Design of a Moscow apartment by Peter Kostelov

Petr Kostelov is one of the most successful Russian architects, the author of the most extraordinary projects and winner of many prestigious awards! The architect designed the Moscow apartment, the area of ​​which is 111 square meters. The apartment is located on the 5th floor of a high-rise building with a courtyard.

Design of a very small apartment of 15 square meters. m

Is it possible on such a tiny area of ​​an apartment of 15 square meters. m. to create a comfortable and habitable room? Interior designers took up this task and the result was beyond all praise. The design of a very small apartment was created for the student, and carries a clear focus on the realization of his needs.

Design a small studio apartment

Small and very small apartments, able to become a cozy home despite the limited area. The design of a small studio apartment, located just sixteen square meters, successfully confirms this fact. Apartment design 16 sq.m. It is a traditional room for all studios, combining a living room and a kitchen.

Design studio 25 sq.m.

Perhaps a small apartment is a very big minus, and if it is also elongated, then it’s just a nightmare. Many will think so, but the presented design project of a studio of 25 sq.m. offers to reconsider their views. The apartment is located in Switzerland, the room is only one and in addition a small kitchen, the corridor between them is very narrow, and only two small windows.

The interior of a two-room apartment of 40 square meters. m

A group of young designers from Yekaterinburg studios Gradiz, working on the task of creating high-quality low-cost interior two-room apartment 40 sq.m. , managed to translate all the wishes of the customer in a small area. Probably the owner of the apartment is a very cheerful and positive person. The ironic print on the painting in the living room-bedroom creates an almost childlike mood in the interior of a small two-room apartment of 40 square meters.

Design of a rectangular studio apartment with one window

Can a rectangular studio apartment become a full-fledged dwelling, let's add to this a total area of ​​just forty-six meters and, in fact, one window. Architects studio JPDA from New York, boldly answer - he can. The design of a rectangular studio, was designed for a young couple. The aim of the project was to create a comfortable space with a maximum free area and a mandatory separation of the sleeping and working areas.

Apartment design 34 sq.m.

Studios, in the usual version - it is quite small rooms, to make such a space comfortable and comfortable is quite realistic, but if you supplement with the imagination and skill of real masters, you will also get a very solid interior, as in the presented selection of design photos for an apartment of 34 square meters.

Interior design of 3-room apartment

Designer and architect Evgenia Zelenskaya, designing the interior of a 3-room apartment, was guided by simple rules that enabled her to create a convenient and comfortable home. The total footage of the apartment is 110 sq. M. m., living room combined with kitchen, bathroom combined, the apartment has two balconies. Interesting and useful solutions in the interior design of a 3-room apartment: Storage systems are equipped in each room so that they organically enter the interior and decorate it, for the living room it is an open rack staggered, shelves and cabinets complement and enliven the interior in an original way.

Apartment interior 45 sq.m.

You can create a modern functional space in any apartment. The owner of the presented apartment initially doubted that the usual two-room apartment would have something original and unusual. The standard layout, low ceilings and small footage, did not give the prerequisites that the interior of the apartment is 45 sq. M.

Modern classics in interior design of an apartment of 70 sq.m.

The standard apartment of the usual planning, with a volume of seventy square meters, has become an object for developing the interior in the style of modern classics. As an element of modern classics in the interior, mirrors are applied in the living room on both sides of the false walls with a television area, and serve as facades for spacious shelving.

Apartment interior design 33 sq.m.

Popular studio apartments sometimes have only one drawback - a small number of meters. How to solve the problem of functional and visual spatial expansion, due to the texture and color play, consider the example of a 33 sq.m. apartment design. The apartment is located in the building of the former scientific research institute. As you know, such buildings were built with rows of cabinets, as if “strung” on long “spokes” of corridors.

Design apartment in shades of gray by FonBureau

To create an unusual design of the apartment in gray colors with the dominant dark-brown color of the walls, an apartment of relatively small size was chosen. The total area of ​​45 squares. Kitchen, bedroom and living room combined in the tradition of studio apartments. Textural Shand Kydd wallpaper at the head of the bed, the presence of dark chocolate colors and light gray tones became the point of reference and set the theme for the overall design in gray tones.

Fusion style in the interior of the apartment

The project apartment with a total area of ​​116 square meters. The layout is standard, quite comfortable for life. In the hallway area there is a wardrobe with fitted wardrobes, then a guest area, private rooms of the owners (three bedrooms, adult, children’s and guest) and bathrooms. In the living room area, the bright design of the apartment is made mainly at the expense of furniture, and the light color of the walls allows the space to remain light and airy.

The interior design of a three-room apartment 73 square meters. m

The project to remake a seventy-three meter two-room apartment very successfully demonstrated that with proper planning, the available space might be enough to create a modern spacious interior design for a three-room apartment. We ordered the creation of a better apartment design - a young couple, while living together, but planning a child in the near future.

Design studio apartment 27 square. m

Studio design apartment of 27 square meters. m is quite natural, in such a small room there is no possibility to divide all the functional areas, so only the bathroom and a small corridor are separated from the common part, everything else in the studio is 27 square meters. m. is in the common room. Places in the apartment of 27 square meters. m. really not a lot, but the witty and very simple techniques of designers help to preserve the visual freedom of the room.

Apartment design 15 square meters. m

Make redevelopment of a small apartment, not an easy task. And turn the apartment 15 square. m., and even located in the building of 1900, where the only advantage is that it is located in the center of Milan not far from the main attractions of the city, it becomes almost impossible to have a full-fledged accommodation with bathroom, kitchen, sleeping area and storage area.

Design studio of 20 sq.m.

To create an interior apartment of 20 sq.m. , a lot of various interior items were used. In order to create a diversified and affordable version of the furniture, designers purchased furniture from IKEA, in the photo presented this is a sofa and a floor lamp. Other firms were also used, for a studio apartment of 20 sq. M.

Interior studio apartment in white

Studio apartment 45 sq. M. m. was literally captured in "white captivity". All space, furniture, chairs, decoration, accessories, with some small exceptions, literally drowns the interior in white colors, snow tint. The single color of the walls of the floor and the ceiling erases the boundaries in the room, the whole space looks like a single, indivisible room.

Art Deco style in the interior of the apartment

The history of art deco begins in the 20s, when rich and noble people began to fill their homes with luxurious paraphernalia. Expensive interior with elements of exquisite jewelry, beautiful expensive accessories, objects of various types of art - all this is the prerogative of the design in the art deco style. Despite this luxury in furniture, decoration and additional decorations, the room itself should have simple forms and restraint.