Do-it-yourself jewelry box decor: decorating ideas + master classes

Handmade art attracts many people. For example, the ladies have long had a passion for embroidering textiles, weaving macrame. Decorating various items is also popular. The most suitable accessory for this is the female jewelry box. It can be painted, painted, pasted, and not just the jewels stored inside. Such a decoration can be better than the store if you create your own designer jewelry box with your own hands. About what techniques can be used in this case, we will describe in detail below.

Choice of technology

The size of the box does not matter. However, before decorating large products, it is recommended to practice on small ones. At the same time, it is important to try various techniques in order to determine which one is suitable for you. A lot of time and materials for this will not be required. The reasons to do the finishing of the caskets are the following:

  • This accessory is available in most women. As it is intended for storage of jewelry and cosmetic products;
  • For dressing any dimensions and shapes of the product are allowed;
  • You can make a box with your own hands from a variety of objects;
  • Any limitations in the choice of technology can only put your own imagination.

Technique design should be selected based on the functional purpose of the accessory. The most popular ones include decoupage, quilling, painting, shebbi-chic, paper art, etc. Some of them require some training.


Mosaic technique

Ladies' jewelry can be decorated in fashionable mosaic technique. This will require simple tools:

  • Sharp cutting objects, as well as a roller brush for rolling;
  • Polymer clay or plastic;
  • Glue binder and varnish;
  • Cardboard;
  • Talc;
  • Ribbon for decoration.

The first thing you need to cut out of cardboard circles, forming the future type of caskets. To finish the inside of the best use white clay. You can take a reel to create a form. It should be coated thoroughly with a polymeric material so that there are no bubbles or seams left. Trim too much. Then the circles of clay to bake in the oven.

The outer walls should be treated with talcum powder to make it convenient to apply plastic. From the latter, various patterns can be formed. When the circles cool down, they laid out a mosaic. The order of the location of parts depends on the fantasy. The tape should be glued to the base and the cover, with the formation of a loop. When the product is ready, it can be baked again and coated with acrylic paint. Next come in matte varnish for finishing. Stylish box is ready.


Mirror Box

Delightful décor is created using the following materials:

  • Sharp knife, ruler and brush;
  • Glue binder;
  • Gloves with goggles for work;
  • Plastic from acrylic with reflective coating;
  • Scotch.

It is necessary to measure three strips on acrylic plastic. Trim panels in such a way that rectangular blanks can be laid in a row. After applying the adhesive binder panels are connected. Then it takes several hours to dry. When the shape of the box is ready, the inside can be glued with felt.

Until the last stage, the plastic must be in a protective film.

Casket in the style of shebby-chic

Refined technology involves the creation of a product that is ideal for storing jewelry. As tools, the following components are required:

  • Fabric, lace, and thick thread;
  • Beautiful candy box;
  • Decorative beads, beads;
  • Glue binder;
  • Polyfoam, and also a sheet with a pattern.

Paper and foam should be cut out forms for the bottom of the candy box. Then glue the box with a sheet of pattern. Next you need to form a cover of paper and fabric. To do this, you can take the finished form of foam and sheathe. After installing the cover, the casket is decorated with various elements (beads, lace, etc.).


Egg Shell Accessory

To create such a box special skills are required. The materials are the following components:

  • Eggshell;
  • Glue binder;
  • Cardboard box;
  • Acrylic paint with a brush;
  • Napkins with a pattern.

After preparing the cardboard box, it should be greased with glue. The usual PVA will do. Attach the shells to the wet area and then crack it gently. A mosaic is then formed from small fragments, and processed again with a binder. After drying, it is the turn of paint. Patterned napkins are used for decoration. For fixing you also need PVA glue. It is important to wait several hours until the entire product is dry.


Decorating a product with kanzashi

Under the unusual Japanese name hiding flowers for hair decoration. The following elements will be required as materials for the creation of an original box:

  • Wooden (bamboo) box;
  • Glue binder;
  • Threads with beads and rhinestones, as well as tweezers;
  • Scissors with a needle;
  • Two-color ribbon;
  • Candle.

Decorating a stylish wooden box begins with the formation of kanzashi petals. To do this, they are bent at the right angle, and smelted edges above the candle. They must stick together to make the flower flat. About a dozen such parts will be needed. Then strung on a thread, alternating colors. Next, the ends of the thread are tied, and the petals are straightened. In the center of the future box you need to anoint it with glue to firmly press the flower. Then drop glue in the center of the flower. This is necessary for attaching rhinestones or beads.

When using rhinestones, it is prohibited to use the “Moment” glue, which corrodes the glossy finish of the parts.



Surprisingly simple technique involves twisting paper strips to create a decor. Materials in this case will be: multi-colored paper, a toothpick and a brush with glue.

The first thing twisted spirals of different colors. Then they stick together in strips. Then long bars are formed, to which the above-mentioned strips are glued. They are also glued together to form the basis of the future casket. It is convenient to twist spirals with the help of a toothpick. Leaves cut from green paper can be glued to the walls of the product. Similarly laid out the bottom and cover. The upper part is desirable to arrange flowers. For this purpose, multicolored stripes of twisted spirals are connected in a special way. The last stage is considered to be the impregnation with adhesive binder.



This technique has French roots. Previously, they prepared a special paper with an ornament to expand the decorative elements. The following components will be used as materials for decorating a homemade casket:

  • Cuts from fabric or fashion magazines;
  • Glue binder;
  • Paint with a brush;
  • Varnish

Using scissors from the logs cut out the details of the pattern. They are applied to the surface of the product, after which they apply glue on top.

If fabric is used, then instead of glue it is recommended to use a stapler for fixing elements. You can also do without varnish.

After drying the product, it is varnished. The use of photo cards is encouraged in this technique. They are pre-rid of the bottom layer. It is possible to decorate a casket not only from the outside, but also in the inside.


Vinyl wallpapers

Popular material is well suited for decorating the product in question. Their embossed texture looks perfect on a wooden or cardboard box. At the same time drawing on the surface can be absolutely any. However, it is desirable that its dimensions coincide with the dimensions of the cover of the future accessory. The exception is abstraction.

Creation technology involves the following actions:

  • First carried out accurate measurements of the box. Next, the material is cut;
  • After the vinyl material is cut, it is recommended to soak it in water. It is necessary to separate the vinyl from the paper base. A clean layer of wallpaper will lie flat on the surface. However, this is a time-consuming procedure that not everyone can cope with;
  • Then an adhesive binder is applied to the vinyl layer. If the paper base is left in place, it should also be missed;
  • The material is fixed on the product under the press;

The surface can then be decorated with a herbarium or artificial flowers.

  • Then the product is coated with multi-layer varnish;
  • When using prints, it is recommended to use acrylic paint. This allows you to show a maximum of imagination. Gold and bronze are considered popular shades for creating an accessory.

The latter can be further aged if combined with green. Also I will look good silver highlights. After finishing the surface is covered with a multi-layer colorless varnish.



Many craftswomen want to show their artistic talents. The painting technique is perfect for this. Some decoration options require special education. However, beginners can use stencils. You can find them in the store or on the Internet. In the latter case, just download the thumbnails and print. Both single-layer and multi-layer stencils can be found on sale.

This technique involves the following steps:

  • Preparation of the product for work. It includes the obligatory degreasing, since the inconspicuous spots appear after applying the paint;

  • Also, do not do without primer white paint. This is important for the purity of the colors used;

  • When it is finished with preliminary manipulations, the surface of the product is covered with the main tone;
  • You can use different types of stencils for painting. Some contain glue base for convenience. Others have to be fixed with ordinary tape. For the purity of the experiment, it is recommended to apply several sketches at once;

  • To darken the corners, a semi-dry sponge is used. It is dipped in dyeing material and wiped with a napkin. Then you can use it to create an attractive haze on the corners of the box;

  • Another option for darkening the corners is to pre-use a dark shade. If the main background is planned to be blue, then the corners must be covered in blue. Such a contrasting tone can be softened with wax or sandpaper. This will give charm to the future accessory. After drying the corners, the planes are covered with the main tone;
  • The finished product must be treated with a colorless varnish.


Expensive paints from an art shop can be replaced with an acrylic version from a regular store. It is not difficult to achieve the desired shades if you use one or another color scheme. One can of inexpensive paint will be enough immediately for a dozen of caskets.

Surround decor

The use of this technique also involves a number of preliminary actions. This is due to the fact that it uses a stencil and a special paste. Some needlewomen successfully replace it with putty. This produces an accessory in vintage style. Exquisite design is gaining its volume at the stage of priming. Before this, we remember that it is necessary to degrease the surface. With the corners should proceed at its discretion, since the technology is already familiar from the previous paragraph.

After painting and drying the product, a stencil is attached to the surface. Puttying is carried out in two stages, between which it is desirable to clean the sketch. Immediately after applying the paste it is necessary to correct possible irregularities with the help of a toothpick. A soft cloth to remove excess should also be on hand. If the defect is found after a time, then you need to wet the place to soften the material. Then you need to varnish the product. Dilute bitumen may be used to create a characteristic bulge. Next, using a thin brush to paint over these places the main tone. Then again varnish the product.



A key feature of the presented decoration techniques is that with their help you can make a box with your own hands. The self-made and original product will become a favorite decor item in the ladies' room.


Watch the video: Will create a box in the decoupage technique using texture paste. (April 2020).

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