Decorative cells +75 photo ideas design and manufacture

By tradition, decorative cells in the interior are used when you want to arrange the space in the style of Provence. But other similar interior trends can also have cells in the decor, filled with the most unexpected things. How to use and where to place Interior decor will look more elegant if you place a special cage in the room.

Hours in the interior +75 photo examples

Beautiful and stylish chronometers can be installed in any room. They make it easy to keep track of time, emphasize the originality of the design of the premises. There are many models that differ in size, installation method. It is possible to select suitable products according to the color scale, usability.

Photo frames in the interior - 50 photo ideas

Photos remind of important moments in life, dear loved ones. Good photographs can be a spectacular decoration of the room and fundamentally change the style of the interior. Available are photo frames made in different styles. They are used to decorate the interior, to create original decorative compositions.

Decorative fireplace do it yourself +100 photo

Настоящий камин способен принести невероятный комфорт и уют. Но такой домашний очаг доступен не только в частных домах и некоторых таунхаусах, но и в обычных квартирах. Here comes to the aid of the decorative hearth. It can be made independently of various materials or bought in a store. To make an artificial fireplace look relevant and stylish, you will have to think through many details: starting from its appearance and ending with its location in the space of the room.

Electrofireplace in a living room interior +70 photos of ideas

The living fire, tamed by the power of human intellect, became our faithful assistant even in primitive times. Later, in the period of antiquity, the rough centers of the caves gave way to copper and bronze braziers, which warmed the aristocracy of Athens and the patricians of Rome. Finally, in the Middle Ages, a fireplace appeared - a means of heating the room, along with a stove that became the main source of heat for several centuries.

Decorative letters for interior decoration +56 photos

The house is not just a man's fortress, where he can spend time with his family, relax after a busy day. He, like clothes, is able to express the inner essence of the personality, thanks to certain decorative elements, interior solutions and finds. The popular trend, which became widespread thanks to European designers, in the form of volumetric letters for the interior, as well as other typographic elements will be appropriate in every home.

Mirrors in the interior - decorate and expand the space

Improve the quality of the interior easily with decorative elements. Such it is not difficult to find - mirrors in the interior of any room perfectly solve this problem. In addition to the function of the accessory, they do an excellent job with the practical part of the design, transforming the room for the better. But to finish claimed to be stylish and relevant, you should familiarize yourself with the design innovations and the latest trends.

Aquarium design - 20 photo examples

When designing the interior of your own apartment, the design of an aquarium plays an important role. Since it is rarely possible to meet him in a rented room. The live fish tank has become a symbol of stability and reliability. Thus, it favorably emphasizes the status of owners who have already decided on a permanent place to live.

Artificial flowers for home interior - 25 photo examples

Everyone agrees that the flowers create a cozy atmosphere, give the interior a finished look. Psychologists also argue that they improve mood and help to balance the psycho-emotional state. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to phytodesign in residential premises. Fresh flowers are a special luxury and not always a practical solution for the implementation of such a design.

Decorative and stylish shelves on the wall in the interior

Shelves in the interior have always been and will be a pleasant and functional addition to the overall design of the room. Business office, school, shop, library, residential apartment, private house - there are shelves everywhere. Such popularity of these furniture products clearly influenced their diversity. The 21st century dictates its own requirements and tastes in all spheres of life, including new design approaches, modern styles.