French style in the interior of the apartment

France ... The word itself is already causing a lot of pleasant associations: exquisite luxury, unsurpassed refinement, high cost, high style. Today, among the minimalism, functionality with high technology, it is the French style in the interior that attracts many, thanks to its simplicity, chic, versatility and refinement. What are the main requirements of this interior style, how to create a small France in your own apartment?

Living in French: Basic Tricks

The main thing that distinguishes the French interior is the correct details, special colors and subtle, ornate forms in absolutely everything. The design of the living space should be quite luxurious, you can not skimp on the details, and the decor is always placed here at the forefront. Fans of minimalism or hi-tech hardly appreciate the French chic - here not practicality and functionality, but aesthetics and beauty are important. At the same time, this style of the interior does not imply "overloading" with luxury accessories or expensiveness - everything should be elegant, but simple.

What will help to create an interior?

  • The decor. Vases, figurines, flower arrangements, paintings, murals, photo frames, sachets, candles, and many other beautiful little things. Everything should be with a touch of beautiful antiquity, vintage, it should look like these things for many, many years.

  • Combination of contrast details. Luxurious ceramic vase from an antique shop or an old shabby suitcase? For the French style in the interior is what you need! Memorable antiques - dolls, toys, household items - ideal for expensive, chic things. The main thing is to combine in style, texture, color range. And so that they had a soul.

  • Lots of textiles. Fabric is the "heart" of the French interior. We'll have to skimp on the tablecloths, napkins, curtains, curtains, draperies, fabric screens, capes and so on. The bigger, the better! This creates a special luxury coziness, visually reduces space, making it comfortable and calm.

  • Upholstered furniture of vintage style. Soft sofas with worn twisted armrests, an old armchair, cute poufs - let it all look like inside a palace. No lacquered banquettes, smooth stools or shiny glossy leather on the furniture - this is "from another opera."

  • The unity of shades with the lack of brightness. The design of a modern interior in the French style does not assume red, yellow, orange or other bright colors, and also their combinations. Everything is as close as possible to natural shades: brown gamma, shades of beige, pink, soft blue, noble gray. Pure white or pure black is also not a good fit. In general, combinations with semitones are good.

In the decoration of the French room there is at the same time a feeling of slight disorder, with the forethought of every detail. No rigor, pretentiousness, no pomp - ease, space for improvisation, romance, simplicity!

Bedroom in which love reigns

This is a royal bedroom in which you want to spend long sweet nights. Luxurious, cute, romantic - this bedroom looks just charming. The obligatory center of such a bedroom is a large bed with a high wooden back. The more, the higher the bed, the more accurately the French style is transmitted. Be sure to - sea feather beds, pillows, lush blanket, various ruffles. The color of sleeping textiles is golden, pale pink or pale blue, beige, but not white. It is imperative that the bed should have a soft and fluffy rug, on which it is so nice to walk barefoot.

A large, spacious wardrobe or chest of drawers will decorate the "Parisian" bedroom, give it practicality, and add beauty. All wooden furniture (chest of drawers, bedside tables or bedside tables, bed) should be of the same type of wood, in the same color scheme. Wood can be slightly worn in a natural or artificial way, and sometimes even worn paint looks very elegant. Bedside tables, coffee table or dressing table - everything should be with twisted wooden elements, massive, very durable. It should give the impression that this furniture is for centuries. With all its massiveness with durability, the furniture should be elegant: with thin curved legs, elegant doors, with a thin thread.

Everything in the French bedroom interior should be harmonious, not only the furniture, but also the walls, the flooring, the windows, the doors. Wallpaper or paint on the walls - necessarily textured, voluminous. Looks great gold, pastel shades, dark brown warm color or natural wood. As accents can be interspersed maroon, cherry, chocolate color.


Royal lounge

The main thing in the French living room is to choose a base, a base color, pushing further from it. Natural parquet of dark color is ideal for the floor, or light beige carpet - monophonic or with an ornament. The walls can be both light and rich - depending on the color of the wallpaper you will need to add contrasting shades. French classics do not require color restraint, there may be many shades of the same color, so choosing the details with the decor is a pleasure.

The center of the living room is a plush sofa or sofa. A must - a huge open bookcase or a lot of bookshelves. Near the sofa you need a coffee table made of wood, with thin carved legs, with a beautiful napkin, which can be decorated with a bouquet, a statuette, a rare telephone set. Armchairs, table lamps, long floor lamps - everything should be in the same luxurious style. Well, the fireplace will be the perfect end to the ensemble!

Details a lot does not happen. Gold-plated candlesticks or candelabra, a sconce with an old lamp shade, many paintings in the Renaissance style, flowers in vases, books, caskets, figurines, many, many other trifles. Let them be non-functional, but without them the French living room simply will not have a soul!

The combination of wood and gold is perfect for the living room. But you can also decorate the room in gentle tones - ivory or noble gray will be an excellent base, and accents - silver, pink, dark green, cherry. It is very stylish! And do not forget about textiles: it should be enough. Heavy curtains with tulle and lambrequins in the floor, carpets, blankets for sofas and armchairs, tablecloths, napkins - literally everywhere there should be cloth. Of course, textiles should be natural and refined.


Gourmet Kitchen

French-style cuisine resembles the style of "Provence" or "Country", but mixed with royal luxury. In such a kitchen, wealth is combined with simplicity, functionality with aesthetics, chic with restraint. French cuisine can be both spacious and tiny - it will always be cozy and very beautiful.

The basis of the kitchen is furniture, wall coverings and, most importantly, a dining table. Here everything should be royally: if the tile, then luxurious, in natural colors. On the floor - ceramics or wooden parquet. You can decorate the walls with additional wooden panels, this will give a special charm and zest. Kitchen set can be natural wood color, and can be painted in a delicate shade: lilac, gray-blue, beige or peach. Cabinets, drawers and shelves should be set - not only for functionality and convenience, but also to accommodate more decor. Shelves for dishes can be open - beautiful plates and cups should be visible.

The dining table, the "heart" of the kitchen, should be as large as possible, necessarily wooden, massive and elegant. Curved thin legs, massive heavy tabletop, natural wood and, of course, an elegant tablecloth! The table in the French kitchen can be of any shape, but it is better to avoid sharp corners. An oval or round table will look very harmonious.

Instead of stools, it is better to put chairs on the table, moreover, with high carved backs made of wood, thin curved legs, and soft textile upholstery. Chair upholstery is an accent, it should overlap with other elements, such as textiles, decor, and the surface of the kitchen unit. Both the table and the chairs are one ensemble, they should be in the same style decision.

Do not forget about the decor and textiles. Light curtains, lots of still-life paintings, flower arrangements, and napkins will enliven the kitchen. It is necessary to complement the royal interior with vintage details: an old shabby watering can, kettle, antique dishes, a bucket of flowers, a suitcase that is used as a shelf. All this will create a unique comfort, and you, the household and guests will not want to leave the kitchen, and tea drinking will turn into a pleasant ceremony!

Luxury and self-control in a modern home

Of course, the French style of the interior may seem very expensive, because luxury is the main thing in it. However, modern materials and furniture allow you to create a luxurious house without huge costs, the main thing here is to feel the peculiarities of this style and be guided by your own sense of taste. To create a French interior in the living room, bedroom or kitchen - you need to start with the basics, decide on the color scheme, choose a dark or delicate-light color scheme. And then to fantasize with the details, and this is the most enjoyable process!

Everything can go into action - it is not necessary to buy expensive paintings if you can create a composition from family photographs or create a stylish panel with your own hands from natural materials or improvised means. Stylish vases, elegant statuettes, cute topiary and flower arrangements - all this can be created independently. And yet - to rummage in entresol and in the closets, find an old vintage bag, a dusty manual coffee grinder, a grandmother's sewing machine, an ancient samovar, a non-working telephone set - and make this a luxurious art object that will bring originality to your interior.

The main thing is a sense of taste, restraint and a little soul. French style interior is suitable for any modern apartment, even the smallest. The space will begin to feel inimitable comfort, light dizzying romance and soulfulness, and the house will become the very place where you want to come back every evening!

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