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The acquisition of a country house or its construction from scratch is becoming increasingly popular. The tradition to have a family nest, the estate is rooted in the past. Previously, only wealthy citizens could afford it. The monumental buildings in which childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age of many generations of the same family took place were imbued with memories. Dumb witnesses of the cycle of others' lives, they were built for centuries. Now the suburban mansions with cold stone walls, high ceilings and dark walls have been replaced by light, modern country houses.

They are intended not so much for permanent residence as for rest from the city rush. This is not about ordinary village cottages, which serve only as a “box” for storing old things and garden tools, but about full houses: with all the amenities and cozy rooms inside. It is not only pleasant to come to them yourself, but also not ashamed to bring guests. If the hallway acts as a "first step" to the interior of the house, the living room is his face. This face should be well-groomed, beautiful and decorated with taste. Let's talk about the interior of the living room in a country house in more detail.

Planning rules

The country house provides its owners with a unique opportunity to plan not only the facade, but also the internal placement of rooms. The living room should be spacious. It represents a real “transportation hub” of the whole dwelling, where all the “roads” of the house lead. This corridor room leads to the common room; there is access to the kitchen and other rooms. The staircase to the second floor also begins in the living room. The design of the room should be based on the composition of the family. The common rest area is intended not only for guests, but also for households. The room should be without obstacles to create conditions for a comfortable rest for all. For the basic principle, you can take the thesis "not to push your elbows and do not disturb anyone."

It doesn’t matter whether the room is large or small, it should still harmoniously accommodate all the interior at a certain distance from each other. If the living room is combined with a kitchen or dining room, it is worthwhile to conditionally outline a decorative wall or arch that will divide the space into different functional areas. In a country house with a view of beautiful country or forest landscapes, it is better to opt for French windows in the floor. They will give an overview of the beauty, give access to the room a lot of natural light and add a sense of openness. After you decide on the main areas and furniture, you can conditionally sketch out a planning project. Begin, as correctly, with large interior items. There are three main types of layout:

  • Corner;
  • Parallel;
  • U-shaped.

Before planning, determine the compositional center of the room. In country houses in his role serves the fireplace. Based on this conditional "axis", place a group of chairs and a sofa. When installing video equipment, consider the angle of incidence of the sun's rays, so that watching movies does not prevent anything. Between the furniture and door, window openings leave 10-15 cm. Between large pieces of furniture keep a distance of 50 cm.



At the planning stage, the living room is conventionally divided into functional zones. They are purely individual, depending on the leisure of each particular family, but allocate universal platforms:

  • Sleeping place;
  • Movie viewing area;
  • Corner for leisure and reading;
  • Prikaminnaya playground and fireplace;
  • Work zone.

The common family room can be considered as an extra bed with a large gathering of guests, so a folding sofa will save the situation on major holidays. The sleeping area is combined with a platform for watching movies. The transforming sofa can be displayed only in cases of urgent need. Fireplace - hot "heart" of a country house, which creates a unique comfort. If it is present, everything in the room will “stretch” to this small but attractive compositional axis of the room. A reading and leisure corner is combined with a working area. If the house does not have a separate office, then it is the place in the living room.


What style is suitable for a living room in a country house?

It is incorrect to speak about any one “correct” style. The design of the living room and the whole house is developed on the basis of the taste preferences of its owners. The inner “filling” of such a dwelling can be, both cold and modern hi-tech, as well as with country comfort. Let us highlight the top five trends in design, which are now popular or have taken a higher position “out of fashion”.

Provence style plays colors of the French hinterland. He is family-friendly and has a southern touch. For Provence characteristic:

  • Only light colors in the furniture and walls, ceiling;
  • The abundance of delicate floral patterns;
  • Forged furniture;
  • Decor elements "antique";
  • Natural materials with a natural texture;
  • The abundance of small, "cozy" parts.

Chalet style was born in the Alps. It is ideal for wooden houses from a bar. The chalet has a natural shade of "hunting" house: rough, but at the same time reliable and practical. Many designers do not recognize this trend as an independent style, they consider it a branch of country music. For decoration of premises use:

  • The combination of two materials: wood and stone;
  • The abundance of fur, animal skins, coarse fabrics;
  • High ceilings with exposed beams;
  • Plain walls and floor;
  • Big windows;
  • The abundance of rough parts;
  • The complete absence of artificiality and imitation.

The name of country style is translated as "village". A room with a characteristic design is “permeated” with the spirit of the rural hinterland. Country prefers natural materials. Shades choose any, except screaming, bright. The emphasis is on:

  • Beige;
  • White;
  • Blue;
  • Terracotta;
  • Mild yellow.

Furniture for the country choose a simple, rough and good-quality. In the living room wrought iron tables and wicker chairs will be appropriate. Decor elements are used to a minimum. If the house is wooden, then they “save” on the decoration of the ceiling and walls, preferring to keep the pattern of natural wood. The floors are covered with soft carpets and wicker paths.

The classic style has passed a tough test of time and retained relevance to the present day. It stands alone and defies frivolous fashion trends. The classic is on an improvised pedestal and unwaveringly faithful to its principles. The style is characterized by:

  • Simplicity of form;
  • Large windows (use of stained glass is possible);
  • Natural, expensive materials (a lot of wood and exquisite textiles);
  • Calm tones;
  • Handmade items;
  • Fretwork

The loft style for us was discovered by the bohemians of New York. It combines elements of chic and light negligence. For the style is typical:

  • The use of stone, brick, wood;
  • The combination of dark and light shades;
  • The absence of "cute trinkets" in the decor;
  • Simple, straight lines;
  • Only functional details;
  • Huge windows, high ceilings;
  • Multi-level design space;
  • "Openness" of pipes, ventilation shafts, wall defects;
  • Graffiti, advertising signs, posters, abstract paintings on the walls.


Interior features with fireplace

The design of the living room in a country house with a fireplace focuses on this central area. From her repelled in the design of the entire room. Fireplaces in practice have proven their ability to exist outside of time and fashion. They fit into any interior, regardless of style. Fireplaces harmoniously look even in apartments where there is no possibility to heat with wood. A country house is another matter entirely: it has all the conditions for the installation of this element of decor. Fireplaces by type of accommodation are divided into:

  • Built-in;
  • Walls;
  • Corner;
  • Island

Modern models that imitate the rough work of old masters are designed to be placed in the middle of the room. Built-in models are installed in the wall and are considered convenient in terms of space saving. According to the type of fuel, there are three types of fireplaces:

  • Wood burning;
  • Electrofireplaces;
  • Gas.


The last two types are suitable for apartments. In the country house use only wood, they are thoroughly saturated with rustic color. Above the mantelpiece, sections for storing and drying firewood are placed as the original element. With the decoration of stone, tile, brick, marble or metal, they are functional and look creative.


With stairs

By type of construction, the stairs are divided into the following types:

  • Screw;
  • On bowstrings;
  • On the bridge;
  • On kosourah.


Each type of ladder has many design variations that will highlight your delicate sense of style. Screws are distinguished by their elegance and space saving, which is suitable for small living rooms. Stairs on the road are light but capable of withstanding solid loads. Kosoura most popular, they are easy to fit into any style of the room. Ladders on bowstrings are more like full-fledged works of art, their construction may seem so complicated. With proper design, the “road” to the second floor will become not only a functional element of the house, but also a stylish piece of the overall interior picture.

Living room with kitchen

Quite often, the hall is combined with another room. The second zone is a study, nursery, dining room or kitchen. The fashion for the combined zone came with the advent of studio apartments. In such homes, this design move is more a necessity than creative refinement. But the design ideas look so original that they were used in homes where there is no shortage of space. In the kitchen-living room, the hostess can comfortably look after the playing children, be distracted by watching TV or greet guests, not looking up from the cooking processes. For a better perception of space from the point of view of psychology, the room must be zoned. Weight options:

  • Color;
  • Light;
  • Decorative walls, screens, arches;
  • Furniture;
  • Different levels of floor and ceiling.

For example, the kitchen is located on the "pedestal", delimited by the bar, sofa, through the shelves, decorative glass wall or even a fireplace. In addition to such obvious "border" elements in the design of the two premises use different styles, colors, textures of materials.


Recommendations for the walls, floor and ceiling

When finishing the walls, be guided by the principles of the chosen style. Country, chalet, retro and loft will save on finishing materials, because they love wood, stone, brick. Marble, granite and metal are suitable for modern style. Provence welcomes rough painting with remnants of brush strokes. Classic prefers wallpaper with calm patterns. The ceiling is better to leave in its original form. Let no one be confused by coarse wooden ceiling beams. This is a country house, and not an exquisite apartment in a rich metropolis area. Most country houses are located in the deep silence of the forest. Keep this closeness to nature not only outside the house, but also bring it inside. For finishing the floor is not recommended to resort to tired linoleum. Use ceramic tile, laminate flooring, floorboard or porcelain tiles in natural shades. Do not forget to lay on the floor soft, fluffy carpets and walkways.


A lot of light does not happen

The room should be well lit. For these purposes, sources are placed at different levels. In small living rooms, the light "multiplies" and expands the space with the help of an abundance of mirror surfaces. First, install a common light: ceiling chandeliers. It should take into account the height of the ceilings and the size of the room. For non-standard living rooms, you will have to use several chandeliers located at a certain distance from each other. Local lighting is organized using wall, table and outdoor sources. They are installed in the darkest places to fill the lack of lighting. The “cold” light of a number of point sources is combined with the “warm” light from chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps. Decorative lighting devices are used to focus guests on details or zoning space.


What furniture should be

There are no strict restrictions on the choice of furniture. It should correspond to the chosen style and unostentatiously overlap with it. When choosing chairs, sofas, ottomans, one should focus not only on external beauty, but also convenience. Regardless of the features of the interior, natural materials will not only be more beautiful than synthetics, but also more colorful. First choose large furniture, then small interior details. Begin with a sofa, armchairs, a wall, a rack and a table. Then proceed to the selection of shelves, poufs, coffee tables, sconces, lamps and pedestals. At the final stage, decorative touches are added to the furniture: souvenirs, statues, paintings.

Do not turn the living room into a pattern. Do not buy ready-made headsets. Furniture selection is a creative process. Trust your taste and collect the general mosaic in pieces. Then, as a result, you will receive an original, author's design that will “breathe” in your taste preferences.


A few words about textiles

Textiles should correspond to the overall picture of the interior, because it is considered to be his “soul”, which sets the mood. In furniture upholstery, emphasize leather, jacquard, suede, nubuck, velor, tapestry and flock. These fabrics are quite dense, resistant to wear, the formation of defects and look rich. For curtains and other textile accessories it is better to resort to:

  • Flax;
  • Cotton;
  • Silk;
  • Chiffon;
  • Soft velvet.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the textures of the fabric, its shades and color patterns. Gentle, neat ornament on pastel colors blends beautifully with dark fabrics. Bright geometric prints are balanced by monochrome textiles.

In the chalet, country, Scandinavian or rustic style do not forget to use fur or its quality imitation. Skins can be laid directly on the floor or casually cover chairs, chairs, sofas.



The country house is not only a fortress, but also a place for a leisurely, high-grade rest from the noise of cars, crowds of passers-by and city fuss. It should be comfortable and cozy. The living room is a special meeting place for the whole family. If there are many households, then they will spend most of their time in it. The complexity of the design of this room is to meet the needs of sometimes completely different people. There should be a corner for everyone.

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