is easy to clean. For curtains, polyester is the best option.

As a decor use pictures, posters, and also houseplants. Do not get involved in decorative bunches of onions, peppers and garlic. Initially, these decorations look beautiful, but quickly become soiled and lose their attractiveness. Fitted in the kitchen and TV, if this is the place for evening family (and not only) get-togethers.

Kitchen furniture

For the manufacture of furniture in the kitchen, in addition to wood and chipboard, MDF plywood and multiplex are used. Wood is the most prestigious and expensive material. For the manufacture of kitchen sets using more than 40 wood species. The tree is dried by a special technology, treated with a protective composition and applied a coating layer.

Chipboard with MDF is much cheaper and more economical than wood. The variant with MDF is better and more preferable, since it is stronger and more environmentally friendly than a chipboard. MDF is convenient in processing and allows to receive the most various forms and configurations. Recently, the industry produces environmentally friendly moisture-resistant chipboard. The coating can be laminated or melamine.


Multiplex is a thin section of wood, interconnected with glue. It is a material that is resistant to deformation, and is ideal for kitchen cabinet furniture. True, such a headset can not be called cheap. Remarkably looks furniture from the multiplex, decorated with wood and glass. Upholstered in the kitchen and upholstered furniture.

A multifunctional corner in a small apartment can simultaneously serve as a guest sofa. Use the sofa and as a place to store things. If space allows, you can place a small couch.

An important element of the kitchen in the 11 square meters - countertop. They are made of wood, metal, laminated chipboard, natural or decorative stone, tempered glass, etc. The choice of a particular material depends on the financial capacity of the owner of the room and his individual taste.

Lighting and lighting

The most common mistake in organizing kitchen lighting in a private house or apartment is the use of only one light fixture. Tips for professionals in lighting design will help you avoid common mistakes:

  • Plan the location of the fixtures in advance. It is important to think about the lighting in functional areas.
  • The shortest safe distance from the switches and outlets from the water is 0.6 m.
  • There should be more than one light source. For example, the dining area can be illuminated with a hanging device, and as an additional source to use sconces. It does not interfere with lighting cabinets and decorative lighting.
  • Carefully selected light helps correct unsuccessful room geometry. Lamps placed along the wall, make the kitchen more visually voluminous. A sconce with upward light visually lift the ceiling. If the ceilings are very high, you can use a massive pendant lamp (for example, for a kitchen-living room).
  • Do not forget to save electricity. The most energy-efficient devices - LED. In comparison with incandescent bulbs, energy consumption is reduced to 90%.


Savings and contributes to the use of dimmers that regulate illumination.


Self-development of kitchen furniture of any square footage is a fascinating business, and it is very easy to get into a design rage. But, if you feel that you are sorely lacking in knowledge, contact professional designers to create an interior design project.

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