Decorative bridge for the garden +50 photos

According to the tradition of landscape design, a decorative bridge is made over "dry" streams and artificial ponds. Such a design can take bizarre forms, and may look like a standard bridge in miniature. The choice of the type of bridge and its decor depends on the idea of ​​the design of the entire suburban area.

Varieties of designs

Installing the bridge on the site is not only aesthetic, but also practical function. Bridges are installed where it is necessary to step over something or bypass an obstacle.
Among the various types of designs are the following:

  • Wooden;
  • Bamboo;
  • Stone;
  • Metallic;
  • Concrete.

These are the most used materials in the construction of vertical structures and elevations. They are commercially available, so constructing a bridge with their help is not difficult.

Also, the bridges are divided into those on which you can walk, and those that carry only a decorative load. Decorative options are usually small. They are made in those places where you want to diversify the monotonous landscape as much as possible with non-boring accents.



Wooden products naturally fit into any landscape. They harmoniously complement the space around, making the appearance of the site even more interesting.
The advantages of wooden structures include such aspects as:

  • Ease of preparation and assembly;
  • Eco-friendly material;
  • Ease of construction;
  • Long service life;
  • Opportunities for decor.

The most common timber for such bridges is pine. Variants are made more expensive from oak, ash and cedar. Wooden bridge can be painted in any color. Its shape can be made more sloping or flat. A repair of such a bridge will be inexpensive.



Bamboo designs look delicate and delicate. They fit perfectly into the landscape design of the garden and open area. If there is an eastern corner in the country, then the bamboo version of the bridge will be just the way.

The plot, designed in Japanese style, just will not look complete, if it does not have a bamboo bridge. Lightweight and airy material is strong enough to withstand long life. And its appearance reminds of the beauty of oriental gardens and parks.



Stone options are considered one of the most durable. They fit perfectly into the European landscape style. Look thoroughly and presentable. Such bridges are well combined with other stone structures on the site.

The simplest version of the stone bridge is the location of boulders above a stream or pond. The landscape in the antique style will require more subtle work. Therefore, you can use marble or granite. And the construction itself can be built using publicly available drawings and cement.



Metal bridges will decorate the plot in the Gothic style. They are also suitable for modern style. And forged options are perfectly combined with romantic notes in the landscape of the site.

Metal constructions can be bought in a specialized shop, or you can weld them yourself. Such a bridge has a long service life. Not afraid of serious temperature changes. Easily combined with other materials.

Metal to create a bridge for those who do not like change. The material can stand on the site for decades. And to change its shape is quite difficult. Therefore, metal bridges like true conservatives.



Products from concrete belong to the most durable objects of a decor. Next to them, fountains and artificial water tanks are equipped to highlight the beauty of concrete bridges.
To make such a bridge high, you need to build metal reinforcement into its structure. Low options can be created from solid concrete blocks.

Concrete bridges have not only a decorative function, you can walk without fear and walk around and transport a trolley with tools. A properly designed bridge can withstand heavy loads.


Accommodation options

Where to place the decorative bridge so that it becomes a bright accent of the landscape? Make it better in the following areas:

  • Near lakes, ponds, streams;
  • In natural ravines and ditches;
  • Over dry streams;
  • Next to the flower beds, rockeries and flower beds;
  • Over paths and paths.

Sometimes such structures are placed as a continuation of the track on the hilly terrain. Step bridges make right in the water. A part of the construction of suspension bridges is installed under the water.

The design of the bridge according to the rules should be placed above the narrowest part of the track or stream. A small bridge is not made high, so it will not look harmonious. Traditionally, a large wooden walkway can be raised to a considerable height. Then you can even fish from such a bridge, if the landowner is interested in fishing and all its derivatives.

Metal is installed on flat surfaces. And stone options are built into the earth walls and edges near the water. The tree can be placed on any piece of garden or lawn. Similar decorations are good for terraces.


The choice of form and design of the structure

The choice of design of the bridge construction begins with a detailed study of the site. When a place under the bridge is determined, you can simply check the relevance of its placement. It is enough to photograph the site and put on the photo a schematic design drawing. It is also possible to place the drawn bridge on the plot plan to see how it fits into the overall concept of the landscape.

After the place for placement is checked, it is necessary to select a specific type of structure. Consider the most common options:

StraightEasily made by hand, fits different styles and directions.
ZigzagIntroduces an oriental flavor into the plot, mounted from durable and wear-resistant materials.
ArchedIt has a familiar look, combined with different landscape styles.
Step by stepSuitable for streams, dry and real ponds.
SteppedFits perfectly into the concept of a children's corner on the site, is performed in the form of two ladders with a common area in the middle.
SuspensionIt is installed by professionals, as it is a complex structure with increased danger during operation.

Direct installation options are installed together with a drain for water. In the wooden footbridge - this is the gap between the boards. Stone bridges involve the use of a drain chute.

Zigzag designs in oriental style are treated with antiseptics. Additional protective equipment is used when such a bridge is installed near the water.

The bearing beams of the arched structure are initially selected to be curved. So the appearance of the bridge looks really correct and sloping.

Exclusive step-by-step designs are made from flat natural stones of suitable size. The distance between them is selected in such a way that it is convenient to walk along them without getting your feet wet.

Landscape version of the stepped design mounted on a dais. Here the main task of the bridge lies in its review function.

Suspension bridges are placed on stilts in the water. Therefore, the foundation for them must be strong and durable.

Suspended structures are not installed in areas with high seismic activity due to the high probability of displacement of seams of land beneath them.

In general, each type of bridge can be successfully and organically placed on a site of any type. Summer residents prefer small wooden versions, and owners of spacious areas choose long and intricate products.

Master class make a bridge of wood

Make the bridge yourself and cheaply quite possible. The most inexpensive material for this type of landscape decoration is wood. Some craftsmen manage to construct a complete bridge from scrap materials, such as boards from an old barn. But to enhance the design aesthetics, as well as to increase its strength, it is worth using specially purchased boards.

Before starting work, a suitable place is chosen. Then a work plan is drawn up, a detailed drawing of the product is drawn. For a wooden bridge do not need to pour concrete foundation or install piles. Do not forget about the gaps between the boards. After all, they will save the design from excessive moisture and moisture.

The basis of the self-made walkway is two wooden beams, the length of which varies in the region of two meters. Curved make them with a jigsaw. The rest of the structure will be attached to these beams.

To increase the stability under the bridge, you can install special wooden supports. The banks of the reservoir, over which the bridge will pass, are reinforced in advance with stone or cement. When pouring concrete, you can immediately install a pile of wood in it, so as not to support the bridge separately.

After installation of the entire structure, a fence is mounted on it. This detail can be bilateral and one-sided. It not only increases the safety of the bridge, but also serves as its decoration.

The wooden flooring of the bridge is made of planks, the thickness of which must be at least 3 cm.

The final part of the work on the bridge is its lighting. At night, the bridge without lighting is dangerous to cross. Therefore, you can install solar garden lights near it, it is still possible to use LEDs. Illumination of the product may be different. Sometimes at decorative bridges illuminate the steps, there are options for lanterns that are placed under water. With the standard lighting method, street lamps with long legs are chosen. They best cope with their lighting function. When the bridge is installed at the house, it can be illuminated with lanterns from the terrace or balcony.

At will the wooden bridge can be decorated with a layer of varnish or wood carving. It is best to impregnate it with an antiseptic in a collapsible form, so the joints of parts will be less susceptible to decay and will last longer.

Places of construction that will be in continuous contact with water must be carefully insulated with special materials, otherwise the base of the bridge will be shaky and quickly deteriorate.


The decorative bridge is a huge space for creativity, a functional thing and a real decoration of the site. You can make a drawing of this design yourself, but it is best to turn to professionals. They will be able to offer different versions of bridges for every taste and wallet. And there are a lot of variants in the world: bridges with pallets, decorative structures with mosaic supports, forged footbridges and many other variations. And many of these options are suitable for different landscape styles.

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