How to furnish a one-room apartment: interior design

In the apartments of panel houses and typical "Khrushchev", where there is only one room, the lack of space is almost the norm, especially if more than one person lives in the room. Living space "odnushki" rarely exceeds 14-18 square. m, and the total - 35-50 meters. Before furnishing a one-room apartment, it is necessary to study in detail the recommendations on its improvement, allowing to make the interior as comfortable as possible for living, cozy.

How to equip a studio apartment

For many people, the problem of the lack of available living space is quite acute. Some save up money to buy new housing, others decide to expand the space by redevelopment, removing partitions between rooms. At the stage of repair work, the question arises of how to equip an apartment studio, so that all the needs of residents are taken into account.

Interior design apartment for a young girl

Making a home depends on who is going to live in the room - a large family or a single citizen, a woman or a man. A harmonious apartment design for a young girl is planned taking into account her age, work, hobby, amount of time spent at home. It is important to create a cozy interior, not forgetting about its beauty, functionality, safety.

Design studio of 29 square meters. m

To conduct a competent design studio of 29 square meters. m will help the drafting of the project with an indication of the allowable size of all areas of the apartment. In addition to the main parts - rooms for cooking, eating and sleeping, with a carefully thought-out layout, you can select parts for leisure activities, work at home. The presence of a balcony in the studio makes it possible to transfer a dining group to this part of the apartment or organize a workplace there.

Design one-room apartment for a young man

The design of a one-room apartment of a young man does not have a clear definition or any specific style decisions. There are key reference points, but much depends on the personal preferences of the owner of the property. After all, an apartment can be made in a classic or vintage style, if a young man prefers them.

Interior design 4-room apartment

Four-room home is a great option for a big friendly family. Such layouts are found in the "Stalin", "Brezhnev", modern panel high-rise buildings KOPE-M "Parus". The original design of a 4-room apartment is carried out in any interior style, the number of rooms is reduced to two, a studio apartment or converted into a multi-room one.

Design studio of 17 square meters. m

Studio apartment - housing, in which there is only one room, combining in itself places for work and rest, cooking and receiving guests. It is not always spacious - a poor student, a young couple, a mother with a child often allow themselves to be quite inexpensive, and therefore a cramped room. Design studio 17 square. m

Interior design of one-room apartment 34 sq. M. m

The redevelopment of small housing makes it easy to make apartments for children and adults. In this modern design one-room apartment of 34 square meters. m the power to create even the owners themselves. Work on the arrangement of housing begins with the preparation of an exact project, the allocation of recreation and sleep, cooking.

Design studio of 22 square meters. m

A room with an area of ​​20-22 "squares" usually has only one room, when zoning which one gets a small kitchen, a bedroom-living room, a tiny corridor, a bathroom. This is the undoubted "hit" of the last ten years on the primary housing market both in Russia and in neighboring countries. The original design of the studio 22 square.

Apartment in minimalism style

Today, minimalism is considered one of the most popular styles in design. The modest design looks good in the spacious rooms of country houses, and in close urban apartments. Minimalism is distinguished by conciseness, “correct” geometry, free spaces and a special combination of neutral shades with textured surfaces.

Apartment interior in white color

White is the color of purity, virtue, joy. Kohler angels and brides, ice and cold, freedom and peace. It is believed that in nature there is no perfect white - there are only a few dozen of its shades. But the original design of the apartment in white color will appeal to many - it not only creates the impression of amazing cleanliness and neatness, but also significantly expands any available space, filling it with light.

Apartment design 32 square. m

Owners of small apartments always face a number of difficulties that arise due to the shortage of square meters. Small space creates big problems and constantly confronts a choice: what to add and what should be discarded. A competent design project will help to resolve a number of issues that at first glance seem to be a dead end.

Design apartment for a bachelor

The home of a staunch bachelor is brutal, charismatic, and, contrary to the envious conjectures, does not at all resemble a "den". This is a place where there is everything necessary for a normal life, where it is not a shame to bring a woman, to spend time with friends. Often a lonely citizen lives in a one-room, two-room apartment, less often - a spacious penthouse on the top floor of a local skyscraper.

Apartment design 46 sq. M. m

Housing with an area of ​​46 sq. M. m is quite standard for buildings of the end of the last century - "Khrushchev", "Stalinok", modern "panelek", etc. In these apartments used to do from one to three rooms, in Soviet times there lived three or four, and even more people . Times have changed, now this apartment is considered intended for a maximum of two or a married couple with a child.

Design of a two-room apartment for a little shirt: 5 redevelopment options

The vest's apartment received its original name due to the obvious similarity with the eponymous detail of children's clothing. Regardless of the layout and number of rooms, they are all connected by one common corridor and some of the rooms are on one side, and the rest are on the other. At the same time, one window “looks” at the inner courtyard of the house, and the other shows a view of the street.

Interior design apartment 45 square meters. m

Design solutions that you want to apply in the repair of residential premises, often become impracticable because of its small area. Property owners want to make the apartment as functional as possible, but this is not always possible: load-bearing walls interfere or there is not enough money for all designers' ideas.

Apartment design 70 sq. M. m: tips and ideas

Living area of ​​about 70 square meters. meters usually has two to three to four rooms, a large hallway, kitchen. This is a fairly spacious apartment - there is a place where you can roam in terms of design, but for repairs, you will probably need a significant amount of money. There is no need to hurry with the accomplishment - you need to think it over, having designed it so that everyone who lives in it is as comfortable as possible.