Modern design studio 40 sq. M. m

Design studio on 40 square meters designed by a young talented team Curly studio. They turned the standard “two-room apartment” into a spacious studio apartment, for which they had to dismantle the internal partitions.

On the resulting square there was a place for all the functional areas necessary for comfortable living - a living room, a kitchen-dining room are convenient and comfortable.

In order not to split up the space of the studio and not darken it, the sleeping area with the workplace was separated from the rest with the help of sliding glass partitions.

The peculiarity of the design of the apartment is not only that the small uncomfortable rooms turned into a spacious studio, but also in a light, airy mood, which we managed to create in it.

Contribute to this blue and white tones of finish, and wooden parts, making a cosiness and warmth. No obsession, no “screaming” details that could annoy or cause irritation.

In this design studio 40 square meters. m. many interesting finds, creating mood. This includes a brick wall in the kitchen and bedroom area, a light construction of slats, a podium, a specially built niche in which books have settled, as well as patterned tiles around the kitchen and bathroom.

Watch the video: A Super Small 40 square meter Home - Architecture & Design (February 2020).

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