Bath with a terrace: options for projects

The bathhouse was the main “bathing” place in many countries, from the Middle Ages to the advent of centralized water supply. In modern times, such a facility is intended primarily for recreation in the company of relatives and friends. But if in a small bath it only comes out to steam up, then an extensive sauna with a terrace is a symbol of solid material security, because you will have to spend a considerable amount of time and money on building it.

Bath projects: layouts and photos

For a long time the Russian bath was surrounded by a mystical halo. Here they not only bathed, but also guessed on holidays. The bath had its own "kind" of brownie - a bannik. Although in this place people were cleared of dirt, it was considered nasty, they even tried not to bring things from here to the house. Bathhouse has always been on the outskirts of the site.

Bath on wheels: advantages and disadvantages

Bath - a special structure, where they wash and soar, heal and relieve fatigue. In Russian villages, it is often the only place for washing. This is usually a stationary building made of wood, brick, located near the reservoir, but in modern times, many organize an on-site bathhouse on wheels - you can move it anywhere, carry it with you to rest, by hooking it to the car.