Design room 18 sq m - planning ideas

Standard footage no longer seems attractive when there are only one living room or it is necessary to place several functional areas in the existing one. Therefore, a competent design of a room of 18 sq m takes into account different occasions, whether it be a family vacation, guest reception or the possibility of a bedroom. This will help modern solutions to successfully combine beauty and comfort. Actual photos orient with color and style direction. Fashion trends and interesting ideas used in decorating will distract from the multitasking imposed on the room, making its interior original and stylish, and for this you can get by with a modest budget.


Properly set goals will help to create a comfortable room in the first place. Restrictions, for example, inconveniently located entrance door, can be compensated by others. The key to a successful interior is the correct layout and the absence of unnecessary parts that negatively affect the free space.

Be sure to use hidden reserves in case of a shortage of space:

  • window sill - writing or dining table;
  • bed - podium with storage systems;
  • space around the door - built-in modules;
  • baskets, beautiful drawers - for small things, toys.

The arrangement of furniture is thought out before the start of the selection of decorative elements - lighting, sockets and other technical aspects depend on it. If it is possible to use the area of ​​the balcony or loggia, then this, in principle, costly method can transform the interior for the better, giving a full area. Often the task of the 18 m room is to combine several functions, and which distinction is appropriate depends on individual needs.

Living room bedroom zoning

Finding a compromise in the arrangement of furniture is a more urgent task than choosing a style. The absence of partitions is not always the best option, although in this case the visual volume will be fully preserved. Laconic model of a bed with textiles suitable for color to the walls will not stand out.

What alternative techniques with their pros and cons exist to hide a rather personal sleeping area as aesthetically pleasing:

  • opaque partition - significantly reduce the level of illumination of another zone;
  • glass partition, tinted - stylish;
  • low partition (1 m in height) - space and light is preserved;
  • sliding doors - aluminum profiles will add verticals and visually raise the ceiling;
  • curtains and curtains - easy, free and easy;
  • shelving design - additional storage space.

Suitable style

It will be difficult to implement, in addition to modern, any style in which there is a non-functional decor, unnecessary decorations, when the room involves family stay and active use, and not just reception.

Designers offer tailored versions of attractive lifestyle:

  • Eco-style. Particularly relevant lately as a way of escaping from concrete landscapes. Suitable when you need a permanent bedroom in the room. Natural materials, especially wood, textiles, wicker things will underline the idea of ​​environmental friendliness.
  • Industrial design with a share of brutality is some of the opposite. It is in demand for its practicality, furniture minimalism and high manufacturability, which is easily brought to the center in the interior.
  • Vintage and retro style. Ideal for lovers of expressive antiques or for those who are ready to creatively approach the design.
  • Scandinavian is a leader among solutions for small premises, especially if several functional segments are planned. Naturalness, closeness to nature, simplicity do not deprive the design of noticeable interesting details.

Variety of colors

For a fairly small room (about 18 squares) by the standards of spacious interiors, the color scheme has in the frequently proposed solutions the following characteristics:

  • balanced, harmonious;
  • neutral, calm;
  • light

Achromatic tones derived from gray, white are taken as a basis. Against such a simple background of base surfaces, it is easy, unmistakably, to introduce bright accents, from a brick wall to designer visible objects like a carpet or a chair; any works of art.

The most relevant color palettes for the living rooms of the season 2017/2018 are:

  • Adding coffee, green, other natural colors to neutral beige.
  • The blue-green variety is represented by fashionable turquoise, mint, fresh greens.
  • The combination of lemon green and pearl gray for a peaceful, warm atmosphere.
  • Lemon with dosed lilac - contrasting, expressive design.

Do not ignore black or dark brown - they do an excellent job with the tasks:

  • give contrast;
  • delimit;
  • affect the width, height;
  • provide stylishness.

To achieve the latter is easy in combination with glass elements. For an effective design, not only color plays a big role, but also materials, or rather their combination.

Materials: fashion and practice

Not less attention in the design of the room of 18 sq m is paid to the texture, which can transform the room:

  • the same color manifests itself differently on different surfaces;
  • rough plaster, relief of wallpaper, with 3-D effect - will bring the plane closer visually;
  • metal, gloss - distance;
  • fashionable combination: velvet, leather, fur;
  • the addition of silver, copper or fine pattern;
  • stone, natural or imitation - malachite, marble, agate.

Regardless of the chosen style, the use of warm wood texture will give comfort, relieve from monotony, and the bonus - pleasant tactile sensations.

Actually. Mirror canvas will refresh the interior, and framed in a beautiful frame - will make a stylish decor of the living room.

High-quality repairs, materials will help the design to look neat, to preserve the visual appeal for as long as possible.

Type of finishUsingBonusesTechnical points
Decorative plasterWalls, accent areaThe possibility of local renovationThe cost of certain types and work is sometimes high
Interior paintWalls, ceilingPerfect tinting, the ability to quickly change colorSurface - carefully aligned
WallpaperWallsVariety of textures, textures and colorsPreliminary thorough preparation, especially if the walls of aerated concrete
LinkrustaAccent20 repainting and high strengthComplicated installation

substantial price


Wall paper is still the leading material for saving and zoning. Recommendations for combining:

  • Wall-paper from different series can differ on thickness - it is necessary to provide a joint;
  • The latest collections are presented in various directions, and prints, geometry, abstraction for an accent plot will help to reflect the idea.
  • The combination of plain side surfaces and stripes will affect the configuration of the room.
  • Companion wallpaper is perfectly diluted with plaster, paint and other original materials;
  • Linkrusta - even a small area, as a noticeable accent, will transform a room.

Wooden panels will cope with conditional zoning, and in some design projects there is a use of flooring for the wall, for example, laminate or parquet. Undoubtedly, for the floor, you can choose a more budgetary material, for example, linoleum with a beautiful, distracting attention, carpet in the center. This method, as practice shows, in the presence of small children and pets, is optimal from the point of view of cleaning, wear resistance (susceptibility to scratches).

Ceiling and lighting

In the realities of lack of meters, when not only a soft group is needed in a room, but also an office, a dining or sleeping area, lighting is carefully thought out. A variety of scenarios will be useful during the operation and for the delimitation of a small area. The appearance of the ceiling depends on it, although designers recommend making it white and simple, but it can be done differently.

Suspended structures with a ceiling of 2.5 m with built-in point equipment - a standard solution, but taking about 10 cm of volume. You can embed a little differently:

  • only in false beams in the color of the ceiling;
  • several prominent architectural structures, such as squares;
  • curtain lights as an alternative.

The image will not be complete without fashionable lamps, sometimes rather unusual designs. Favorites of the year can be considered floor lamps on high, arched like a fishing pole, legs: they will make a soft living room area or reading corner conducive to rest. Chandeliers, in particular for a rectangular room, are not always a justified decision, unless transparent models are chosen, with glass, a subtle sheen of metal. For a square room, an ideal option would be to place the chandelier in the center.

Actually. LED backlight with varying intensity and tint adjustment will give the room an unusual look.

The overall appearance of the room depends on the level of illumination, especially in the evening, but you should not neglect daylight either, especially when the window is only one. Lush, voluminous curtains with impressive lambrequins will reduce the space, and multi-layered tulle significantly darkens the room.

In western interiors, the window is never left unattended, and the approach to its design is often non-standard - a short wall with a window can act as an accent. Blinds, roller blinds will help free up the space around the opening and give it a more interesting look than a curtain wall.

Furniture: actual tasks

The main principle of furnishing a room, especially if it is not the most successful configuration, is reasonable minimalism. What should be considered when choosing and placing:

  • custom-made sofa will be the very ideal size;
  • advanced option: mobile soft blocks;
  • furniture-transformer: a large pouf in the form of a set of three items instead of one;
  • bed - soft fabric panels on the sides will create comfort;
  • table can be transformed from coffee to dining.

Council If the sofa is supposed to be laid out daily, then the model of the coffee and coffee table in front of him is better to choose on wheels.

Built-in, like floating cabinets - elongated and not bulky. For each style, their facades are different. For modern, with a bias in minimalism, they are with glossy facades, often from MDF, without visible handles. Such objects create a feeling of wholeness, support the general laconism, allow the TV to be in its place.

Alternative way to beat his presence on the wall:

  • background - veneer panels;
  • hide behind screens, shutters;
  • surround with smaller pictures;
  • place in a beautiful baguette.

Decor: show and surprise

The most successful interior decoration is original, memorable. Personal collections, souvenirs, designer ceramics will perfectly cope with this task. Only, they must be presented in the best light and form.

Multifunctional solutions that can be found in the photo of some room design projects:

  • Open shelves - a common, convenient option, saving the budget and space compared to the usual cabinets.
  • Fully glass display cabinet - will present the ceremonial dishes, collection glass in a winning light.
  • Additional lighting - a unique evening atmosphere.
  • Shallow shelf-honeycombs for small items of decor, souvenirs allow them to be better seen.
  • Mirror inserts covering some cells - an additional effect of increasing the volume.

Improve the interior: universal ways

Make the room in which you want to be, add comfort, homely atmosphere - it is easy using the fireplace. Its adapted versions for small apartment sizes:

  • desktop integrated models (steel rectangle);
  • electrofireplace on castors - mobile;
  • miniature wood stove - retro version;
  • stylized - imitation of a fireplace portal with decorative candles.

Greens is the latest microtrend, which is present in many, not only eco-bias, design projects. Should also be fashionable:

  • small identical plants in minimalist, monochromatic pots;
  • varieties of large rubber plants;
  • tropical exotic - mini-bamboo, palm trees.

It is sometimes difficult for book lovers to make room for them: they use built-in racks near the door, window opening, corner high shelves. Home library can be the pride of the living room, but to achieve visual beauty, orderliness is easy with the help of identical covers.

An individual look at the design along with the latest trends allows you to equip a room in which to live comfortably and seamlessly use things. Modern materials, designer décor items implement any plot, but for the design of 18 squares, you need to save free space, so it is important to adhere to the principles of balance and moderation.

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