Knitting for home and interior - 30 photo examples

The desire to be special and unique is inherent in people by nature. Human actions are always aimed at creating oneself as an irreplaceable person. This quality is also manifested in the desire to transform the environment into something individual. Crocheting for the interior, it is one of the very fashionable ways to make the design of your home unique.

Unlike knitting with knitting needles, which is easily replaced by machine knitting, it is possible to realize crochet by hand only, making this type of crafts especially valued. By the way, there are techniques that imitate knitting. There are interesting ways where hands are used instead of a hook, this method is very simple, everyone can master it.
It is interior crocheting is very popular, because with its help you can create unusual furniture, carpets, pillows, rugs, curtains, various trifles for decorating an apartment.

Knitted furniture, why not

The simplest thing you can create from upholstered furniture is a poof. It can be of different size, color, texture. Such an object made with your own hands will surely become a characteristic highlight in the decor.

If you knit a solid poof of fashionable thick yarn, you get an original thing for a modern minimalist interior. Replacing the thread with a thinner and more variegated accessory will come out, suitable for boho.

For high-tech rooms, trimmed chairs and chairs would be appropriate, in the case of abstract forms, fancy patterns, bright colors.

Having a great desire, you can make a full cover for a soft sofa, turning it into an expensive designer furniture. Such an element in the interior will precisely determine the mood of the whole artistic idea. The "knitted" sofa is ideal for an apartment in a loft style.

Covers, pillows, rugs

There are styles where you can afford to load the house with a sufficiently large number of knitted things. These areas will be, for example, eco or ethno. Here it is permissible to simultaneously place woolen pillows, a volume plaid, a wooden crocheted carpet in one room. You can create sets with a common pattern, or elements that are independent of each other. But all in all you need to know the measure and not get carried away, trying to tie everything that you see.

Country style also has the opportunity to diversify a multi-colored striped set of pillows, bedspreads and thick-knit tracks.

Probably, many still remember the round motley rugs with which the floors were laid in the village of my grandmother, and so they also crochet. Moreover, such handicrafts irrevocably come into fashion, now they are laid on the floor, covered with chairs, and even hung on the wall.

Of course, in order to knit a whole blanket or another large object, a lot of time is needed, the task can be simplified just by adding knitted elements to an already finished cotton blanket, patchwork cape, etc.


Shebbi chic is simply impossible to imagine without lace tablecloths, napkins, curtains. Those most classic grandmothers crafts are simply created for this sophisticated delicate style. Romantic Provence, also filled with special warmth, if you add it with Irish lace.

Crocheted floral motifs always give the interior home comfort. Having fantasized, you can come up with many little things that will diversify the overall look. Thus, you can make an original floor lamp, which in the twilight will create fancy shadows or tie a set of covers for your favorite tea set to amaze guests with its originality.
It will be very peculiar to impose openwork book covers, in this form they will attract enthusiastic views, creating an irrepressible interest in their content.

Application in different styles

Apparently, the above, knitted products are appropriate in any interior. It is not necessary to do only lace napkins and tablecloths. The versatility of this hand-made direction is the ability to combine different techniques and types of yarn. If you think a little, you can not only make from scratch, but also transform almost any decor items.

Designers often use knitting in the interior to give it comfort and warmth. Even for such a narrow direction as cubism, you can pick up soft patterned knitted cubes on which you can sit.

Some stylistic trends in principle can not do without knitted things, for example, chebbi-chic or country.

Knitting in every room

Knitted decor is very functional when placed in certain areas.

For example, everything so soft and fluffy must necessarily surround the child. It will be so motherly to make your own multicolored pillows from the most delicate acrylic, tie a warm carpet for playing games on the floor, make a simple hare or a baby elephant with which the baby will fall asleep. All these things will be an integral part of the interior of the children's room, giving a feeling of constant care and attention.

Placing the same items in the living room, create a cozy decoration for receiving guests, holding family evenings.
The bedroom, knitted decor, will give a romantic mood, patterns, flowing one into another, will contribute to relaxation.

Create mood

Crocheted decor can have a different character, and therefore give a different mood to the interior.

Brutality, male charisma, express objects of very large knitting, woven only from facial or purl stitches, without the use of patterned schemes. To emphasize the earthiness, you need to use coarse fibers of saturated shades. This decor makes the overall impression.

To create a cozy romantic serenity, on the contrary, they use lace motifs, knit various volumetric flounces, select fantasy flower schemes.

In general, in any form, knitted elements give dynamics to the interior. With their help, various textures are created, making it possible to vary the design.

In order for the handicrafts to produce the maximum impression, fulfilling the hopes placed on them, they should be placed on the points of focus. If you do not follow this advice, then the efforts will be in vain, because they will be inconspicuous, minor details.

Freedom of fantasy

You can create a huge number of great design items using hook and thread.

By linking several canvases of different sizes with fancy patterns, you can enclose them in plain neutral frames and place these panels on a free wall in the hallway. It is interesting to diversify such crafts with dried flowers, securing flowers directly on the weave.

Handmade lace braid can be used to decorate the frame of a picture or photo frame. To do this, first soak the bound tape with starch or clerical glue, and then fix it around the perimeter of the baguette, the main thing is to ensure that the lace assembly keeps the shape.
Well-known dream catchers have a “cobweb” that would ideally be created in one of the crochet techniques. Such a thing is suitable for boho and country styles.

The simplest transparent glass vase will not be difficult to turn into an object of art. Having previously covered it with a layer of acrylic paint of any color you like, you need to tie up a tight or, on the contrary, transparent cover that exactly repeats the shape and glue it to the vase. Such an element is completely self-sufficient, it is not even necessary to fill the vessel with flowers. In the same way, you can build a series of unique pots for indoor plants.

Tying, for example, glass jars, plastic containers, wooden boxes, you get a kind of organizers for trivia.

For creative people, it is not difficult to realize the idea of ​​lace. Inspired by the ideas from this article, you can generate more and more new projects, creating your unique environment.

For those who are far from needlework, do not be discouraged, because There are very simple crochet techniques that are easy to learn from video workshops available on the Internet, and based on these skills, you can soon achieve a higher level to create complex things. The only thing without which the knitting process will be impossible, is perseverance and patience. Although it is always possible to order any products from experienced knitters.

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