Zoning options in the interior

When there is a room in which several functions are combined, for example, a living room and a bedroom or a study and a kitchen, zoning in the interior goes to the main place. For large rooms, in the style of loft or open space, this is usually not a problem, good footage allows you to do without division, but what are the zoning options for a small room, consider below.

Fur and skins in the interior

Skins in the interior - it is luxurious. One can hardly disagree with this statement. Soft, pleasant to the touch, they create a cozy and rich atmosphere in the interior. Most often, these decorations are used for interiors in the style of chalets, bedrooms, in the form of carpets and capes on the bed, as well as fur pillows or inserts in furniture, for living rooms.

Feng Shui furniture arrangement

Bring your home to harmony, to ensure the correct and favorable movement of energy flows, to attract wealth and abundance, will help not complicated tips on the arrangement of furniture on Feng Shui. The bedroom For the bedroom, the most important thing in the arrangement of furniture in Feng Shui is to set the bed correctly.

Cozy provence in the interior: a description of the style, the choice of colors, finishes, furniture, decor

Distinctive features of style Advertising Provence is an easy and romantic style. The interior is bright, simple, not overloaded with bright details. Provence and country combines a touch of rustic chic and comfort of a country house. A description of some of the characteristic features of the style will help bring the atmosphere of French lightness to the interior of the house.

Where to place the washing machine?

Almost every house has or will be a washing machine. Thing necessary in the household and an indispensable assistant. The dimensions of the unit itself are, perhaps, what you have to measure with and specifically select a place for a washing machine. Standard apartments do not differ by space, and in buildings of the last century, the availability of such equipment at home was not envisaged at all, so the question of where to place the washing machine is not always easy to resolve.

High-tech in the interior: a description of the style, the choice of colors, finishes, furniture and decor

Distinctive features of Advertising style Hi-tech is a relatively young direction, the main distinguishing feature of which is maximum functionality. Due to the peculiarities of the style, giving the interior a cool and restrained atmosphere, it is not so often used in the interior of the house. High functionality of the furniture; Furniture geometry has clear, straight lines; Chrome and metal parts can be abundantly present in the interior; In the role of interior partitions often use glass; When finishing use a monochromatic palette, without drawings and patterns; The minimum number of decorative accessories; Abundant lighting in different variations; Filling the space with modern technology.

Decorative fireplaces for the apartment

To use the fireplace in the interior of the apartment - the desire of not only many designers, but also many ordinary people, I want to watch the fire play, resting after a hard day. Alas, the chimneys are in the past, in the old fund, and even that is often inoperative, so modern technologies come to the rescue, allowing you to build artificial fireplaces in apartments, without using elements of combustion.

Marine style in the interior: description, choice of colors, finishes, furniture and decor

Distinctive features Advertising Marine style is easily recognizable, it has a number of features that are directly associated with the water surface and marine fauna. The basic colors of marine style: white and shades of blue; The use of textiles from natural material; The abundance of thematic decorative elements; Furniture in the interior of simple forms with straight lines from natural material: wood, rattan.

Layout mechanisms for sofas

Choosing among the many types of transformation of sofas, you need to take into account whether you will lay out a sleeping place daily, or only occasionally, when guests come to the house. Book (click-klyak) Advertising Mechanism: to expand the sofa, lift the seat and pull it over. This is a reliable, time-tested folding mechanism of the sofa.

Methods of fastening curtains: the choice of location, types of fasteners to the eaves and without eaves

Recommendations for the choice of fixtures Advertising Different types of curtains correspond to a certain type of fixtures. For example, products with hooks are illogical to cling with crabs, and roll-up curtains cannot be hung on hooks. But there are general tips on how to choose a mount: It is recommended to think over the method of hanging curtains at the repair stage.

How to visually expand a narrow room?

Expand a narrow room can be quite simple means, without resorting to construction work. What to do if you got a room of imperfect proportions? Taken for their "correction" is necessary at the stage of repair and decoration. Visually expand the narrow room will help elements that direct the view "across" the space.