Make-up mirror with bulbs

Makeup mirrors with bulbs originally appeared in theaters, cabarets. They were used to create makeup for actors, dancers, which is an important component of the stage image. The role of illumination is difficult to overestimate. It helps to remove the shadows from the face, to see the smallest skin defects. This allows you to most effectively change the appearance of the artist, to make him older or younger, healthy or painful.

Bed Size Table

A beautiful bed can complement and even transform any bed. But in order to choose the right type of textile, you should consider many factors. На размеры постельного белья, которое подойдет для использования, влияют размеры постельных принадлежностей, матраса кровати или спального места дивана.

Florarium do it yourself

Create a special interior in the apartment or house will help miniature gardens behind the glass. A piece of nature, brought to the ordinary situation, will fill the room with bright natural paints. It is very simple to make a florarium with your own hands, rather step by step to follow the instructions. The creative process requires patience, low financial and time costs, but it looks much more impressive than ordinary flowers in pots.

House table setting rules

Behavior while eating, table setting, with the correct placement of cutlery on it, the culture of feasts developed from time immemorial. There are examples of tasting different dishes and drinks during the first rulers of ancient Egypt. The ancient Greeks, and later the Romans, ate on the refectory bed.

How to hang a picture on the wall

The history of painting began several millennia ago. Even primitive people sought to decorate their homes in the caves with a simple rock painting. She was expressionless and "flat." Primitive painting did not so much adorn the walls as recorded the events that occurred. And many of the "records" really reached the descendants, opening the veil of the secrets of the way of life of the first people.

Frame for a mirror with their own hands

The mirror is an integral part of the interior of each house. It can be oval or patterned, large or small, serves to decorate the room, performs its immediate function. A person over the course of his life observes his reflection, sees his own growing up, development, wilting, looks after his appearance, does not leave his home, without looking at himself.

Sculpture in a modern interior

Decoration figures - a classic reception in the design of rooms. There are no restrictions in terms of shape, material or functional purpose - these can be desktop figurines, large monuments and figures carved into the rocks. Sculptures are not a mandatory part of the decor, but until the XIX century.

Unusual paintings for the interior: 75 design ideas

Even a typical interior will become creative if unusual decorative elements are added to it. Paintings are a stylish wall decoration that can highlight the strengths of the design, change the visual perception of space, create a perspective or a bright accent. Images placed in frames can be large, small, have a complex configuration and different stylistic plots.

Wall painting in modern interior

Painting is a way of depicting the real or fictional world with the help of brushes, paints, canvas, but it can also be performed on other surfaces. It is of various genres, produced in different techniques. Painting in the interior of a modern city apartment, a country house, a luxurious office, will highlight the chosen style of the room, give it originality and individuality.

Wicker and regular baskets in the interior

Baskets began to be made back in antiquity, when the first weaving techniques appeared from improvised materials (mainly vines). They were supplemented with handles or special straps for carrying on the back. Initially, containers were replaced by modern bags and bags, which are usually put products or small things.

Bedspread for the bedroom: tips on choosing

Bedspread is a piece of cloth that covers the bed, a sofa in the bedroom, living room. This item is used as a drapery that protects bedding from dirt, as well as for interior decoration. The design of the bedspread is selected individually, for different styles of the interior, rooms for adults and children.

Modular pictures: types and rules of placement in the interior

Modular pictures are a single artistic plot, which is divided into separate parts. The idea of ​​using triptychs (three images) originated in the Renaissance. Modular paintings in those days adorned the temples. As a rule, the central canvas was more than two side. It depicted the main storyline: a biblical story or a significant stage in the life of the saint.

Interior paintings in loft style

Mankind invented to decorate a home with paintings many years ago. Transmitting visual images, thoughts, and emotions onto the canvas with the help of paints and brushes began literally at the beginning of the last millennium, while drawings on the walls with the help of improvised tools were made by cavemen. In the modern world, the diversity of graphics, painting, arts and crafts, allows you to choose the right image, a whole series of them for any room.

How to choose a picture for the interior

At first glance, the paintings are just another interior decoration that does not play any special role in the setting. But with the help of a well-chosen image you can change a lot: smooth out excessive angularity of furniture, mask wall defects, highlight an accent zone that attracts attention, emphasize a stylistic concept, revive the design or, on the contrary, make it stricter and more solid.

Bouquets and compositions from artificial flowers

Artificial flowers have been decorated with interiors from ancient times. Traditionally they were made of textiles, paper, clay, and ceramics. Time passed, and the materials and manufacturing techniques changed. If before the creation of each bunch took a lot of time, as they did it manually, now you can go to the store and buy ready-made stamping, which will not visually differ from the original.

Modern elements and interior decoration items

In ancient times, architecture began with the construction of dwellings, then people began to erect monuments and symbolic buildings in honor of the rulers and deities in whom they believed. Naturally, these monumental buildings were decorated whenever possible. To learn how to create more elegant elements, crafts began to be mastered.

Lace in the interior +50 ideas for home decor lace

Noble lace in the interior will make the design of any room elegant and luxurious. Real lace has always had a high price, served as an attribute of wealth and high social status. Belgian lace patterns are the very first examples of this wonderful art. Today, lace is used not only for decorating clothes, but also for decorating objects and accessories.

Choose posters for the interior +75 examples

Beautiful, unusual and easy to arrange any room in the house can be using posters for the interior. Small illustrations with bright colors, in monochrome, will help to improve the decoration and emphasize the chosen style. Fashionable looks will be in the spacious halls, home offices and bedrooms portraits of the family.

12 kinds of interior paintings do it yourself +75 pics of examples

The décor completes the decor of the house, but the most exciting and creative stage begins with it. In modern interior solutions, it has become fashionable to replace purchased items with hand-made ones. The handmade technique is becoming overwhelmingly popular. Things do not only do for themselves, but also give to relatives, and especially talented craftsmen even sell works.