Country style in the interior +100 photo examples

Country-style interior design is one of the most popular in many countries, with each culture having its own characteristics and differences. The unifying feature of this situation in art in all ethnic trends is simplicity, cosiness and comfort of rural life. It means simple, solid wooden furniture, practical household items, unpretentious decorations, as well as simple accessories to a furniture set. At the same time, the significant differences of country in the interior of different countries are mainly on the elements of decor, as well as their number. For example, in America, the main attribute is a cowboy hat on the wall, and in European countries - pottery. In a word, everything that at least somehow symbolizes the delights of rural life. In spite of the fact that modern technologies allow using different equipment and devices, at the same time, their presence style masks as much as possible to create an original country style in the interior. The technique is built in such a way that it does not stand out in the overall setting.

How did the style and its history

Today there is a lot of controversy about the country in which the interior motive originated - America or France. After all, the direction has many elements of furniture, decor and simple decorations that are inherent in both countries. The most famous version says that the motive was first born in America in 1920–1930, but first not for decoration, but for everyday life, in the form of a cowboy who had a certain type of clothing and his living conditions. At the same time, the motive quickly spread not only to the image of cowboy clothes, but also to the decoration, where the main feature was a rustic simple atmosphere in the house, without excesses and a large number of household items. Sometimes it can be visually confused with the Provence style. However, there is a significant difference - the village motive welcomes the minimum amount of furniture, there is a fireplace in it, while the Provence has opposite features. It can be noted that the spirit is the personification of male life with rigor and no frills. With the presence of only practical necessary items.

The style is different depending on the culture and traditions of the country where it is used. Each of the areas has a common basic feature of a free lifestyle, but differs in many elements of the scenery and the headset, which countries take from their cultures and traditions.

Its main features in the decoration

Nomadic in different countries for many years, the village image has absorbed completely different elements, as well as traditions by which it can be determined which country it belongs to. At the same time, he retained a foundation that remains unchanged and needs to be relied on, creating such a motive at home.

  1. The color palette is more related to natural shades. And these are olive, lavender, sandy, light blue, yellow, cream, beige.
  2. When decorating walls and ceilings, mostly light and dark wood is used. Modern materials, shiny metal or chrome parts are not processed.
  3. Simple dishes made of clay, ceramics or wood. Be sure to be decorated with a non-catchy floral ornament.
  4. All elements of furniture, décor, accessories are made only from natural materials. It is forbidden to trim plastic and dishes from it, cover the floor with bright linoleum or hang curtains of synthetic material on the windows.
  5. A simple bed of a strict form, only practical household items. Accessories must also be suitable for use in life.

Color palette to create an environment

The interior design of this direction assumes the presence of basic background tones, as well as additional shades that are used most often. In the list of forbidden tones there are several shades that do not need to be added in order not to spoil the originality of this image. Only the natural palette, gentle, light shades which are combined with vegetative ornaments and natural drawings are suitable for the main background. At the same time, the color palette does not welcome purple and metallic colors at all.

Main background shadowsbeige, green, sand, cream, olive, brown shades
Additional tonesdark green, blue, pink, yellow, blue, lavender shades
Forbidden colorssilver, black, bright red and all rich colors

It should be noted that the red color in its light shades is combined with brown, but only the decoration elements of this palette are present here. For example, a dark wood table can cover a red tablecloth with various patterns. Red shades are added to emphasize something, but should not be too glance.

What materials are used for finishing

The style of the interior of the country involves the use of only natural materials in order to recreate the life of the village man in the street. Practically all countries adhere to this rule, where this trend is widely known, but with its national elements of decor, as well as the situation. In the decoration of the rooms are completely unnecessary plastic or shiny chrome parts. So popular modern plastic windows, self-leveling floor and suspended ceiling again pass by. Among the main materials used are the following:

  1. Natural wood;
  2. Artificial, and also natural stone;
  3. Non-glossy ceramic tiles;
  4. Stone savage;
  5. Decorative plaster;
  6. Embossed paper wallpaper with natural additives;
  7. Wooden flooring.

Walls and ceilings are usually trimmed with wood of different shades. The stone is used to decorate walls, to finish the fireplace and the floor. If ceramic tiles are decorated, they are selected with the visual properties of the stone.

Often the houses with the design of this direction do not have a ceiling, but there is just an attic space. In this case, wooden beams are visible, which also create a certain look. This option is suitable for large country houses. In a city apartment you can use overhead beams on the ceiling, provided it is of sufficient height.

Furniture to create furnishings

Furniture set of this type differs significantly in shape and design, depending on the ethnic direction. However, the basis of which it is composed has common tendencies.

  1. The furniture is made of light or dark wood.
  2. The body of the headset, tables, chairs and tabletops can be painted with paint or special varnish.
  3. Quite often in the situation there is wicker furniture or antique chests.
  4. Wrought chairs, bedside tables and tables with wrought iron legs are welcome.
  5. Leather or other natural dense materials are used as upholstery.
  6. At present, the country-style furniture is being made, which has artificial rubbing, chips, scratches and cracks. Compared to the old, it is much cheaper.
  7. To create an original design of the country, people often purchase expensive antique furniture.

In a simpler version, you can use a not so old grandmother's cabinet, rocking chairs, wicker chairs and much more.

The main feature of the interior is simple furniture, which has strict forms, is practically located, used for its intended purpose. It must be remembered that the jumble of various chairs, shops and cabinets with this motif is not welcome.

Features of the use of textiles

Country style in the interior of a country house or city apartment involves the use of natural textiles with floral and other patterns. It should be noted that in this setting various curtains with ruffles, rugs, handmade napkins, tablecloths, bedspreads for upholstered furniture are widely used. At the same time, the color, the ornament of the curtains and the cape for the sofa should be the same at the base. Napkins and towels are selected with the same pattern. This is where the main highlight of country textiles lies: the village hostesses of the West did not use everything for the interior; they always had household items that were symmetrical, with the same ornament or color. Even the carpets were selected under the pattern or design of the upholstered soft headset, which was very difficult to do in the conditions of rural life. However, the villagers succeeded at the expense of needlework, endurance, and creative approach. It is necessary to pay attention also to the color of textiles. Basically it is light natural shades with a multi-colored ornament or a vegetative pattern. Natural cotton and linen fabrics were used mainly. Today it is possible to use textiles made of mixed fibers, which will have the same characteristics in appearance as well as qualities.

Materials for arranging the floor

The floor in the village house was equipped, as a rule, of stone or wood. All these materials have a natural basis, but are suitable for completely different rooms. For example, a bathroom or kitchen can be laid with stone, but for the bedroom and the hall it is better to use a board that is much warmer. At the same time, they put a stone around the fireplace around the walls and on the floor. Nowadays, it is very advisable to use ceramic tiles, which have a visual similarity with stone, but have much better properties. In this case, the glossy surface can not be used, otherwise the atmosphere of antiquity is simply lost in the modern gloss. Matt parquet with patterns of tree rings, knots, and so on is perfect as a wooden floor. For carpet flooring, you can use the following options:

  1. Animal skins, including artificial designs;
  2. Long pile carpets;
  3. Paths of wicker wicker;
  4. Handmade rugs;
  5. Some types of carpet.

You can not add modern technology, self-leveling floor or expensive parquet with glitter. If you can not lay the floor board or stone, you can use matte linoleum with a characteristic pattern of wood, knots, scratches, perennial rings. But in this case, the floor will need to cover with coatings of natural wool or yarn, in order for the interior to retain its identity.

How to finish the walls

For the walls are used natural and artificial materials. Modern technologies allow the use of such decorative elements, which completely recreate the atmosphere of rural motive, corresponding to the style of country. For the decoration of the walls are used such materials:

  1. Decorative plaster;
  2. Liquid wallpaper with textured additives;
  3. Bamboo and paper wallpaper;
  4. Solid logs or wood panels;
  5. Masonry;
  6. Processing walls chalk composition;
  7. Mosaic stone savage;
  8. Stretch panels made of fabric.

Walls can be finished with one material or combined with different properties and texture. At the same time to combine a different finish should color or shade. For example, a room can be trimmed with a light wood, and a fireplace in the center is stacked with a brown stone with a certain ornament. If the walls are processed with chalk, then next to it will look great light and dark wood as high-quality panels.

Interior Decorations

The interior in this direction with your hands allows you to create an extraordinary comfort and pleasant atmosphere with the help of decorations. It should be understood that the scenery of this motif differs significantly in the ethnic characteristics and cultural traditions of those countries where country is widely used.

Each room has its own characteristics with decorative elements, but common features and similarities suggest the presence of such elements:

  1. Cowboy hat and accessories are used as decoration.
  2. Ceramic and earthenware with floral ornaments is located not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room, hall, and other rooms.
  3. Clay pots, vases with herbariums of flowers, painted circles can be found everywhere.
  4. Forged candlesticks, bronze figurines, clay figurines adorn the hall and bedroom.
  5. Wicker baskets of wicker, as well as other accessories adorn the kitchen, as well as other rooms.
  6. Stuffed animals, birds are most often used for country style decor.
  7. Napkins, towels, tablecloths with a certain ornament are always present on the table.
  8. On the walls hang pictures with natural landscapes or the image of birds, animals.
  9. On the sofas are placed small pillows or rollers.

In Europe there are differences in the scenery and furniture, This is due to the fact that each culture reflects its traditions and customs in the interior.

What are the accents in the setting

In each country, special decorations or furniture are distinguished, however, to create an interior, one can single out the main accents that are emphasized in any culture:

  1. Fireplace with living fire and wicker furniture is always the main attribute of the rustic interior.
  2. Dishes with vegetable painting is also an important decor for the accent, it can be in the kitchen or in the hall. As a rule, whole sets or sets are used, which are decomposed in a certain order.
  3. In the kitchen, beautiful dishes are always in sight, according to the rules the table is served. Particularly attracted the attention of unusual handmade kitchen items.
  4. Stuffed animals or birds are placed on the wall near the fireplace. For more impressions, weapons accessories can be found nearby.
  5. If the decor of the room has the same colors of the headset or wall decorations, be sure to use bright elements of textiles for emphasis. For example, on brown armchairs, as well as a sofa, there may be red bedspreads.
  6. Curtains on windows with ruffles, curtains on the cabinets necessarily match the color of the furniture, but at the same time have a certain ornament with bright colors.

Proper lighting in the house

The original country style interior design implies good daylight. This is due to the warm sunny climate in selected regions of Europe. In this case, the lighting in the house should be bright, but warm, pleasant-looking. You cannot use white and blue lamps here. Only yellow and white colors that visually create comfort and warmth in the house will do. As a rule, used antique lamps, chandeliers on pendants and in the form of candlesticks. Forged items in decorated chandeliers are welcome. In the setting of this direction use floor lamps with a fringe. Such lamps are very popular even in modern interiors, however, you need to select old versions that will most closely match the rustic interior. If we talk about the shape of lighting devices, then there are often used squares and rectangles. Nightlights in the form of houses, behind the glass of which a candle burns, are very popular. Such old-fashioned options can be purchased in the original, but it will be very expensive. The easiest way to find a modern version, made under the old.

Differences in design types across cultures

The English motif of the country focuses on the use of fabrics everywhere: they are upholstered with walls, headsets, used for framing mirrors and paintings, not to mention windows, as well as curtains on the closets. The cumbersome antique bed, the abundance of velvet or other natural fabrics, restrained colors — all this reflects the essence of the English country interior.

The Italian view is distinguished by sophistication and old-fashioned expensive furniture at home. On the premises there is a large number of arches instead of doorways, a lot of wicker furniture, antique musical instruments. Often, the fireplace has an arched shape with stone trim.

The French image of the situation is distinguished by bright colors and shades that are characteristic of the climate of the regions of the country. However, there is noticeable practicality in the placement of household items, as well as headsets. French women definitely added a touch of romanticism to the country style, which is reflected in the decor items, color palette.

The Swiss interior tandem is distinguished by a minimum number of decorative items, which should still have practical use. Light shades of the headset, severity and simplicity are the main differences between the situation in this culture.

The American interior is always designed for a large family, so there are many tables, beds and cabinets, a large kitchen and many household items. There is no simplicity and minimalism, sometimes in the same house there are collected all sorts of objects that can be useful in life.

The German image focuses on practicality and reliability in everything. This is displayed throughout. The houses are always the right shape, the bed is solid and solid, natural and strong fabrics. There is also a fireplace here, as the main attribute of the house. Not infrequently German country assumes the presence of heavy wrought-iron furniture, which serves the owners for many years.

If it is good to consider all the directions of country music in cultures, then you can find no significant differences inherent in each individual people. The essence of the interior remains unchanged - it is natural materials, light shades of the house, a large fireplace in the room, good-quality and wicker furniture. Простота, уют, практичность свойственны деревенским жителям, которые олицетворяют своей жизнью дух свободы и бесконечного простора. Особенно популярен данный стиль для жителей города, которые желают окунуться в уют, комфорт простой, но яркой жизни.

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