How many meters in one roll of wallpaper

Wallpapers - one of the most popular materials for wall decoration in residential areas. With proper use, they allow you to create both stylish and cozy space. At first glance, wallpaper the walls - simple. And indeed, it does not require special education and training.

Choosing paint colors for walls

The psychology of perception of shades is taken into account primarily when choosing the appropriate option from a diverse palette of wall paints. Color is a powerful tool. With it, they make accents on architectural details, hide imperfections of surfaces, create all conditions for comfortable living. Proper tinting is the key to a harmonious interior.

How to make a wall of drywall do it yourself

Gypsum plasterboards can rightly be considered a universal building material for interior work. You can build a false fireplace from them, make arched openings, figured niches. Но чаще всего монтируются из гипсокартона стены и перегородки.Such designs allow you to quickly and easily change the layout and conduct zoning of premises or at the same time align the walls and warm, isolate the room itself from noise.

Paint wallpaper without streaks

Painted walls are in demand all over the world. They have long supplanted many types of finishes. It is easy to see this, it is enough to read the most popular magazines on interior design. However, such an operation requires very careful preparation of the surface, which should be perfectly smooth, otherwise the slightest flaws will be visible.

Clapboard wall clapboard do it yourself

Facing materials are always in great demand. One of their versions - lining. She has established herself as a high-quality product with many positive properties. There is a wide variety of profiles on the market, which allows you to create various textures and attach panels anywhere.

What wallpapers are suitable for a small room

Small-sized rooms are more often found in "Khrushchev", but even modern apartments "sin" rooms with a small square. They can be made more visually due to the correct design. The whole complex of receptions using color, light and furniture arrangement will help to turn a cramped room in which it is “stuffy” into quite a decent room of modest rather than ugly small sizes.

TV mount on the wall

A few inventions, invented by man, have become so widespread in everyday life as television. This is one of the most popular items that can be found in almost every house or apartment. Receivers of television signals around the clock transmit visual information with sound, allow you to spend time with pleasure.

How to fix PVC panels to the wall

Plastic panels - material for fast and economical, but at the same time, good-quality and spectacular interior decoration. Exceptional practicality, ease of mounting and unlimited decorative possibilities provide him with high demand and "open access" to various parts of the house. Advantages and disadvantages of wall paneling Panels are made from polyvinyl chloride, by running the source material through certain forms.

30 options for combining wallpaper

To create a non-standard interior or room zoning there are many ways. Combining wallpaper - one of them, the least expensive in terms of resources and time. This technique is used by those who want to save money, to level the existing drawbacks of the layout: non-winning overhangs or niches, too low ceilings, narrow space.

Imitation brick for interior decoration

Brick - durable, durable material, used primarily for the construction of walls, interior, exterior. But it is not always possible to apply it - bulky, thick bricks will make a small room very cramped. Therefore, for finishing work in residential and office premises, high-quality imitation of brickwork is used.

How and what to decorate an empty wall: more than 100 photo ideas

The construction of the house has been completed, the renovation has finished with the finishing of the walls, and it would seem that life has returned to its natural course, but a feeling of incompleteness remains. The rooms are uncomfortable, they look cold, inhospitable. Not enough of some zest in the interior. In such a situation, the decoration of the walls saves the situation.

Stencils for wall decor

Many people love to constantly change something in their interior - rearrange furniture, outweigh draperies, decorate walls. But what to do if expensive repairs are not affordable, but you really want to create a unique design? Stencils for decoration will come to the rescue - with a little paint and free time, it will be easy to decorate almost any surface, even without any artistic skills.

Decorating a block house inside the house and apartment

The block house is a finishing material made from natural wood of high quality. The name comes from the English word "blockhouse", in fact, translated as "house of blocks." Building material is widely used in creating the interior of both the whole house and certain parts of the room.

Interior trim imitation timber

The use of wood trim for simple styling of any premises in the house is a very interesting and at the same time correct decision. Such materials contribute to the creation of increased comfort and coziness of living, as well as provide a healthy atmosphere in the house. That is why the use of inexpensive imitation timber in the interior is gaining increasing popularity.

Decorative Wall Painting Techniques

Original decorative painting of walls is able to quickly transform any kind of premises - residential or non-residential. A huge variety of dyes, textures, color combinations, methods of application, will allow you to arrange an apartment, private house, office in accordance with their own ideas about beauty, and the costs will be relatively small.

Fabric wall decoration: 4 ways to decorate

Stylish and unusual wall decor fabrics - a great way to create a special atmosphere in the living rooms of the house. This finishing option allows you to bring into any design zest, make it stand out and as comfortable as possible for living. The work on decorating walls with fabrics should begin with the choice of materials.

Mirror tiles in the interior: ideas of application

Not so long ago a new product appeared on the market of finishing materials - mirror tile. Reflective surfaces are very popular in interiors. First, they give the setting a touch of sophistication. Secondly, with the help of mirrors, it is easy to add unnecessary illusory meters to cramped spaces, emphasize the accent area, “duplicate” a stylish design element or diffuse artificial light, transforming a dark room.

White wallpaper in the interior

White wallpapers are always a good decision. They have a different texture, a large variety of patterns, are made of virtually any material, suitable for most of the current premises in an apartment and a country house. White wallpaper in the interior of any room visually expand it, fill it with light.

PVC decorative panels

Modern interiors of residential premises, offices, shops are often decorated with decorative PVC panels. The reason for the popularity of this type of finishing materials in their practicality, ease of installation and maintenance. Beautiful veneer will fit into any style, will not be an unreasonable burden on a limited budget.

Increase space with photo wallpaper

Few of the owners of their own homes satisfy the number of square meters in it. Most apartments need to be improved, which requires a lot of money and effort. Solve the question "without noise and dust", without breaking partitions and without making extra costs for an expensive designer, choosing the right wallpaper, expanding living space, freeing the interior from the accumulated rubbish.