Shower without cabin and pallet: 75 photos

Shower stall - a convenient, profitable purchase, especially for a close bathroom, which does not fit even a small bath. The cabin without a pallet is placed on the podium, tiled or just on a flat place, with a slight slope in the direction of the drain. It has no rear walls, but only doors made of glass or polycarbonate.

Toilet Tiles: Design Examples

A bathroom is one of the most important places in a house, city apartment. It is important to observe sterility here, but due to the high humidity, materials will suit not all. Ceramic tile has proven itself well, because it is easy to clean, comes in all sorts of design options, for a long time does not require replacement.

Bathroom design projects: top 100

Renovation is a tremendous change for any apartment. If earlier it was possible to limit oneself to simple finishing and typical design, now the interior has become much more demanding. To create a unique design, many hire professionals. When the budget does not allow you to do this, or you want to independently implement your ideas, you begin to create the project yourself.

Narrow bathroom design: visually expandable

A bathroom is an obligatory attribute of most modern apartments and many private houses. In some places it is very spacious, wide, then problems with the placement of sanitary appliances, household appliances do not arise. But more often than not, there is not very much space - then the question of a clear planning is the most relevant.

Bathroom design with plastic panels

The bathroom, along with the kitchen, is traditionally referred to as rooms with a “complex” microclimate. It maintains “chronic” humidity and high temperatures that not every material can withstand. Until the beginning of the last century, out of competition was the "queen" of decoration - ceramic tiles. But over time, despite its ever-expanding range, the consumer wanted even more variety.

Options for laying tiles in the bathroom

Decorating a bathroom with tiles (ceramic tiles) is an original and budget design solution. The material is made in several ways and is characterized by high strength. It received the name “tile” in Germany, where one of the first large-scale production facilities in Mettlach was established. It still exists and is famous for the high quality of products that go through the double firing procedure.

Classic bathroom: interior design

As time went on, eras changed, and the classics withstand steadily withstand the next blows from rapidly emerging directions. Most of them were experimental and sank into oblivion, unable to withstand the competition. The classic remained and occupied a special niche in the stylistic diversity. The conservative in nature direction, did not adjust to the fashion, but survived and retained relevance.

Ways of bathroom decor tiles +50 photos

The use of tile trim in plumbing premises greatly simplifies cleaning and ensures the duration of the repair. But the chosen tile decor in the bathroom should be appropriate. Before buying collections you need to evaluate their style and color range. The presence of decorative additions contribute to the ease of creating the original design.

Bathroom design 2 by 2 meters: tips on interior design +75 photos

Bathroom design 2 by 2 - a real interior challenge to its owners. This room is located in the border zone, and it can not be attributed to either too small or large. If it is also a bathroom, then the problem doubles. In this room, absolutely all households gather. From the morning and in the evenings there are crowds and sometimes queues.

Design of a small-sized bathroom: design features

Hollywood owners of huge bathrooms with a balcony or panoramic windows overlooking the ocean can only envy. In real life, these apartments are rare. Most owners of individual apartments are not willing to sacrifice square meters in favor of expanding the water treatment area.

Brown bathroom design +75 photo ideas

Bathroom - an important component of home comfort. In it, you become completely defenseless, exposing your flaws, solving "uncomfortable" physiological issues. Only in the bathroom can you relax, get some rest from the child’s noise and turmoil, troubles with your partner, work problems.

Bathroom design with washing machine +50 photo ideas

Without a useful technique, it is impossible to imagine the life of the present. Therefore, a washing machine in the bathroom is simply indispensable. It provides the correct cleaning of personal belongings, bed linen, home textiles. But in rooms with a small area, it is not easy to enter the overall models. In the old nine-storey buildings, private houses with poor layout, you need to carefully consider the available options for placement of equipment.

Bathroom design with a window +75 photos

A window in the bathroom is a modern fashion trend that allows you to enjoy beautiful views while taking a bath. Only owners of their own country cottages or apartments with improved planning can indulge in such luxury. In cities, also in many homes in bathrooms there is a window that opens onto the kitchen or into the bathroom, located nearby.

Design of black and white bathroom + 75 photos

The combination of opposites, black and white, contains a lot of philosophical overtones and poetic metaphors. Monochrome gamma is a win-win and popular option in bathroom interior design. With this design, it is important to properly balance the ratio of tones, then the interior will be stylish, elegant, with the effect of high prices and luxury chic.

Design a bathroom in a private house +75 photo arrangement

The ability to freely manage their own living space opens up a huge scope for homeowners to implement the most daring ideas. Modern design of a bathroom in a private house is aimed at increasing functionality and comfort. There are practically no restrictions, especially if the house is being built from scratch.

Mosaic in the bathroom: design +75 photos

Mosaic tiles rightfully belong to the oldest of all existing variants of cladding. The first mention of its use comes in the fifth century BC. A long time has passed since then, a huge number of technologies have changed, a large number of new samples of building materials have been produced.

Modern bathroom design +80 photos

The interior and decor of the bathroom in the modern style of the home should meet the needs of the household, to please the eye, to give the opportunity to retire and relax. In the process of repair it is important to choose high-quality materials, plumbing. The right choice of accessories will bring life, add personality. Variants of planning Possible issues are resolved before drawing up a design project, then something will be changed, it will be impossible to rearrange it.

Bathroom design 5 sq m - layout and interior

Some bathroom design 5 square. m in Khrushchev may seem like an impossible task. This is explained by the lack of space for permanent objects. Others will find such dimensions more than sufficient. Proper organization will help to achieve a successful arrangement of all necessary.

Bathroom decor +60 photo ideas

Without a cozy bathroom in the apartment it is impossible to imagine comfort. The design of the room and its implementation can be attributed to the most time-consuming repair tasks. This is due to the fact that the room is often characterized by modest size. Therefore, the decor of the bathroom should be extremely functional and harmonious.