Narrow room design - 30 photo examples

Each of us dreams of spacious rooms with a convenient layout, but while most of the apartments on the market belong to the Soviet building, the problem of how to properly design a narrow room remains very relevant. It is difficult to argue with the fact that the elongated rectangular room is very inconvenient, but by turning on the imagination, listening to the advice of experienced designers, it is quite possible to correct the situation.

Remember that standard interior solutions for narrow rooms are absolutely unacceptable, you should avoid the usual arrangement of furniture and light colors in the design of the walls. The optimal solution for our case is the game of textures and colors, well-considered zoning using various attributes, and the active use of various sources of illumination. About all the secrets and techniques we will discuss in this article.

Wall decoration

If you have an extended room, you need to use wallpaper of contrasting colors for modeling additional volume, photo wallpaper with perspective, also quite popular now fabric with 3D effect.

Our main task is to visually highlight short walls and divert attention from a long wall. This can be done at the expense of contrast: for a wall with a smaller length, you need to use deep, maximally saturated colors, bright drawings, this is where the objects that attract attention should be located. If there is a window on such a wall, it is worth highlighting it brighter, you can use the original curtains.

By the way, it is now fashionable to use draperies and blackout curtains, not only for the decoration of windows, but also for ordinary walls.

From the long wall, on the contrary, it is necessary to divert attention, for it is suitable light colors, a minimum of decorative elements.

Some designers recommend sticking here wallpaper with a perspective, such as landscapes with mountains stretching into the distance or endless valleys.

Another classic technique in the design of a small long room is to paste over a wall with stylish wallpaper with a vertical pattern, even regular solid stripes will suit, and a short one with horizontal one.

Experiment with textures and bright details, you can trim a part of the wall under a brick or use cork panels. Use big pictures, bright posters. Another excellent solution that allows to diversify the interior of a long narrow room - niches in the walls, which become a real highlight in the design and allow you to get rid of the tunnel effect in the room.

Windows, doors and floors

We should also talk about windows and doorways in narrow bedrooms or living rooms, as well as suitable flooring. When making adhere to the following recommendations from designers with experience:

  1. If your doorway is located on a long wall, it will be better to expand it and use spectacular swing doors with two canvases, the trim should be as wide as possible. If you do not need a closing door, you can arrange the opening in the form of a wide arch, its edges should be trimmed with materials contrasting to the walls, and you can choose a different color and texture.

  1. Windows located on a wall of greater length, it is also better to visually enlarge, the opening itself can be made a socket with an extension towards the room. If the window is on a small wall, the opening should be strictly rectangular in shape.

  1. If you decide to visually expand the space in a narrow room, it is better to use tile, laminate or linoleum with a rectangular geometric pattern for the floor. Laying the floor covering is necessary so that the picture is located parallel to the narrow walls.

Important: if you do not want to change a single-colored floor covering, you can simply buy a rectangular carpet and lay it with a long part to a shorter wall.

Basic zoning techniques

When pondering the design of a long narrow room, be sure to use zoning techniques. The following items can be your assistants:

  • stylish carpet;
  • podium;
  • compact sofa located across the room itself;
  • mobile partition or screen;
  • light translucent curtains.

They will help to divide the living area into various functional centers: for example, to separate, at least visually, a sleeping place and a mini-office for work and rest. This is the optimal solution for apartments with a limited area or a large number of tenants, where the bedroom, for example, is not a place solely for recreation. Using a screen or air curtain, you can fence off a separate space for rest. Avoid using bulky cabinets or thick curtains for this purpose, otherwise you just get two tiny rooms, one of which will almost certainly be dark, with a lack of adequate natural lighting.

Furniture placement

Previously, it was decided to simply place all the available furniture along the walls, thereby making the narrow room visually even more elongated. Remember that the more free space remains the better, so minimize the amount of furniture using only the most necessary. Due to this, the living room or bedroom will look wider, especially if you will group items in separate zones, and not evenly arrange along the walls. An asymmetric arrangement and distraction of furniture of different heights will also work.

Be sure to use round or oval-shaped tables, this will drastically change the visual proportions of the room itself. The optimal version of the cabinet is a wardrobe with modern mirrored doors, it should be placed along one of the short walls, so you not only shorten the room a little, but also make the most of the functional use of space. If you have a small room, it is best to order a wardrobe from floor to ceiling to place all the things in it. This will allow you to abandon unnecessary and little functional small lockers and dressers, cluttering the space.

Pay attention to the furniture-transformer, especially if it is not possible to place a toilet and computer desk.

Play of light

Another technique for visually changing the proportions of a room is the complex use of a variety of modern light sources. Properly placing the LED light sources on the walls, you can focus on important interior items, highlight individual zones, all this allows you to visually enlarge the space itself.

The chandelier, located habitually in the center of the ceiling, will be inappropriate in a long room. If for you its presence is a matter of principle, choose a model of an elongated shape, it should be hung across the room, that is, perpendicular to the long walls. Use additional light sources to balance the chandelier, for example, place wall lights on short walls or place a floor lamp next to one of them. This will create a spectacular play of bright light, in addition, will give a feeling of comfort, comfort.

Important: in no case do not place additional lamps on long walls, if you do not want the room to look like a corridor.



As you can see, if you competently think over the interior of a narrow room, select the appropriate furniture and light sources, you can make it spectacular and comfortable for living. We hope our advice has been helpful to you. Dare!

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