Platbands on the door: photos, types, materials, colors, design and forms

Plinth on the door is a decorative element that creates a finished and attractive view of the doorway. To harmonize the doorways in the house you need to understand the variety of types, forms, as well as use cases.

Types of door frames

The general view of the slats is usually rectangular, but the shape is different depending on the type of cut:

  • Flat (straight). The surface is flat, in the end has a rectangle shape. Installed at right angles to each other (pictured below).
  • Figured. Differ in the presence of a certain relief (in the form of rollers) on the surface. A vertical pattern gives the doorway an original look.
  • Radius (semicircular). The surface is convex. Depending on the design decision, it can be symmetrical in the shape of a crescent or slightly shifted to one side of the slat, resembling a falling drop.

Options for using the trim

When choosing, consider the location of the doors in the room:

  • For interior you can use any materials.
  • At the front door inside the apartment - metal or plastic, characterized by increased resistance to mechanical stress.

The photo shows unusual mirror trim in the bedroom interior.

Casing material

Due to the variety of materials, you can make an opening in any room, it is only important to take into account the characteristics of each of them:

  • Plastic. For the manufacture of used PVC. Used most often on the doors of the same material. PVC is not afraid of moisture, prevents the appearance of mold and is often equipped with cable channels. Large selection of colors.
  • Wood. They are made of spliced ​​solid wood (common furniture materials - smooth eco-veneer, veneer), do not deform over time. It is easy to match the tone and texture with wooden doors, varied in patterns and textures, environmentally friendly. Birch wood is made of natural wood, and oak frames are made of baguette. The only negative - are sensitive to moisture and are afraid of temperature changes.
  • MDF. The most frequent companion door of MDF - easy and simple to install. Accurately repeat the shade and texture of the canvas.
  • Gypsum. They are used as an addition to the existing plaster decoration in the room - stucco for the ceiling or walls. Painted gypsum require careful use, as it crumbles easily when struck.
  • Metal. They are used for both the design of entrance doors and interior doors - glass in the interior in high-tech style.

On the photo is a corridor decorated in a classic style. Doors and platbands make up a single ensemble.

Regardless of the material casing are installed strictly perpendicular to the floor.

In the photo, the metal frame perfectly complements the glass doors in the hallway.

Colors platbands

Traditionally, the color is matched to the color of the door and the overall color scheme. But you can always stop at the basic colors:

  • White.
  • Wenge.
  • Black.
  • Brown.
  • Gray.

In the photo, the door and trim are made in a single color scheme.

As a modern solution - the contrasting color of the door and gray, dark or light shade of the slats - this combination looks original and stylish (example in the photo).

Design and forms of decorative platbands

Make the emphasis in the interior is quite simple, if you choose the correct form:


It is chosen when the door is very narrow and elongated, when the corner of the room and the adjacent walls are located close (as in the photo), in case there is a niche above the door. Often, they are purchased in order to save for the decoration of outbuildings.


Decorated with carved patterns on natural wood.


They create a special tone in the interior and, unlike other types, do not necessarily combine with the color of the door, the combination with the baseboards is much more important. Ideal for paneled doors.


Framed semicircular apertures, arches. The sizes are individual, most often fasten by means of telescopic fasteners.

With patterns

Beautiful decorative effect obtained by using patina even on simple material. This technique emphasizes and enhances the classic interior. Used in such styles as Provence, Baroque, Venetian.

In the photo there is a bathroom with bright decorative elements in the form of wall panels and patterned platbands.


Solid wood, with a texture that mimics aged wood. Suitable for country style, loft, Provence.

In the photo there is a doorway in the bathroom with an aged effect.


Additional polyurethane lining on the upper part of the doorway - used to decorate the door structures in the classical style (due to the lining, the jamb becomes double). Perform an aesthetic function only.

Variants of decoration in the interior of the rooms

Depend on the room in which the doors are installed. The reason for this - a different interior design, as well as a feature of the climate inside the room.

  • The hallway. Here most often is the entrance door to the apartment. The platbands, the door slope to the floor and the threshold are made of metal, natural wood or thick plastic.
  • Bathroom. Bathroom - a place of high humidity. With this in mind, you need to choose ceramic or plastic materials.
  • Restroom. As a rule, a bathroom is a small space in which narrow platbands of ordinary plastic, wood or ceramics can serve as an angled plinth.
  • Kitchen. You can use different materials.

In the photo the entrance door in the small hallway - the design of the doorway is chosen by narrow metal tarpaulins.

Restrictions on the choice of material for the design of the doorway to the kitchen, as such, no. It all depends on the design project and the taste of the owner.

Photos in various styles of interior

In the design of modern interiors, different stylistic techniques easily get along. So in the design of an apartment in the style of minimalism, it is not at all necessary to select the colors of the door leaf and the door trim exactly (right photo). And in the Provence or Country style, classic beige platbands will perfectly complement the interior with a door in bright colors.

Photo Gallery

The platbands have long ceased to be simply functional items, but have become full-fledged and irreplaceable participants in the interior, with their own character and unique properties.

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