Install curtain rails for do-it-yourself curtains

The window opening is an important part of the interior. For its design using different design techniques. However, the most common type of window decoration remains textiles and designs used to fasten the canvas. The choice and installation of curtain rails for many inhabitants causes difficulties. Before buying a suitable device, you should solve a number of tasks, for example, to consider the compliance of the appearance of the product with the style of the room, the ability of the walls, finishing materials, the object itself to withstand certain loads.

How to choose a cornice

From a functional point of view, the eaves are designed exclusively for fastening curtains. From the aesthetic - this is an important element that is able to emphasize the style of the room, to focus on the window opening. The object has a simple construction, which consists of the following parts: the base supporting the curtain (pipe, string, tire); brackets, holders for fixing the base; fasteners for textile fabric; side plugs.

The choice of product should be approached very responsibly. When purchasing a structure, it is necessary to consider the following points:

  1. Window size The length of the eaves should exceed the width of the window opening by 40 cm.
  2. Load bearing capacity. The object must be strong enough to withstand the load exerted by curtains.
  3. Location of batteries, pipes, protruding parts of the window sill. These elements should not interfere with the free hanging and movement of the web.
  4. Color spectrum. The hue is selected in accordance with the existing design.
  5. Size and space. If round models are suitable for framing windows in a room of any size, then string ones will look more impressive only in small rooms, and bulky wooden ones are recommended to be installed in large living rooms.
  6. The number of rows. Depending on the destination, you can choose one-, two-, three-row design. The latest models will decorate the room with sophisticated textile compositions.
  7. Material. In the manufacture of products using metal, wood, plastic. The choice of the most appropriate option depends on the style, price range, personal preferences of the buyer.

Types of cornices

Manufacturers produce a huge range of curtain rods used for fastening curtains. Models differ in colors, decor, material, design features, installation method, appearance. To understand the existing types of products, consider their brief classification:

  1. According to the materials used:
  • Plastic. It is characterized by low cost, a variety of models. Can imitate wood.
  • Metal. Metal constructions are very attractive. To protect against corrosion, their surface is treated with special compounds. The most durable are aluminum versions, and the most spectacular and expensive - forged copies.
  • Tree. This is an environmentally friendly raw material that does not lose its relevance. Wooden products are most in demand, they are suitable for almost all styles in the interior.

  1. By configuration:
  • Round (rod). A round tube or bar is used as a central element.
  • Baguette. The base, on which the curtain is attached, is covered with a decorative strip.
  • String. Represent a string stretched between two brackets. On the design can be hung only light curtains.
  • Profile (tire, rail). Made of plastic or aluminum, characterized by low weight. They can be given any shape.

  1. By fastening method:
  • Wall mounted.
  • Ceiling.
  1. By the number of guides:
  • Single row Designed for fixing a single textile fabric.
  • Double row Allow to knead curtains and tulle at the same time.
  • Three-row. They make it possible to create complex compositions, to use lambrequins.

  1. By type of management:
  • Hand held Closing and opening curtains made by hand.
  • Electrically driven. The curtains are controlled with the help of a console, their movement is provided by an electric drive.

For fixing the canvas using the following fasteners: clips, strings, loops, eyelets, drawstring, rings, magnets.

Features and installation rules eaves

Assembling and installing any model from an experienced master does not take much time. An amateur who wants to do the work with his own hands will need help. Initially, he needs to make measurements of the window opening, on the basis of which the calculations are made. Next you should familiarize yourself with the rules and features of installation:

  1. Regardless of the mounting method (ceiling, wall), the length of the structure should be at least 30 cm greater than the width of the window, with the exception of the option when the product is located along the entire wall.
  2. The distance from the wall to the rod is selected in the range of 10-15 cm. It is quite enough for the curtain to move freely, without touching the projecting part of the window sill, radiator.
  3. The indent between the eaves and the ceiling is determined individually, but professionals recommend mounting the structure at a distance of 5-10 cm from the ceiling surface.
  4. Particular attention should be paid to the height at which the device will be mounted above the upper border of the window frame. This parameter should exceed 5-7 cm, otherwise the curtains will interfere with the opening of the window.

Ways and the choice of mounting

By way of installation distinguish ceiling and wall cornices. In the first case, some models can be attached directly to the ceiling or with the help of brackets. In the second version, products can be mounted only on supporting cantilever structures. Dowel-nails, screws, liquid nails, dowels for drywall, anchor bolts are used as fasteners.

The choice of fixtures depends on various factors. First of all, the material of the walls and the ceiling is taken into account. For example, for the fragile partitions laid out from the foam block, use special expansion anchor bolts. For brick walls, or built of durable concrete, you can use any type of fasteners. In the red brick, which tends to crumble, wooden caps are often used.

It is worth paying attention to the raw materials from which the cornice is made, its weight, and the load on the partitions. In some cases, you will have to use additional fasteners or even abandon massive wooden or metal products in favor of lighter plastic or aluminum.

It is possible to fix the bracket securely on a wooden or concrete base. When installing the structure on a stretch ceiling or drywall, it is necessary to foresee the availability of mortgages.

Installation of ceiling eaves

Ceiling models are very popular. They can be hung in almost any place, even located in niches. These products are preferred in the following cases:

  • if necessary, hang long curtains from the ceiling itself;
  • if it is impossible to securely fix the brackets to the wall;
  • to close the panoramic window;
  • to hide minor defects in finishes;
  • the distance between the top of the window opening and the ceiling is so small that there is no possibility of mounting the wall options.

Even a beginner in the construction business will be able to perform installation work. The main thing is to follow all the rules and recommendations, follow the instructions. The experience gained at the same time will help to connect all the elements correctly in the future, to install such structures without any problems.

Materials and tools

Before starting work, you should prepare everything you need. This will allow in the future not to be distracted from work in search of missing components or consumables. To perform the installation will need:

  • the basis supporting a curtain, arms, caps or decorative tips;
  • eaves rings or hooks;
  • fasteners;
  • measuring instruments, level, pencil;
  • ladder;
  • drill or hammer drill;
  • screwdriver, screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • hacksaw;
  • drill.

Installation procedure

The order of work, as well as their appearance, directly depends on the type of the selected cornice. Fixing profiles can be carried out directly to the ceiling, with the help of brackets. Consider the option of mounting a plastic tire box to a concrete floor:

  1. We carry out measurements of a window opening.
  2. Observing all the rules, we make the markup on the ceiling.
  3. If the product is longer than the measurements made, cut it with a hacksaw.
  4. In the plastic box we drill through the mounting holes, which should be located between the tracks. To do this, you need two drills of different diameters. We make the first hole in the middle, the rest at the same distance from it. Their number depends on the expected load.
  5. With a drill that is larger than the cap of the screw, we make a hole in the front of the box.
  6. The second drill, which corresponds to the diameter of the fastener in diameter, will drill a hole in the back wall.
  7. We put the box to the ceiling, starting from the center, put marks on the place of fixing the dowels, drill holes in the concrete.
  8. We hammer dowels.

Installation of wall eaves

Wall mounted models are more widely used. They are compatible with the design of the interior, made in any style. Unlike ceiling options, these designs are much easier to install yourself. For clarity, we consider ways to install the main species, which include:

  • round;
  • strings;
  • profile;
  • baguette.

Each version has its own installation features. However, the fastening of all these types is carried out with the help of brackets. The main stages of the work are almost identical, as can be seen from the example of the instructions given.


The main difference of baguette cornices is the presence of a decorative strip that hides all the elements of the structure. According to the type of base used for fixing curtains, they distinguish rod, string, rail models. The procedure for installing a plastic bus baguette:

  1. We carry out a marking on a wall on level.
  2. Perforator drill holes, insert dowels into them.
  3. Install the brackets, securely fix them with screws.
  4. According to the existing scheme, we collect the blank, connect the tire with the decorative strip.
  5. Fix the resulting workpiece to the brackets.
  6. Upon completion of installation on the finished product, you can hang curtains, tulle.


The main feature of string models is their special device. They consist of a steel thread, brackets, hooks. The length of the string should not exceed five meters, it can be hung in several rows. However, it should be borne in mind that on a thin thread you can only hang light textiles. The weight of the heavy drapes will not stand. The installation of these eaves should not cause difficulties even for an inexperienced person, the process itself is as follows:

  1. Determine the place for attachment, mark the level.
  2. Attaching fasteners, we make a mark under the dowel.
  3. Drill holes, install fasteners.
  4. Through the hole, which is available in the installed mount, we wind the steel string into the first bracket.
  5. We distribute hooks or rings along the thread.
  6. We pass the string through the second string bracket, the necessary tension is adjusted using a special bolt.
  7. We cut the excess steel thread, it can also be rolled up, this will allow to further lengthen the product.

Push rod

Round cornices, in which the main element is a bar, are classic models. Along the edges of the product are attached special plugs or decorative tips. They act as a decoration, do not allow the rings to jump off the pipe. When choosing such options, you should pay attention to their parameters. Short designs can be mounted on two brackets, if their length exceeds 1.5 m, then you should provide for additional fasteners, which is installed in the center. Installation works are performed as follows:

  1. Measure the width of the window.
  2. By level we make markup.
  3. We unscrew the heel from the holder, try on it against the wall, mark the places for the dowels with a pencil.
  4. When installing long products make an additional mark in the middle of the window opening.
  5. With an electric drill we drill holes in the intended place, hammer in the dowels in them.
  6. Using screws, fasten the heels to the wall.
  7. On the heels we wind the base of the holder.
  8. We assemble the design, we dress the required number of rings, on the sides we install plugs.
  9. When installing, first fix the central bracket, then the side fasteners.
  10. At the final stage we hang the curtains.


Profile models appropriately look in any interior. Plastic or aluminum is used for their production. The maximum length does not exceed 6 m, however, if necessary, this parameter can be increased by means of fittings. Some products are able to bend in two planes at any angle, which allows them to be used for the design of window openings of any fanciful shape. For clarity, consider the step-by-step instructions for installing the structure:

  1. Determine the place of installation.
  2. The entire length of the pencil do the markup.
  3. If a long construction is installed, it is necessary to provide for the presence of more than two brackets, especially at the bend points.
  4. Often the profile cornices are sold without holders, so they will have to be purchased separately.
  5. Drill holes, install brackets.
  6. Fix the profile on the fasteners.

How to hang a cornice on a stretch ceiling

If stretch ceilings are installed in the room, then you should give preference to wall models. However, it is not always possible to hang the product on the wall. In this case, the master faces a more difficult task. It can be solved with the help of special mortgages, which are mounted in advance, before stretching the canvas. There are two main ways of fixing the eaves:

  1. Visible or open. The most common method. Before installing the stretch ceiling, we determine the place where the product will be fixed. Next, on the base ceiling we make a mark-up, on which we fix a wooden block using dowels. The wood is pre-treated with special antiseptic and hydrophobic compounds. Then we stretch the canvas, on top of it we install the profile eaves, pre-drilled holes in it. Fasten the product to the tree with screws, which are screwed through the film.
  2. Hidden in a niche. This method is completely different from the previous one. It is more complex in execution, but the effect obtained, which is created by curtains falling from the ceiling, is worth the effort. In this case, the cornice is installed in a niche, the canvas is fastened not to the wall, but to the mortgage bar. First, we make markings on the ceiling, using the previously described technology, we install a cornice. Stepping back from the construction of a few millimeters, we assemble a wooden beam, we will fasten fixing profiles to it, attach the canvas.

Features mounting on drywall

You can install the eaves on almost any basis, drywall is no exception. Work can be done by analogy with suspended ceilings, using mortgage beam, or with the help of special dowels like "butterfly" or "driva". But if in the first case there is an opportunity to fix more cumbersome structures, then in the second one preference should be given to light products, the weight of which is able to withstand fragile material. Let us dwell on the second method in more detail:

  1. Before starting work we collect the cornice.
  2. The construction is applied to the wall, leveled by level, with a pencil we make marks.
  3. Carefully drill holes.
  4. We take the dowel "butterfly", squeeze the protrusions, all the way we get into the hole, tamping with a hammer.
  5. Next, using screws, fasten the heels of the brackets.
  6. Fix the product to the wall.

Installation of eaves on a bay window

Bay windows are characterized by various forms. They repeat the prominent figure of the building, which can be round, oval, trapezoidal, multifaceted. For rooms with non-standard geometry, special bay windows are used, which practically do not differ from standard variants and can be flexible and rigid. In the first case, for the connection of elements, bay window adapters are used, in the second case, the profile itself is bent, after which it is placed in a designated place. Consider the method of installing flexible curtain rods:

  1. Depending on the chosen place for the installation of the structure, on the wall, on the ceiling we make a marking.
  2. Through each 30-40 cm we drill holes for the brackets.
  3. Install the mount.
  4. Try on the eaves, cut off the excess.
  5. Fix the design to the mounts.
  6. We hang hooks.

What eaves are fashionable in 2019

Beautiful cornices will give any room a complete look. Along with properly selected curtains, they will emphasize the design of the room. In 2019, Scandinavian style and minimalism remain in trend. Therefore, when choosing the most suitable product, it is better to give preference to more functional models without unnecessary decoration. Наиболее уместно будут смотреться металлические карнизы, окрашенные в черный или белый цвет, деревянные с природным рисунком.

Усилит свои позиции и арт-деко. For this direction, you can use gold-plated products that will look perfect with Armstrong harness systems. Relevant and classic style, which is characterized by strict symmetry, the abundance of decor, the use of natural materials. When interior design is worth thinking about hidden in the stretch ceiling niche cornice, leaving only the falling curtains in sight.


Among the wide variety of products that are on the construction market, everyone will find the most suitable model for themselves. Having understood the topic, even a beginner will be able to install curtain rails for curtains. The main thing in this case - the presence of desire. However, when dealing with bulky structures, you need the help of a partner.

Watch the video: How To Hang Curtains 7 Steps (December 2019).


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