Do-it-yourself box decor - examples and photo ideas

In every home there will always be small things that give the room a look of carelessness and clutter. An excellent solution would be to store such trifles in boxes. In the beautiful design they can be found in stores, but it would be much more profitable and more pleasant to decorate the box with your own hands.

Great storage ideas

Simple and inconspicuous cardboard boxes from under shoes, sets of dishes and small household appliances can be transformed to a masterpiece look, you just need to show imagination. The main criterion for selecting a suitable box is its sufficient density and strength. Also an important role is played by the form - rectangular cardboard boxes are much more convenient.

Cardboard boxes of shoes can be pasted over with gift paper

The most suitable option is to use shoe boxes. Depending on the size, they can be used to store a variety of things: jewelry, accessories, stationery, cosmetics, tools, toys, medicines, books, magazines, some food, industrial goods, clothes, shoes, and much more. In addition to the main function - storage, decorated cardboard boxes will become an integral part of the interior, and, of course, the subject of pride of the owner.

Where to begin

Before you begin to modify the shoe boxes, you need to foresee everything so that later on in trifles does not break away from the work process:

  • pick a suitable box, think over its design;
  • choose a comfortable, well-lit workplace;
  • find enough material;
  • prepare tools: scissors, stationery knife, tape, glue and more.
Original fixtures from the boxes

Choose materials for decoration is very simple. You can just paint it with paints, glue with paper for decoration, colored paper, wallpaper, newspaper, music sheets, geographical maps, napkins, stamps, jute rope, woolen threads. It also looks spectacular products covered with various types of fabric, tapes, leatherette, oilcloth. Children's boxes can be pasted over with candy wrappers, sheets of colorings, stickers, key rings, matches, animal pictures or favorite characters, details from designers, mosaics.

The most popular way to decorate shoe boxes is to glue them in paper or cloth.

How to glue the box with paper

Even wallpaper will come in handy

For the decoration of shoe boxes with their own hands perfectly fit wallpaper, the remnants of which exist in every home. To glue the box with vinyl or non-woven wallpaper, you will need wallpaper glue, and if the selected wallpaper is paper, then PVA glue will do. First of all, you need to measure a piece of wallpaper of a suitable size, taking into account the margin for inlet, and attach the box to it. Use a pencil to cut around the bottom contour, then bend the wallpaper on the parallel sides of the box, pressing it tightly against the walls, smooth the fold points with your fingers. Expand, do the same from other sides. After fitting, you need to cut off the extra pieces and you can proceed to pasting. First you need to miss the bottom, attach to the pattern, then the sides, gently pressing and straightening the canvas, and then - inside.

Decorating the box with pieces of wallpaper, sequins and buttons

In the same way the boxes can be covered with a cloth. In this case it is good to use double-sided tape as an adhesive element, since the glue can permeate the fabric, leaving stains on it.

Decoupage decor

The decoupage technique is based on gluing the cut-out pattern to the surface of an object and fixing the resulting composition with varnish.

Paper napkins are great for decoupage. First of all, the shoe box should be painted with paint and allowed to dry. Usually it is necessary to apply several layers, it all depends on the initial background of the box. Then you should make a composition of napkins with a suitable pattern or pattern. After careful fitting, you need to attach the napkin to the box face up and gently apply glue to it with a brush. Under the napkin glue is not necessary to apply. Thus all elements of the pattern are glued. After complete drying, varnish is applied. You can paint the elements yourself with paints in order to hide the places where the patterns are combined and give the image a finished look. Another layer of lacquer - and the work of art is ready.

It should be noted that if the box is glossy, then you must first get rid of the top layer with emery cloth.

Original design

One of the very spectacular materials for decoration are buttons, due to its variety of shapes, colors, sizes. Boxes can be simply pasted over with buttons, you can paste over only the lid, or a separate side, or you can lay out a certain pattern or pattern of buttons. To simplify the work, the first layer of buttons can be glued, spreading them face down on the table, grease the surface of the box with glue, attach to buttons and press firmly. Over the next layer of buttons you will have to work hard, sticking each one separately to hide all the gaps. If it is decided to depict any drawing, first the shoe box will need to be coated with paint or paper or cloth. Then draw an image on the surface and paste over with buttons.

Similarly, you can make the decor of a cardboard box with coins, paillettes, beads, rhinestones, matches, chopsticks for the account, colored pencils.

Each decor method has its own nuances.

There are always pros and cons in working with different materials (see table)

Decor methodAuxiliary tools and materialsFeatures of work
Covering the box with paper productsscissors, pencil, ruler brush, varnish,

PVA glue, stationery knifemake quick and easy materials available
Covering with cloth, ribbons, etc.soap soap, glue or double-sided taperich appearance, well suited for making caskets
Decoupageacrylic paints, sandpaper, cut drawings,hard work requiring skill and patience
Acrylic paintpaints, brushes, varnish, simple pencil,sandpaperThe manufacturing process is delayed due to the need to wait for each coat of paint and varnish to dry.
Using buttons, sequins, coins, rhinestones and similar materialstransparent glue-moment, paper or fabric for the basethe original look of the finished product, the work will require diligence, since it will take a long time to glue on small parts

The fascinating process of turning a plain box into a work of art for everyone can be a very useful hobby. It is better not to dwell on any one, but try different ways of decoration. To do this, you will need a lot of time and patience, but the end result is undoubtedly worth the effort.

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