Tiles on the floor in the corridor: what to choose

From the entrance to the room begins styling housing. You should not literally finish the corridor first. However, it is important to remember that failure to complete the floor and other parts of the corridor will destroy the integrity of the interior of the entire apartment. Such an effect as the first impression is also formed at the expense of the hallway, and gender plays a key role in this perception.

12 shoe storage options

The problem of storing shoes is very relevant. This moment interests many people. Proper organization of the system of maintenance and saving items of clothing for the feet solves many problems. Firstly, it allows to increase the operational life of the product. Secondly, it helps to save free space in a house or apartment.

Built-in wardrobe in the hallway

Convenient storage systems are an important attribute of any apartment, private mansion, and workshop. Placing garments, shoes, haberdashery and other things should be as convenient as possible. Functional wardrobe, built into the hallway, takes up relatively little space, while accommodating a lot of all sorts of things.

Clothes hanger with your own hands

Hanger is an important attribute in every home. It is a product intended for the temporary placement of clothes, hats. Some models contain a cabinet for shoes. They can have a different design - from the usual nail hammered into the wall, to the whole decorative composition that decorates the interior of the room.

Modern decoration in the hallway: walls, floors, ceilings

The entrance hall is the first room into which the host or guest enters when entering the house. Most of these rooms are of modest size, but of considerable importance. It is in the small hall that the first impression of the overall interior is formed. When designing it, it is necessary to follow important rules, take into account both the design of the apartment and the external surrounding landscapes.

Corridor ceiling design

An entrance hall is a place where the street’s energy and the house’s energy come into contact with each other. From here a man goes out into the world and returns here in the evenings. Here guests are greeted and get a first impression about the tastes of the owners. Therefore, being engaged in the design of the corridor, it is necessary to combine both functionality and beautiful design in it.

Small hallways in the corridor

A small hallway, smoothly turning into a narrow corridor, requires special arrangement and design. Such a zone should include a small, but roomy furniture, to have exactly the sustained style of the interior. Following these rules will help to easily create a comfortable environment and easily choose a small hallway for the corridor.

Loft style entrance hall

Each person receives the first impression of housing by crossing its threshold. That is why modern households try to choose non-standard directions for hall decoration. It is very interesting to consider the design of the hallway in the loft style: it is simple to implement, looks fresh and unusual, is able to create a special comfort of living.

Classic style hall

The very first room where the hosts get, guests of the house, is the hall. Here they remove, store outer clothing, shoes, comb their hair, apply make-up before going outside. The original design of the hallway in the classical style was always popular - it is "timeless", despite the abundance of modern solutions.

Hallway with living room: examples of design

Combining the living room and hallway is done to increase the usable area of ​​the apartment. Modern design solutions allow to solve this problem not only from a functional point of view, but also from an aesthetic one. A typical hallway is a narrow room, stretched in length, in which several people can hardly accommodate.

Design of a hall in a private house with a staircase +75 photos

A hall with a staircase in a private house must meet a number of requirements so that the whole room looks like a single whole. It is necessary to tie together utility and usability. We must not forget that the first impression from acquaintance with the house of the guests was the most luxurious. So, what should be the design of the hallway with a staircase.

The design of the hallway in the apartment panel house +50 photos

Standard hallway design in an apartment in a panel house has its limitations. Most hallways in panel houses are designed according to the same type, so it is quite difficult to do something unusual there. But even on the basis of a typical layout, you can play with interior styles, as well as make small changes to the shape of the walls, floor and ceiling.

Wallpaper in the interior of the hallway +75 photo

The hallway is a small room, no one here is usually delayed, so it is drawn up according to the residual principle. But the opinion that choosing wallpaper for the hallway is easy, wrong. Firstly, this room is the first to welcome guests, and secondly, the design of wallpaper and other finishes for the corridor should be kept in the same style and support each other.

Modern design of a hall +100 photos

The appearance of the hallway paying close attention. No one will pass this zone, it is judged on the taste, cleanliness, well-being of the owners. No matter how the living room looks with the kitchen, this room sets the mood before going out and meets it after a busy day. The wrong approach to the design of the buffer part of the house can destroy the whole picture of the interior and level up the efforts to create a positive impression.

Hallway design and interior corridor in a small area

In any apartment or house, the hallway acts as a “walk-through” room. This is both the “face” of the apartment, according to which guests can judge the character and tastes of the owners, and its most important “transport” node. According to standard layouts, all the doors to other premises of the dwelling are located exactly in the hallway. Often, the dimensions of this room leave much to be desired, so the design will have to be refined to fit all the necessary elements of furniture and not clutter up space with them.

Narrow hallway design

Many have heard about the importance of the first impression. In the apartment the entrance hall is responsible for this moment. It was she who greets guests stepping over the threshold of the home. In its appearance and ergonomic arrangement, you can draw the first conclusions about the taste of the owners, their status and preferences. In Soviet houses and small apartments often have to observe the design of a narrow hallway.

Hallway design in Khrushchev +40 photo interior examples

Small hallways can be of different configurations, but one thing unites them: they are extremely close. Modern solutions will allow to transform the main place in the house, to challenge an uncomfortable area. The harmonious interior of the hallway in Khrushchev will be based on functionality, comfort, but it is not difficult to make it memorable, spectacular.

Design of a narrow and long corridor

The corridor is the first thing that guests see when entering the apartment. Its appearance completely determines the impression of housing. But the hallway in high-rise buildings rarely has a large space. The owners have to balance on the distinction between style and functionality, which is why the design of a narrow corridor turns into real art, which is not accessible to everyone.

Hallway design - 30 interior design ideas

When arranging the house, these rooms are not given as much time as the rest of the rooms. However, if you ignore the interior of the hallway in the apartment, then it can reduce all the design work to nothing. Just be out of the general style. To create a bright, cozy and comfortable space, you must follow certain rules.

Square hallway design - interior photo

Let's make the decision of performance of repair of a hall. Its configuration and size greatly influence the idea of ​​reincarnation of a standard apartment. Registration should be made uniquely beautiful and individual. Transform a small hallway space, create a bright, visually spacious separate room.