Bathroom design in the attic: features of decoration, color, style, choice of curtains, 65 photos

A bathroom in the attic is different from the traditional perception of the use of an attic room. Special romanticism creates a sloping ceiling and the location of the windows, a large space that is allocated for water treatments.

Features of design

When planning to create a bathroom in the attic, there are questions about the concept of repair, the selection of plumbing and interior styling. The space under the mansard roof is distinguished by the unevenness of the walls, the sloping roof in some places, which can also be functionally used when placing bathroom furnishings.

General recommendations:

  1. Conduct water supply and sewer system easier over the kitchen.
  2. Make a reliable heat and waterproofing. Due to the high humidity, waterproof panels and ceramics should be used as finishing.
  3. It is advisable to design a window on a sloping wall with drainage, or hang a mirror there.
  4. The angle under the sloping ceiling should be used efficiently, for example, to place a toilet, cabinet or bathroom.

Roof and attic bathroom design

In the bathroom in the attic, it is important to maximize the use of all the free space, which will help planning based on the shape of the roof.

Single roof mansard roof

Differs in one low angle, in which you can put a toilet or a low chest of drawers, also includes a low bathroom.

In the photo, the bathroom with the podium is located in the corner of the lean-to roof, functionally takes up little space, curtains-cafes make out a non-standard window.

Gable roof roof

It occurs more often and gives more opportunities for plumbing and furniture. Such an attic room can be symmetrical with an equal roof, trapezoidal or square space, and asymmetrical with an offset ridge. Here the corners along the roof remain unused, which narrows the bathroom. Shower cubicle, bathroom can be put in the middle or in the corner.

Multi-skylight mansard bathroom

It looks attractive not only outside, but also spacious. Here the layout depends on the wishes and the project.

The photo shows a bathroom under a multi-slope roof with a lot of open painted beams that blend in well with the interior.

Shatrovy mansard bathroom

It differs by the height of the ceiling only in the center along the axis of the ridge. A convenient form for placing interior items where you want.

Features ceiling finishes

In the attic bathroom there is a humid microclimate, a constant temperature drop, so it is important to take this into account when choosing the attic ceiling finish.


Paint for the bathroom in the attic should be moisture resistant with antibacterial composition. Suitable emulsion acrylic or latex paint, alkyd, chlorinated rubber paint. Matte paint will hide irregularities, and smooth them will emphasize, but will remain resistant to possible damage. Paint with a relief effect will hide the defect of the attic ceiling.


Drywall for a mansard bathroom should be moisture resistant with a special coating. It aligns the ceiling, the design allows you to make it smooth.

In the photo, the shed roof of the bathroom is plasterboard, which makes the ceiling smooth and even.

Plastic panels

Plastic panels on the ceiling in the attic is relatively simple, and the variety of colors allows you to choose a coating for any style. They mask the wiring, form the desired slope of the ceiling, imitate tile or other texture.


Wall paneling in the attic bathroom is fixed with glue or guides. When choosing this finish, there should be good ventilation in the attic. Lining need to be further treated with wax or varnish.

In the photo on the left, the ceiling of the bathroom is wooden clapboard, which is combined with the tiled wall and floor decoration in the attic.

Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling is better to choose a single-level bathroom in the attic. It has a number of advantages, including resistance to moisture and shape retention after contact with water, a high guarantee period of operation, easy maintenance, and concealment of uneven ceiling.

The choice and location of plumbing

Plumbing should be comfortable, durable, compact. If the space of the attic in a wooden house is small, then the sink is better to choose a corner, hanging or with lockers where you can store towels. The toilet is also suitable angular, hanging, with a cistern hidden in the wall.

Bathroom is better to choose a square shape or one that will go under the sloping roof. When choosing a shower stall, you should pay attention to the depth of the tray and the glass case.


The window in the attic differs not only in shape but also in the angle of inclination and size. For the bathroom in the attic you need to pick up the curtains that protect the room from the views from the street, allow you to freely open the window and allow enough daylight.

Plastic or aluminum blinds, roller blinds with antibacterial impregnation will be a practical option. When choosing classic curtains, you need to fix two cornices, above the window and in the middle to fix the canvases.

In the photo, the bathroom is in white and emerald color with Roman curtains that are easy to adjust in length to illuminate and darken the attic.

Irregularly shaped windows can be leveled or visually enlarged using curtains, lambrequin. If there are two windows in the attic, they can be arranged in different ways.

For the window near the bathroom or shower, short models of curtains are suitable that dry quickly or do not absorb moisture (bamboo, plastic, blinds).

Style selection

The bathroom under the attic roof can be made in any style, despite its unusual appearance and sloping walls.

Modern style in the mansard bathroom

Created using a compact installation, the correct form of shower and bath. The colors preferred are neutral gray, white, black, as well as bright shades of green and red.

Classic in the mansard bathroom

It is possible with a comfortable armchair on high legs with brocade upholstery, an ottoman, a large mirror in a gilded frame, a round bathtub, embroidered towels, delicate pink, blue walls.

In the photo there is a classic-style bathroom with tiled flooring with ornament and a sink with a luxurious wooden cabinet.

Nautical style attic

Created in blue and blue and white with accessories of marine paraphernalia. As a decorative finish, you can use pebbles and shells. The decor is the curtains, sails, ropes, hammock, paintings.

Loft Attic

Possible in the presence of modern and functional plumbing, the abundance of light, brick walls in the recreation area, white, gray, metallic finish.

Country style attic bathroom

It is easy to build in a wooden house where partitions and roof beams are open. Wooden walls are enough to warm and treat water repellent. Knitted bedspreads, walkways, embroidered curtains, wooden clocks are reminiscent of a rustic style.

The photo is a country-style bathroom with simple decor objects and patterned textiles. Short curtains organically match the color of the frame.

Eco attic style

Requires wood trim from wood or laminate. The room should be a minimum of plastic and synthetic materials. The floor can be of tile, moisture resistant laminate. For the decor fit fresh flowers, stones, tree cuts.

Color solution

Color design plays an important role in creating a bathroom interior in the attic.

White color

Adds space, fills the bathroom with an atmosphere of lightness, visually increases it. The whiteness of the finish will emphasize colored plumbing or pale pink, blue curtains.

The black

It looks stylish with good lighting, a large window with a balcony, light-colored plumbing and translucent curtains.


Suitable for modern bathroom styles, white, red black accessories and interior items look good on a gray background.

In the photo there is a light gray interior with tiles with an ornament that decorates the wall near the bathroom and goes to the floor. This technique visually lengthens the sloping side of the attic.

Beige and brown

Suitable for country style, classic and modern. Brown curtains with beige trim and white fixtures go well together.

Red color

It attracts attention, you can pick up a burgundy, raspberry, garnet hue for plumbing and highlight it on a white background, you can also make the entire attic red for warmth and comfort, not only in the summer.

Green attic

Adding relaxation. Bright herbal color will add energy, and olive color will adjust to rest.

Blue and cyan

Traditionally used for finishing the bathroom not only in the attic, combined with white, brown, green. Cools the room, recalls the sea.

In the photo, the blue color of the finish is combined with a beige tabletop and a wooden chest of drawers.

Lighting features

A bathroom under the roof in a mansard country house needs good insulation of wiring and light conduction, taking into account the humidity of the room. Lighting can be central, zoned or combined.

For example, a chandelier with a plafond can be placed in the center, and spot lighting above the sink and bathroom. It is possible to put decorative tape lighting in the niche under the window or along the baguette. The brightness control can adjust the desired light intensity.

The photo shows local lighting with rotary lights, which are switched on autonomously and regulate the degree of lighting.

Photo gallery

The bathroom in the attic looks not only unusual, but also stylish, the correct layout makes it possible to use all the space and save space in the house itself. Below are photo examples of the interior design of a bathroom in the attic.

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