Kitsch style in the interior - description and characteristics

Kitsch - is it a complete fragmentation, a parody of luxury, elemental bad taste? No, this is a challenge to generally accepted principles, non-standard color, deliberate and thoughtful provocation. Not everyone manages to create an explosive cocktail of classics, country music, and the Empire style. The controversial kitsch style in the interior is striking with an imbalance, cute naivety, an abundance of scattered, but artistically collected objects.

Stalin's Empire in interior design

Staliens - the most popular architectural direction in the 30-60s of the twentieth century. Unlike other residential buildings of Stalin's time (barracks, twin single-storey buildings, brick houses without any amenities) there is a full-fledged water supply, sewage, heating, several separate rooms. The Stalin Empire style in the interior of modern houses and apartments is cozy, solemn, and relevant to this day.

Glamor style in the interior

In English and French, the word "glamor" means charm, charm, charm. This term is applicable in fashion, design and cultural life. The style of art, demanded among creative people, following the current trends. Over the past 10 years, glamor has lost popularity, but this applies to wardrobe items, and not the interior.

London style interior

Creative owners of houses and apartments are often looking for such options for housing design, in which they can show their imagination and create an extraordinary design. Such unusual and unique solutions include the creation of the interior in the style of London. Its main advantage is the absence of a general scheme, according to which it is necessary to carry out registration.

Gzhel style in the interior

The interior in the style of Gzhel can be safely attributed to one of the most extraordinary. Although designers rarely choose such design, they have already managed to appreciate the potential of a colorful ornament. In the understanding of the inhabitant, Gzhel is a special type of painting mainly on porcelain, which has been practiced by Russian masters for a long time.

Art Nouveau in the interior: a characteristic of style and examples

The "style of the waves" is characterized by an incredible softness of the lines, which helps to achieve a state of inner harmony and has a calming effect on a person. It successfully intertwines the elegance inherited from the Baroque, industrial motifs and multi-genre. The Art Nouveau style in the interior is striking in its grace and noble aristocracy, which is found in the classic variation of direction.

70s Style - Interior Design Ideas

The twenty-first century is already long past the courtyard, but some houses still have apartments, in which time seems to have stopped fifty years ago. There is still a lot of controversy about that era - some designers consider it tasteless, chaotic, uncomfortable for life. This is the heyday of the subculture of punks and hippies, disco music and the emergence of color televisions.

Rustic style in the interior: description and examples

Rustik is a little-known style in the "former union countries", but very popular in America and Europe. The word is synonymous with coarse, rustic life, simple forms, a kind of unity with nature. Closest to him is country music. The rustic style in the interior of a modern dwelling is fully capable of becoming cozy, aesthetic, combining the design of a rural house and the ultramodern filling of urban life.

Palace style in the interior

Дворцовый стиль поражает своей роскошью, богатством и великолепием. Это направление не сочетается с бюджетным ремонтом. Если владелец планирует воплотить в интерьере элементы оформления дворца, то средств в это придется вложить немало. The decoration will be striking in scope and pomp, replete with elaborate details.

Swedish style in the interior: decoration

Swedish style is included in a large group of ethnic trends. It is not as popular as prudent English, concise Mediterranean (Greek) or romantic Italian. Swedish style is closely related to Scandinavian. Sometimes both of these concepts are even considered as one. In fact, the style is one of the Scandinavian varieties, since Sweden is part of the historical and cultural region of the same name with Denmark and Norway, to which sometimes Iceland is also counted.

African style in the interior and its features

Africa has long remained a “conserved” continent that has not been exposed to other crops. Therefore, the style formed in these open spaces has retained its primitive and archaic nature. Dwellings of indigenous tribes, as a rule, are decorated concisely, as the locals could not afford the luxury and delights.

Victorian style in the interior

Victorian style in the interior is considered one of the most recognizable around the world. It is characterized by good grace and classic luxury. There is no ridiculous combination of colors or extra flashy details. This style in English is restrained and royally rich. He immediately stands out against the background of other interior styles with noble colors and the quality of the materials used.

Art Deco Interior - Style Features

Art Deco is a very popular, incredibly expressive, elegant, recognizable style, long beloved by many modern designers. He always looks rich, elegant, giving pleasure to contemplating this interior. Most often used for decoration of hotels, expensive restaurants, halls where official receptions, weddings, banquets are held.

Features of classicism in the interior

Classicism - the direction in architecture and design, the birth of which dates from the beginning of the XVII century. The style remained relevant in Europe for almost two centuries. Gradually, the main ideas of classicism spread beyond the Old World to the New, where the colonialists mixed them with local ethnic motifs, turning them into a colonial direction.

Colonial style in the interior

Colonial style belongs to the group of classical trends. It received its name in honor of the colonists, who, settling on foreign lands, not only brought with them native traditions in interior design, but also borrowed customs from local residents. In the direction a balance was found between refinement, luxury and conciseness, "indigenous simplicity."

Retro style in the interior

The word "retro" is called any things that were relevant in the past, but do not fit into the realities of modernity. There is another concept - vintage. In colloquial speech, they are often confused, although they are similar, but not identical. Retro (from Lat. "Back") is considered the abstract designation of old things and those items that have been aged artificially.

Moroccan style in the interior

Morocco remains for many of our compatriots a distant and unexplored country, which is located somewhere in Africa. In fact, the geographical location makes the state an owner of unique climatic conditions. Morocco is comfortably located in the northwest of the African continent, but at the same time only 14 km of the Strait of Gibraltar separate it from the Spanish shores.

Style 60s in the interior: how to create

Implement the colorful style of the 60s in the interior is quite easy and simple. It allows a combination of 3-4 or more colors. This feature does not limit the owners to create a bright design of residential premises, kitchens, hallways and corridors. An additional advantage is the possibility of combining updated old sets and modern furniture products.

Spanish style in the interior

Spain is a country of bullfighting and captivating dark-haired beauties dancing flamenco, having survived difficult times in the past. She rose to unprecedented heights and just as rapidly fell down to the feet of the Moorish conquerors. Typical for the south of Europe, the Spanish style has undergone changes along with the state.