Zoning the living room and bedroom in one room

Living room-bedroom - a combined room, formed as a result of redevelopment or, if necessary, make one of the two rooms without erecting a capital wall. Zoning here is done in various ways, most of which are aimed at creating maximum comfort, the comfort of each of the residents.

Provence style living room: 75 photos of ideas

Country unites under the common name of the group of village trends, which include Provence. It is adjacent to such colorful "relatives" as Russian, Spanish, Italian, American styles. Provence is just one of the directions that is geographically tied to the place of its birth - the southern region of France.

Loft-style living room +75 interior photos

Any modern living room should be equipped in the same style. Connoisseurs of freedom and informal aesthetics choose the direction of the loft. In this way, the main rooms can be designed both in large mansions and in standard apartment high-rise buildings. The unique design organically combines old and new trends, vintage and modern elements.

Hi-tech living room: design options

The increased popularity of high-tech symbolizes the victory of laconicism and simplicity in the interiors over complex compositions and flashy luxury. The style, which became an independent direction, separated from constructivism, turned into a kind of bridge to the future, a link between the trends of the last century and fundamentally new concepts of futurism.

Scandinavian Living Room: 75 Design Examples

The choice of light and light Scandinavian style for the interior of the living room is a rather interesting solution for the design of houses and apartments. The predominance of bright colors in the room will help to make it spacious, visually increase the area and emphasize comfort. For such a direction would be appropriate and small patches of dark shades.

Interior living room with a staircase to the second floor

The staircase is a rather unusual element of the living room. In typical (especially - panel) houses there are practically no two-floor apartments, so the stairs in a residential area are most often found in cottages. This element should fit well into the overall interior of the dwelling, while retaining its functionality. It can be in the living room if this room is big enough.

Interior living room in modern style

Modern is considered by many to be the most modern of styles, although it appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. Separate elements of that era are still guessed in modern interiors, involving a person, all his fields of activity in the world of beauty. There are practically no straight lines, simple forms, and the rooms are the most aesthetic and functional.

Interior design living room 19 sq. M. m

Developing a design project living room 19 sq. M. m, you need to consider that this is a multifunctional room. Traditionally, it serves as an area for recreation, parties, showroom for presentable accessories. But the functions do not end there. The lack of space forces us to turn separate areas of the living room into a bedroom, a study, a game room.

We arrange the interior of the entrance room

The passage room in the recent past was considered an example of an extremely unsuccessful plan - it is impossible to retire there, you have to be in full view. The "Khrushchev" of the functionalist era, with such uncomfortable rooms, even cost an order of magnitude less than with completely separate ones. In modern time there is a mass of original stylistic solutions for halls through which people constantly walk, taking into account their footage, the number of doors, the required functionality.

Design room in the apartment of 18 square meters. m

The living room is a room where mass events, receptions, parties and simple gatherings take place with the whole family in the evenings. The hall should be comfortable for everyone, therefore its design is selected on the principle of universality. Rooms are 18 square meters. m considered the "golden mean": they are not too spacious, but also to close them can not be attributed.

Living room in brown tones: design and interior

Noble play of chocolate shades transform any room. The interior of the living room in brown tones gives the room a soothing atmosphere of real home comfort. The soft gamut of warm, pacifying color with interesting design accents looks expensive and respectable, emphasizes the taste of homeowners and is suitable for many popular trends.

Design and zoning of the living room studio

The idea of ​​creating studio apartments first came to the mind of American architects. Помещения с подобной планировкой быстро вошли в моду.The word "studio" came to us from the Italian language, where it meant a spacious workshop of artists or sculptors. These apartments are relatively low cost, which facilitates the purchase of housing for those who previously could only dream about it.

Design and interior living room in minimalism style

Comfortable, high functionality of any element of the interior and unsurpassed aesthetics without frills - this is exactly what modern living room design looks like in minimalism style. A close relative of the flow of high-tech embodies the perfect balance of ergonomics and sophistication, thanks to which you can easily recreate the unique decoration in a large country house, and in a compact city apartment.

Examples of the living room in beige tones on 50 photos

Create a smart living room design in beige under the power of each owner. Such work includes many nuances, but is entertaining and interesting. It is recommended to begin alteration of the room with the choice of a suitable color scheme: on warmth, saturation. Next, you should choose auxiliary colors that will be able to emphasize the created style.

Zoning a room into a bedroom and living room: ideas of separation

The format of a studio apartment has gained such a crazy popularity that tens of thousands of design projects are created for it. The idea of ​​combining several separate zones in one room for the first time occurred to an American architect with German roots - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. In his famous parallelepiped house, which became a unique art object, he simply swept away the walls, and along with them the generally accepted frames.

Interior design living-dining room: 75 photos of ideas

Small kitchens are becoming the main reason for bringing the dining room outside the room, directly related to food. A separate room for eating food is considered a luxury that only owners of private houses can afford, but not owners of tiny apartments in Khrushchev houses. Owners of spacious living rooms are lucky, because they can be combined with any necessary platform, which can not be arranged in a separate room.

Small room design +75 photo interior examples

Indoor room - the real face of the house. There the hosts welcome guests, spend evenings and family celebrations. The modern design of a small room is created on the basis of those functions that are assigned to this room. And there can be a lot of them: in small apartments, the hall is a dining room, a living room, an office and everything that the owner wishes to do.

Interior living room in a country house +75 photos

The acquisition of a country house or its construction from scratch is becoming increasingly popular. The tradition to have a family nest, the estate is rooted in the past. Previously, only wealthy citizens could afford it. The monumental buildings in which childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age of many generations of the same family took place were imbued with memories.