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Gray is the result of a combination of two contrasts: black and white. Everyone knows the stable expressions “gray overcoat”, “longing gray”, “gray everyday life”. At the level of reflexes, gray is associated with something sullen and bleak. In fact, like any other color, it has its own shades and half tones, each of which has a certain effect on the room. Regardless of how gray is beaten in the interior, it cannot be used as a monotonous base, since from the point of view of psychology it is a “loner” and “presses” on a person when there is a surplus. But as an additional background, which sets off other tones, this color fits perfectly.

He sets up a calm mood and, despite his deceptive "invisibility", can harmoniously integrate into the design of almost any room. The question of combining gray with other colors should be treated with great care. It is necessary to take into account the size of the room, lighting and its functional purpose.

Living room

The living room is a room in which the whole family usually gathers for intimate gatherings. The design of this room should at the same time adjust to rest and have a pleasant conversation. In the living room you can use brighter combinations with gray. They will muffle the main color, will allow to dilute it. Walls in uniform gray color is not desirable. This option can only be suitable for very large rooms with French windows that will “draw” attention to themselves through the panoramic view. In all other cases, plain gray walls should be avoided.

Wallpapers can combine several colors or several shades of gray. For example, a wallpaper where a floral ornament depicting a glitter of metal is depicted on a “cold” background will look wonderful in a strict living room. Add a bit of sun to such a slightly gloomy picture of gray furniture with purple stripes or bright, screaming patterns of green, brown. A worthy addition to the interior will be small pads in creative chaos scattered on sofas and armchairs. If the walls have a dark gray "mouse" color, then they will have to be balanced with bright and sometimes even screaming accents. In this role, a yellow sofa, merry turquoise curtains or even a blue wardrobe can play a role. Eclectic style is suitable for decoration of such a contrast room.


The bedroom should definitely relax. The combination of gray and white is considered a classic. A bedroom decorated in such colors will create the illusion of "openness" of space and give a feeling of cleanliness and lightness. The finest light gray translucent curtains add a lightness effect. Gray-white atmosphere is usually diluted with not too bright shades of blue, beige, light green in the wallpaper. No need to allow color aggression in this room.

Gray and its shades perfectly convey the texture, so you can "play" with it, alternating and trying all the new tones, which in different ways visually reveal the same decorative elements. On the floor, you can lay a soft carpet of a neutral shade that will “land a little” on the space. Blankets, pillows, or furniture in blue-gray tones will evoke memories of the sea. This combination is most often used to design bedrooms with marine motifs.

Fabric wallpapers are coming back into fashion, so you can experiment with velor, wind, jute, linen, jacquard or silk wallpaper in gray. The texture features of each type of fabric will be revealed with the help of color. The richness of drawings and patterns will create a unique microclimate in the bedroom.


Kitchen design in shades of gray is considered practical and never goes out of fashion. In the ash colors you can only decorate the furniture, leaving the walls, curtains and kitchen utensils for decoration for bright colors. Otherwise, on the gray-pale shades of wallpaper or tile eyes will rest, "clinging" to the bright kitchen panels. Gray wallpaper in the interior of a small kitchen will expand the space, making the tiny room wider and higher. In such a room, the "culinary" mood will not leave the practical hostess, but the shade also needs to be selected correctly. Your choice is to stop on the soft, warm colors: smoky, silver, quartz. Cold, dark shades will not contribute to the appetite, will create a very uncomfortable atmosphere in the kitchen, if it combines the cooking and dining area.

It is important to know! To make an element of "revitalization" in such a kitchen, designers recommend using natural materials: wood, stone, rough brick. This measure is simply necessary if the room is made in one of the modern styles that are different "coldness" and "adaptability."


Gray is perfect for the bathroom. It is universal and can play the role of the background for bold design experiments. Both dark and light gray tones will become the basis for both the classic interior and the bath in a minimalist or hi-tech style. For more relaxed options, a game with combinations of shades of the main color will suit. Only they must be diluted with live patterns. The best option would be a delicate floral ornament. If the “battle” of contrasts lies at the heart of the wall design, then it is enough monotony, which only emphasizes this technique. Chrome, "metal" or marengo color will look stylish and modern on vinyl or liquid wallpaper.

It is important to know! Particular attention should be paid to mirrors and metal surfaces: towel holders, hooks, faucets, furniture handles, soap dishes and cups for toothbrushes. The glitter of the metal will overlap with the overall tone pattern and harmoniously complement it.

Hallway and corridor

The corridor and the hallway serve as the “face” of a city apartment and a private house. These rooms are the first to stand in the way of your guests and can tell a lot about their host. If in your own house you can make the hall wide and spacious when planning, then in apartments these rooms are often small and barely cope with their functional purpose. Wall-paper of gray shades will help to "lighten" the room, which a priori has no windows and is illuminated only artificially.

On this, you can play by placing a large wardrobe with mirrored doors or a narrow modern dressing table with a high mirror, which will reflect numerous sources of light. Together with the gray wallpaper, they allow you to breathe deeply and enjoy the spaciousness in a narrow and cramped room. A cold hallway with the rational use of space will immediately show that a business man lives here, who does not like to waste time and appreciates every centimeter of his apartment. Soft combinations of gray and white in the wallpaper with the addition of bright colors and practical patterns will tell the guest and the subtle nature, who likes to dilute the "gray everyday life" with notes of optimism and vivid impressions. Eclecticism in the interior of the hallway, which is based on a dark gray, will show an extraordinary person who loves easy mess, confusion and a jumble of images.

A color scheme

In the classic version, black-and-gray wallpapers with smooth transitions and without elaborate designs will look very stylish and noble, but the “striped” design of the walls will give the room an extra “workload”. In combination with white, it will be necessary to dilute this “pastel bouquet” with bright accents in order to avoid the sterility effect of the “hospital setting”. Gray wallpaper paired with bright colors in a small apartment can visually expand the space, if they are skillfully used in the color scheme of the ceiling and walls. In general, the gray "wagon" looks harmoniously in almost any combination. The main thing is not to combine more than three color bases.

If you intuitively cannot grope this thin line between style and bad taste, then limit yourself to two colors, it is difficult to miscalculate here. One of the most stylish and rich combinations is considered to be gray with violet or pale-lilac tones. This combination is suitable for any room: for the kitchen, living room, nursery, bathroom or bedroom. The difference will be only in accents. In the bedroom they can be arranged on photo wallpapers or hanging collages, in the living room on shelves and racks, and in the office on lighting fixtures and carpets.

It is important to know! If you decide to resort to gray in the design of the walls and not to dilute it with other shades, then you can liven up the space with a photo in a simple metal frame or a collage with famous reproductions.

Light colors

Gray is combined with absolutely all colors. It is a clean canvas, on which you can depict everything your soul desires. The light colors of the wallpaper in combination with such a foundation will set the tone for the whole room. Ideally similar design for bedrooms and rest rooms, in which the situation will not be as gray as it may seem at first glance. Gray perfectly harmonizes with light shades:

  • Blue;
  • Beige;
  • Gently green;
  • Soft lilac;
  • Deep pink;
  • Pale yellow.

To impart a “life” to the atmosphere, just a couple of not too bright “points of support” for the eye will suffice: an invoice wall, an extraordinary sconce or a rug knocked out of the “drowsy” style. It is advisable to scatter accents indoors in different planes of space.

Dark colors

With dark colors, gray will also look elegant and expensive, but do not overdo it with cold. The glitter of the metal, the ebb of silver, the dullness of the slate color cannot be combined only with the cold of blue, dark green or deep burgundy. You and your households will morally just “freeze” in a room with such wallpaper. If the color palette can not be changed, then try to recoup the materials. Velor, velvet, coarse flax upholstery and curtains soften the cold and give it depth. The rough texture of raw stone, brick, wood will help to break the gloss of "dead" colors and add life to the room. The rounded shapes and curves of the lines in the furniture will smooth the sharpness of the corners, add comfort to the living space even if the overall style remains restrained.

Bright colours

Gray in the wallpaper acts as a support for hot pink. He supports it and does not allow to behave aggressively in the interior. Orange and yellow colors of the impulse, the sun, the mood, too, are enhanced by the interior with gray wallpaper. If in their usual perception they are associated with youth and gusts, then in such a combination you look at these shades with a completely different look and wonder how the two colors can change each other. In combinations of bright colors with red, you can find new depths and open completely unexpected facets. If gray with burgundy or carmine evokes philosophizing and nostalgia, then bright red calls for action. In combination, it would not be superfluous to add white or black for contrast. The color novelties of the past years: the color of mint, mustard and aquamarine are enriched by gray in the wallpaper and seem to be experiencing a change of stormy youth for a period of restrained maturation.

Choice of furniture

Wallpapers in gray should be contrasted with something. It is not necessary to arrange the gray furniture in the gray room, otherwise the interior will turn out from the category of "white and white and whiter." Bright prints on the walls, on the floor will draw some of the attention on themselves and turn the picture of perception upside down: not the walls and the floor will be the background, but furniture. For stylish furnishings in hi-tech style or postmodernism, metal handles and chrome inserts are used, which will overlap with the overall color scheme.

For the design of an apartment in the style of American Art Deco, the furniture is draped with leather and coarse cloth, and its parts are made of wood or materials imitating natural stones. In combination with gray, these elements at first glance seem to be "alien" to each other, but the originality of style quickly captures and supports the impression of creative refinement. Adherents of the pretentious luxury of Rococo, Empire and Baroque, also do not forget about gray. This color looks rich not only in wallpaper embroidered with silver thread, but also in marble of a fireplace, in silk upholstery of chairs with carved legs and eye-catching floral patterns.

Curtain selection

Curtains of any shades of gray are boldly used in large, spacious rooms with large windows. You can even visually narrow the space using dense tissue. Light shades of this color will look beautiful on both airy translucent curtains and heavy curtains. Dark "asphalt" halftones of curtains are not used in small rooms with tiny windows. If the walls are also bright or dark in color, then such shades of gray categorically fall under the taboo. To combine such curtains with gray wallpaper should be careful: the shades should be different and visually complement each other.

Dark gray wallpapers blend harmoniously with delicate pastel shades of curtains. To complete the picture fit strict ebony furniture upholstered in soft colors. Light gray walls with patterns and ornaments will look beautiful with muted frosted shades of curtains: wine, indigo, tender lilac, mint, sienna, coral. For Scandinavian style, minimalism, postmodernism, abstractionism, loft, and even gentle Provence, only natural fabrics can be used: linen, cotton, silk, mesh, batiste. For luxury and chic baroque, classic or modern, it is better to use "rich" fabrics: satin, velvet, velor.

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