Bedroom in Provence style +100 photo ideas

Provence is a combination of romance, comfort, sentimentality, tenderness. Natural materials of muted shades used for decoration create in the bedroom a special energy that is conducive to relaxation and rest. Floral motifs, cute knick-knacks, textiles of shades of lavender fields, sand and aqua, elements bearing the imprint of time reproduce the atmosphere of rustic simplicity.

Light colors in the bedroom interior

Bright bedroom - a classic attribute of modern apartments and houses. Here, convenience and comfort are of great importance, because the quality of sleep depends on the situation. Creating a bedroom from scratch begins with the selection of materials. Then they are determined with the colors of design: the main and additional. The choice of style direction is a key moment.

Design bedroom 17 sq. M. m

The bedroom is the most secluded place in the apartment, the personal room of the owners in which they rest. Drowning in sleep and waking up in the morning should be in the "right" setting, which helps to relax and feel at home. An ideal bedroom contributes to complete rest, the attainment of psycho-emotional balance and obtaining a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

Bedroom in Art Nouveau style - elegant modern design

Modern combines versatility and practicality, elegance of form and luxury. The interior is dominated by streamlined shapes, natural materials, floral patterns, arched structures. The design of the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style provides for quiet lighting, noble unobtrusive colors, an abundance of glass and wood objects.

Loft-style bedroom: design examples

Loft - an attractive and rough style, simple and stylish, unassuming and original. This design is typical of large spaces with high ceilings, huge windows, bright lighting. In such a style almost every room is decorated. The original design of the bedroom in the loft style is suitable for design of both male and female rooms.

A bedroom without windows: design features

Rooms without windows are not as rare as they seem. Such "deaf" rooms appear when refitting the so-called pantries, storage rooms in city apartments, village houses, arranging internal partitions in large spaces that were previously considered uninhabited. Such rooms are organized under the stairs in duplex apartments, semi-basement rooms.

Bedroom design in minimalism style

Minimalist interiors are most popular today. There are no extra items, enough free space, a lot of light. Strict and laconic, expressive and simple design of the bedroom in the style of minimalism is suitable for any premises, it looks easy even in old cramped apartments. It does not differ excessive color variety, but it looks beautiful and very functional.

Bedroom with two windows on the same and different walls

Rooms with two windows are found both in ordinary city apartments (even in Khrushchev houses) and in private houses, therefore the options for arranging them are interesting to many property owners. The thoughtful design of a bedroom with two windows will help to make an interior refined. Windows are sources of natural light.

Bedroom design for parents

Bedroom - room for night sleep, day rest. She is a child, adult, for a couple, a single person, a mother with a small child, a guest. The number of such rooms in an apartment, house can vary greatly. The design of a bedroom for adults differs from the nursery in filling and interior decoration.

Blue color in the interior of the bedroom

As a result of a survey conducted in 1974, American scientists found that the blue color - the most beloved on the planet. Already in our century, according to the results of the repeated research, it turned out that the first place was taken by a special shade called marrs green. Different people see it as green or as blue.

Bedrooms in dark colors

Doubt - is it worth making out a bedroom in a dark color? It all depends on your preferences. If you need an interior in which you will easily fall asleep, wake up awake and rested - do not be afraid to defy the darkness. The advantages of dark color Because of the stories that such interiors look gloomy and uncomfortable, most of us do not dare to design a bedroom in dark colors.

Bedroom design 15 square meters. m

Bedroom - a room created for relaxation, night, daytime sleep. Here a person spends at least a third of his life. When the room is spacious enough, there are places for changing clothes, cosmetic procedures, practicing your favorite hobby, working at the computer. How to best design a bedroom of 15 square meters.

Brown bedroom: 75 design examples

Modern designers offer interior design in any color - whether it is a private "royal tower" or the Soviet "Khrushchev", "Stalinka". Someone decorates the whole apartment with the same colors, and some make each room different - a green living room, a lilac entrance hall, a blue kitchen, and a brown bedroom.

Bedroom design in turquoise colors: 75 examples

Wait for the morning to embrace the sea. And not once a year, on vacation, but every day. A beautiful fairy tale and a pipe dream for everyone who does not live on the sea coast. But do not be discouraged. After all, even if the sea is not "worried" at the threshold, if desired, it can easily be "invited" inside. Bedroom design in turquoise colors - this is the best solution for those who dream of waking up to dive with a look into the inviting blue.

Guest room interior

The guest room is a separate room, which is reserved specifically for guests who stay for a while. The main purpose of its arrangement is the desire of the owners to create the necessary conditions for comfortable living of loved ones who decide to stay. Do not confuse the guest with the living room.

Bedroom interior with photo wallpaper

The design of the bedroom with photo murals has every chance to become unique. This element of the decor is made of various modern materials, it can completely cover all the walls, one of them, or be a minor local addition. They are usually produced rectangular, square. With the help of photowall-paper, they originally zone the space, expand it, eliminate some drawbacks of the layout.

Bedroom design with a balcony: combining two spaces

A bedroom with a balcony is a rare occurrence, as the construction usually accompanies the living room or kitchen. There are such options in panel houses and the Khrushchev-Series D-25, P-111, P-44, P-44T. To get started is to understand the concepts of "balcony" and "loggia." The first means an open area on three sides, which stands on the facade of the building.

Bedroom design in shades of green

The bedroom is one of the most important places in the house. The decoration of this room should maximally promote relaxation, rest, and first of all - night and daytime sleep. A comfortable bed, soft bedding, sufficient soundproofing of the room will help you sleep and sleep well, but the color scheme is also important.

Bedroom in a private house: design and interior

Rooms in a private house have one strong advantage over apartments - you set up the framework yourself. The larger the room, the higher the likelihood of creating an ideal design that will embody the owner's preferences and create the desired mood. The design of the bedroom in a private house is developed to the smallest detail so that the owners will not experience a bit of discomfort in the room for rest.

Bedroom design in high-tech style +75 interior photos

Bedroom design in high-tech style is a modern, elegant design solution. The name of the direction was formed as a contraction from the merger of the English “higt stile” (high style) and “technology” (technology). High-tech is characterized by pragmatism, manufacturability and monumentalism. In detail, it is in many ways similar to industrial, which originated a little earlier in the United States.